Thursday, July 31, 2014

Something you haven't noticed yet

I'm now doing captures of stuff from the internet as well as my own images. It all started out of boredom.

New features

New regular features have been added to the forum:
-Your Shout: An open forum about issues with CN HQ and BM HQ, carriage issues, schedule and web presence.
-Around the World: Coming this weekend, a quick look at what's happening on CNs other than CN PT and CN HQ.
PS: 100th post!

ESPN America

Today is a very symbolic date: one year ago today, ESPN America closed for reasons completely different to CN HQ's replacement: it wasn't low ratings, it's wasn't low budget. It's because a British company had just launched two sports channels and they decided to capitalize by shutting down it and ESPN Classic.
We in Portugal no longer have any access to watch baseball and we need to pay in order to watch the Super Bowl.

Your Shout - Channels in English

Is there any market for channels in the English language? Who watches them regularly? Why are we seeing fewer and fewer of those channels?

Which YTP was the first one to be made with a computer?

You already know that AKA Cult Toons was the grandfather of YouTube poops, but it was revealed in 2011 that the first YTP made with a computer was also British:

Coming soon:

Will I accept trade deals from him? Will selected information from my blog will be included in his new blog?
Here's a sneak preview:

This weekend:

-CN HQ schedule for September
-a review of The Groovenians

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An interesting dubbing footnote

From the GAOBAM episode Modern Primitives:
Fred Flintstone becomes João Pedra.
Like they don't know anything from the show at all.
EDIT: turns out that it was his nickname (from Billy): Jake Steel.

A message to Portuguese immigrants from the MEA region

Dear Portuguese immigrants from the Middle East and Africa,
now that August's on the corner and tons of immigrants (especially those from Western Europe) are coming to spend a few weeks back home, so if you have CN HQ, then bad news: if you have pay TV in Portugal, then you'll find out that your kids will watch CN PT.

I want Mighty Monday back

The block was OK, yet it still needed some promotion.

A message aimed at CN PT

Dear CN PT,
please stop using the orthographical agreement which makes us look like we're all Brazilians. Now we say "copa" due to a Brazilian influence from the now finished World Cup.

A question

Why oh WHY did CN HQ, BM HQ and TCM HQ ALL ironically improve their schedule after they ALL left Portugal?
Write your answers in the comments.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!



CN HQ's Animation Generation now in Kenya

With help from the Britam Foundation, Cartoon Network HQ expands their annual Animation Generation contest to Kenya.
The Britam Foundation is an NGO owned by the Britam insurance company that helps empoverished people in East Africa. They also help with the protection of wildlife animals in order to protect Kenys from losing their extensive wildlife.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

My "Bring Back CN HQ" ad

The Groovenians

I only knew this existed some time ago, but I started to take interest today: The Groovenians was a failed CN experiment (for me, it was like the American equivalent of the V-Birds). I'll be around for writing a review of this next week, so keep your eyes peeled.
If you're interested, here's the pilot:

It will take a long while in ordeer to get a reply

If it happens, then CN HQ will return by late September.

Educating Elmore has changed their British name

Now it's Gumball and Friends.
Which makes me remind of Garfield and Friends.
Educating Elmore was way better.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Someone wants to see Chowder, Flapjack and Clarence this year on CN PT

But is this viable?

A return to CN HQ should be more viable. All three shows haven't been dubbed yet.
Also, if you're Portuguese, spot the error: "á segunda ou á quinta [sic]".

While I'm waiting for an answer

let me tell you that we will probably get CN HQ, BM HQ and TCM HQ back to Portuguese screens in September.

I'll send another e-mail because the other one weill return on August 18th

to Maria Jesús Lerma.
I promise that the e-mail will be bilingual (in English and Portuguese).

Cartoon Network Turkey is now rotten

Take a look at this:
Now they have Boing, a schedule similar to CN HQ from last year (with added Just Kidding), badly-done bumpers, bumpers with no sound and wrong fonts.
Will CN TR be replaced by Boing TR and will CN HQ arrive to Turkey?
Cartoon Network TR is becoming more amateur than an Ajdar music video...

Another step to bring CN HQ back

Now I'm e-mailing the person who was responsible to answer what I initially answered to Humphrey Black (as seen on the CN HQgate).
I'll get an answer soon.

Dee Dee and Dexter

are still here:

CN HQ now airs Dexter's Laboratory.

CN HQ "show select" bumper

This is used for demonstrational purposes to talk with Italian TZ member Francisque.
(his avatar is a shocked Anais from The Kiss)

Friday, July 25, 2014

RTP 2 showing the latest season of LazyTown

that airs on Boomerang HQ.
It was better in English, though.

