Sunday, July 12, 2015

What shall I do to save CN HQ?

The RS movie is coming.

Taking this analogy, I must survive a Timenado (Sharknado, anyone?) and a volleyball coach and try and restore CN HQ to Portugal.

I know this won't happen in real life, but this needs to happen.


  1. Lol did you actually watch shark nado , LOL
    That movie deserves a sequel , XDD
    you know how video games sometimes become internet memes due to the high amount to glitches
    This movie should become an internet meme due to the High level of bullshit in the story
    I can't explain further you need to watch the full thing to understand and 80% of the time you'll be like WTF ? Why is even ? xDDD

    1. But I really need CN HQ back in my life! If I can't get it by the end of the year there will be a change in the space-time continuum and the Portuguese government will shut down my blog!

  2. Oh No We must do something , before the universe collapses , Quick to the CN-Mobile !!

    If I would've to choose between OSN & Turner i'd rather have CN US HD & Other turner channels
    via IPTV 25$/month

    1. The universe of Portuguese television, that is! I'd like to see CN HQ back in Portugal and it needs to launch an HD feed! Africa needs an HD CN!