Sunday, October 4, 2015

end of transmission

Readers of this blog, well met. We have come to the end of this blog, but it's not over yet.

On the 29th of February, 2012 (a leap year), I started blogging. The first blog I made was the super-hideous PIPI HAHAMOGGIES - A.K.A. a.k.a. cartoon, a word salad title which resulted in one of the worst Portuguese blogs ever. Within a few months I had barely a thousand visitors.

On the 28th of March, 2012, I started "Cartoon Network HQ and Boomerang HQ stuff", in an attempt to revivalize Cartoon Network's popularity in Portugal. The blog, like the channels at the time, was in English, just like this blog. Like PIPI HAHAMOGGIES - A.K.A. a.k.a. cartoon, the blog was also a fiasco, but it was better in terms of views, as it had some occasional viewers from abroad.

There were problems, I was constantly drifting from the main topic of the blog with tons of off-topic posts (the "fillers"), transcriptions of chats (usually involving me as "Darwin" (the merman I created, not the TAWOGB character) just to disguise myself) and quickly I started to reach total stardom. I had six regular readers on average.

I got at least a couple comments from foreigners who stopped by. I had the "advent calendar" which stopped halfway through due to my very own personal objections. Also that "dude-bro" language (seriously, avoid using it now) didn't help. What didn't help either was when I entered Toonzone on December 30th (not posting anything for another two days, apart from just a PM) and I quickly let my blogging world aside and started to focus more on my new forum life.

On the 28th of March, 2013, the blog was done with.

Not everything was an "End of transmission". For some mad reason, I wanted to restart my blog (under the subtitle "THE RETURN!", if it wasn't that, it was something else) but in the intervening moments came the deadly switch of CN HQ, being eaten by a gigantic Spanish monster who wanted to shout "Kids, English is not a life skill! You are trapped in here forever!".

The lack of CN HQ in the Portuguese society resulted in mixed "fortunes" for their viewing audience. CN PT "surely" made CN a household brand again, but CN HQ had one problem: not being in Portuguese made it clear that 36 people were tuning in every single day of the week (especially on weekdays when I had full control of the television during the daytime hours) and the channel had little to no advertising.

Ákos Abonyi was the man who pressured me to enter the world of Facebook so that I could expand my work on "Zona dos cartoons" (originally "Zona dos desenhos animados"), the Portuguese version of his famous Rajzfilmövezet blog, part of the Cartoon Media Group chain. As time moved further, I stopped working on that blog because "lack of time".

Side projects like Cartoon World Portugal" also had marginal success. Dream World was constantly being updated because of the old and new dreams that I was eventually posting on that place, which was then abandoned.

But on the 6th of June, 2014, at 18:06:06 (06:06:06pm in the 12-hour format if you use it), I started writing my first post. And success was a key word. Instead of searching for the magical sounds of Ecuador, the blog had become a success, with promotion and linking to my posts on Toonzone.

And viewing "ratings" began to increase faster than the old blog.

It became an instant success.

The "CNHQgate", based on an e-mail I've received, was prophetic (the number of views increased to 1000 by the end of the week in which it was posted), being a sign that I was ready for success.

And "success" was the key word for the blog.

A failed Shocktober season (in 2014) did not work, but conflicts with school work didn't allow the continuation. And no advent calendar was made, because the one I made was full of off-topic images.

RegularTaxi was also a thing. This was the first time I was actually writing for anything else other than Blogger or Facebook (apart from that experiment called "Fãs do Cartoon Network" which never really became a leadership experience). This blog in question was more of a true leadership experience, because I was getting more and more likes as time began to move. Then hosting problems closed the site down twice.

But now that RegularTaxi is back, especially with the forums, that went down the pound with it.

Now, the reason why I made this post was to finally announce that the rebrand is here.

If you believed that this blog was over, it actually isn't.

Actually the blog's rebrand will finally come next week.

After a few years on Blogger, it's time to make the switch to Wordpress, on the servers of RegularTaxi.

The reason why: with Google changing their terms and services thanks to copyrighted content, this address will be obsolete.

All the content will be transferred to a completely new domain:, and this post will be included. Also the long-overdue rebrand will finally happen.

I'd like to thank literally everyone who commented, looked and linked to this blog, incluidng Cartoon Brew when they talked about those Chinese CN show rip-offs. And also the people (mostly Arabs) who dispensed their likes on the #SaveCNHQ Facebook page, which at the time of writing is one like ahead of 100.

And with that, we now say "goodbye" to Blogspot and "hello" to the new blog, whose rebrand is coming next week.

Good night, and goodbye.

An important announcement

Google has changed their terms and conditions regarding Blogspot. This blog is probably in grave danger.

I have included copyrighted content on my blog. Seriously. This is a BAD INFLUENCE and the blog may end sooner or later.

Months ago, this blog's Facebook page was under fire because it had a CN logo and Turner took it down.

Now, with all those CN logos scattered across the place, what should I do?

I could at least export the content and will probably move to RegularTaxi's hosting servers. Any ideas? Please comment and see what I can do.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Urban legend

CN PT is a terrorist channel. Every hour, they subliminally say "ALLAHU AKBAAAAAAAR!" to their viewers.

Unlike CN Arabic, CN PT is extremist.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Another meaning of "CN HQ"

Aside from being the legendary feed, Canadian National Railways has headquarters in Montréal.


I am Edwin.

I am a merman.

I have saved many people one "YES" at a time.

I am Merwin.

I am a younger merman.

I have saved a few people one "WIN" at a time.


Thursday, October 1, 2015


Three CN feeds started broadcasting on October 1st.

CN USA - 1992
CN RSEE - 2009
CN PT - 2013

The one thing is - if you launch a CN feed on October 1st, it will end up having a terrible schedule.

Shocktober starts now

REMAIN INDOORS and welcome to Shocktober!