The day CN HQ returns

On the day an announcement on CN HQ's return is made, I'll convince my parents to upgrade and sing this down the streets:

The World According to the Portuguese dub of The Amazing World of Gumball

Get ready for a shocker! The world on the Portuguese TAWOGB is completely different from the world on the original TAWOGB!
Here's an analysis:
-The USA is completely different: they speak Portuguese, is part of the CPLP, pay in Euros and there is no sign of anyone speaking English in sight.
-Portugal is as it is.
-Elmore is still the same.
-There is no Europe or the Americas are Europe. What Gumball says in the original version of The Dress is that Gumballoopseggwobbleunderpants is from Europe, in the Portuguese version, the aformentioned alter ego (which works in a way similar to Conchita Wurst) is from Asia. This makes Asia much larger and more populous than it is in real life.
-Japan pays in Euros, that's a reference to Portuguese dubs of Doraemon and Shin-Chan.
-Gumbaldnowigbattleaxeninja is a large country stretching from Croatia/Hungary to western China.
Eat your heart out, Phineas and Ferb.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Have you read the title of the topic? I'm not joining the ESC for whatever reason (it was last May), but I found a connection between Ben 10 and András:
Ándrás Kallay-Sanders refused to sing the Hungarian theme song for Ben 10: Omniverse. For whatever reason, he went to Audiosurf and called it "Ben 10's new theme".
I just made it up. It just makes me remind of Ben 10: Omniverse and Audiosurf.


I come home from school
I turn on CN that day
Things changed forever

It's Regular Show
What a shame it is now
Take a look at this

RS is so bad
Just because of the dub now
Now I feel ashamed


The previous content seen on this post has been transferred to Dream World.
Anyway, Just Kidding and new episodes of your least favorite shows are here.

CN HQ promo for Animation Generation

Click here (South Africa only, but not for the promo)

It's official: no more ads on Russian cable channels, incluiding CN RSEE

A few weeks ago, Russian president Vladimir Putin signed another one of his controversial laws: the ban on all advrets from Russian cable channels. It's now official and this will be the end of an era for CN RSEE-
What will happen to CN RSEE in the near future? Will it go terrestrial, launch a separate feed for Bulgaria and the rest of the CN RSEE region will et CN HQ? We'll find out soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CN UK's new pushback

(from Luke Beval (RegularCapital of the Toonzone forums), Dudley)
How will it look like on CN HQ, considering that the channel airs in 4:3? I'm imagining it right now.

CN Sayin' on CN PT, minus the slogan

CN PT's Facebook page has started to post ads for mobile stickers like CN HQ, however they don't include the slogan.

SKY Sports News becomes SKY Sports News HQ from August 12th

Sorry for posting this but:
SKY Sports News will be rebranded. An HQ will be added to this name.
You know what it makes it remind of, don't you?

Coach Steven on CN HQ?

Can someone please write on the comments and tell me if the Steven Universe episode "Coach Steven" aired on CN HQ recently? I am getting CN PT now and I can't follow the show because tthe show premiered after the switch.
It aired in Canada, Latin America and South Korea.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Are you CN what I'm sayin'?

CN HQ's Facebook page is now "using" the slogan on selected posts since yesterday. Those who still get it please confirm in the comments if the channel is using the slogan.

Toon Extra

Unfortunately I can only find American versions of it, let's just storyboard this for a minute:
We see a man running on what looks like a cyan world, he runs on some colorful flashy letters (TOON EXTRA) and he says something like "TOON EXTRA!" in a "silly" voice. The ending bumper consists of the man getting caught by a cane.
And the man looks like the Oxymoron salesman.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Boomerang HQ's Summer Schedule

Now that Looney-Tunes: All Stars is over, Boomerang HQ returns to their usual schedule. Here's the new schedule:
04:00 - LazyTown
04:50 - The Looney Tunes Show
05:40 - The Garfield Show
06:30 - The Looney Tunes Show
06:55 - A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
07:45 - Looney Tunes
08:35 - The Garfield Show
09:25 - Top Cat
10:15 - Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated
11:05 - The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
11:55 - Pink Panther and Pals
12:45 - Tom and Jerry
13:35 - The Looney Tunes Show
14:25 - The Garfield Show
15:15 - Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated
15:40 - The Tom and Jerry Show
16:05 - Road Runner
16:30 - Pink Panther and Pals
17:20 - Tom and Jerry Tales
18:10 - The Garfield Show
19:00 - Pink Panther and Pals
19:50 - Tom and Jerry
04:00 - LazyTown
04:50 - Tom and Jerry Tales
05:40 - The Garfield Show
06:30 - The Tom and Jerry Show
06:55 - Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated
07:45 - Tom and Jerry Tales
08:35 - Pink Panther and Pals
09:25 - The Garfield Show
10:15 - Tom and Jerry Tales
11:05 - What's New, Scooby-Doo?
11:55 - The Garfield Show
13:10 - Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated
14:00 - Pink Panther and Pals
14:50 - The Tom and Jerry Show
15:15 - A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
16:05 - Top Cat
16:55 - The Looney Tunes Show
17:45 - Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
18:35 - Tom and Jerry
19:25 - What's New, Scooby-Doo?
19:50 - Pink Panther and Pals
20:40 - The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
21:30 - The Flintstones
22:20 - What's New, Scooby-Doo?
23:10 - Taz-Mania
00:00 - Tom and Jerry
00:50 - The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
01:40 - The Flintstones
02:30 - LazyTown
03:20 - Top Cat
03:45 - Tom and Jerry
It seems that a few classics are now being shown at more convenient times, Top Cat returns to the daytime schedule and A Pup Names Scooby-Doo returns to the channel.

CN PT - an apology

I HATE Cartoon Network PT with a passion. Why? For only one reason: the dubs.
Yes, I really want CN HQ back in my daily life. Low ratings replaced our favorite voice actors with potentially nice, but awkwardly ingratiating strangers, whose faces we couldn't even see and identify.
Let's celebrate this despairfest that has been lasting for almost eight months. This will be a bumpy ride.
Let's start with Ben 10 and Ben 10: Alien Force. In the original series, Ben, aged 10, has the voice of a 14-year old who had to get past puberty. In Alien Force, however, now at the age of 15, he still happens to have the same voice he had a few years prior.
This dub was comissioned to air on SIC and it premiered on October 10th, 2009 (what a coincidence). It was dubbed at the (crappy) Dialectus studio, famous for making some of the worst dubs ever made. Bravo, Dialectus, bravo. Thanks for destroying Ben's reputation. This show has an annoying voice actor which has been heard on numerous shows from then on: he's Johnny's father, the interpreter of the Portuguese theme songs for Hover Champs and Race Tin Flash and Dash S (E VAMOS LÁ, À VELOCIDADE MÁXIMA...) and numerous other voices for pre-school shows on Canal Panda. This just explains the horrible quality of the studio's dubs.
At least Dialectus went bankrupt, but the VAs moved to other studios. They just wanted to continue their work.
Let's move on, shall we?
Next in line is Ben 10: Omniverse. I initially hated the show because of the designs. Ben looked awful and Fourarms looked like a plumber.
Turns out that I was wrong. I started to like the show, the designs, and - if anything else would happen - the theme song. Unfortunately, when the Portuguese dub for it premiered, I was in shock.
Ben, now a 16-year old bloke thanks to the events of Ultimate Alien, which was never dubbed over here, still has some weird sensation that he still keeps his 14-year old voice from the previous shows, where he had to get past puberty without changing his voice.
There seems to be some sort of retreat: Khyber the Huntsman becomes Khyber the 'Untsman. In Portugal they destroyed his reputation by not calling him a caçador rather than an 'untsman - reminding me that I went to 'Ertz Rent-A-Car. They didn't change his name, considering that the name Khyber actually exists, although it's the name of a mountain in Pakistan.
Other voice actors include Billy's first Portuguese VA, who also voiced a bunch of characters on a bunch of cheap European productions.
"Adventure Time, come on, grab your friends, we'll go through very distant lands. With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, the fun will never end, it's Adventure Time!"
Most of you think that the Portuguese dub is one of the best, when, in reality, it's the complete opposite: Finn is voiced by a woman, to which I have the idea that whoever voices him is a woman which has an alter ego, coing more or less by the Conchita Wurst variety. Jake sounds like he's old and can't actually mimick the original voice. Lady Rainicorn is speaking a dialect of Korean that never existed, the Ice King is a bit weird, LSP sounds more manlier than the man who voices it in the original version and Beemo sounds more girlier than someone who speaks with an Asian dialect.
The dub has the worst theme song ever. I recommend that you watch it once and go to the bathroom and puke: HORA DE AVENTURAS SÃO MOMENTOS DE LOUCURAS COM JAKE O CÃO E FINN O HUMANO SÃO TANTAS AVENTURAS SEM FIM!!!
Ow, my vocal chords AND ears! Who is that mysterious author who made this atrocity? Maybe not the one that this link mentions. Probably someone with his name.
There you go, better out than in.
This show had the most dubs a CN show could ever imagine: three. The TVI dub, the movie dub and the Dance Pantsed dub. All these voices are just an attempted emulation at their distinctive voices, but failed miserably. To quote Coisas da Interwebs, "Bubbles doesn't sound cute, she's boring. Blossom sounds like one of those highscool students which claims as being better than the others and Buttercup looks like that in 15 years, she will go to a reformatory because she's so aggressive. Professor Utonium sounds a bit Portuguese (only without the mustache).", and Mojo Jojo sounds more annoying, the Gangreen Gang has several names depending on the episodes, and the dubbing quality was crap, for something made around 2001.
They also pay in Escudos, later Euros.
The Dance Pantsed dub is even worse: it consists of voices that have nothing to do neither with the original voices nor the ones that were being screened in Portugal a little over a decade ago.
Dexter's Laboratory: it's an OK dub, but not worth it. We got an incomplete collection featuring only the first two seasons, which were the only ones dubbed over here.
Uncle Grandpa: Having seen very little of the original dub, I'd like to say... boring.
We have the privilege to call it TITIO AVÔ, I wonder why? This isn't Brazil. You can't say that in Portugal.
This isn't Portugal. This isn't even Brazil.
This dub retains the CN qualities: same studio, same awful voices, same female lead character... wait, what? I've only seen a few minutes of these and I can't watch it because of dubs like these.
I've seen two dubs: the RTP dub where they called the titular characters (minus Grim) Beto and Mena, and the CN dub we're getting right now. In the CN dub, Grim's renamed "Skull" (Caveira, probably because of business reasons with Spain) and it's so awful it can make your earlobes bleed.
For a starts, there's ALWAYS a woman who reads out 99,9% of every sign there is, which is unnecessary these days. A subtitle didn't help?
Also, there seems to be a vague misunderstanding about the voices. For a start Grim sounds less Jamaican than he actually is (he sounds pretty normal to me, however, from a Portuguese point of view, and not making fun of the similarities between both ethnicities, Sebastian from The Little Mermaid sounds African to me), Billy sounds more annoying, Mandy sounds a bit bored, Irwin sounds a bit less black and the episode titles have little to nothing to match the original titles: "Prank Call of Cthulhu" becomes something like "The Deadly Call".
Also, considering that we were talking about Cthulhu, the name Cthulhu - owing to the lack of the "th" sound - becomes Cutulu or, near the end of the episode, Quetulu, with both names sounding like an immigrant from the former Portuguese colonies in Africa.
JOHNNY TEST. This is an abomination. So is the dub.
Another CN show whose reputation has been destroyed. Starting with Gumball, which is now voiced by a grown woman called Teresa Arcanjo, who has to use the dude-bro language and has to live with an acid Anais, a girly Darwin, Nicole (which could perfectly be voiced by Gumball's Portuguese VA) and Richard, who sounds more stupider than he actually is.
They pay in Euros and if the show was set in real life, it was set near the building where I live.
As for Gumball, this isn't a man.
This isn't even a woman.
This isn't an LGBT.
It's a new gender. The "fe male" gender.
And if you thought that the worst CN dub ever made was listed so far...
think again...
...SURELY you haven't seen this!
THIS is the worst CN dub of all time. THIS is the worst CN-related abomination that I have ever seen in my entire life. Let's see it, character by character:
Mordecai sounds like he's a 40-year old speaking in the "dude-bro" sociolect which looks like the Portuguese Garfield from The Garfield Show sounds more or less like he was speaking to a Portuguese 17-year old on Facebook;
Rigby sounds like he's 30 or something, for the same reasons as Mordecai minus the Garfield part;
Pops sounds like he's younger and less semi-antiquated;
Benson sounds more annoying than he actually is;
Skips sounds like he's younger and more aggressive;
and Muscle Man sounds like he's someone's old demented uncle who says perverted nonsense. Also, Musculoso, really? Is this a strange attempt made by Turner to make Portugal and Brazil a single market? And High-Five Ghost is simply Mais Cinco. Reminds me of an old TVI game show called "Dá Cá Mais 5" that I used to watch 2-3 years ago.
This dub is so AWFUL!!! And I say it with all the rage I can think of, because CN dubs in Portugal tend to be the worst.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

CN HQ speech: Albanian version

Click here.
Based on the speech I posted last Thursday.

A look at some bumpers

The bumpers seen in this video were in use starting in late October 2011, however they replaced them with the Halloween ones for four days.
It was phase two of the CHECK it. era.

CN UK - Ben 10 vs. Batman bumpers

Click here, I can't embed it at present
Now I'm waiting to see the British promo for Educating Elmore.

Friday, July 18, 2014

For Arbër Lezi: Bring CN HQ back to certain European countries

NOTE: This speech will be transposed into a video made by Arbër Lezi, which will include an Albanian translation.
WARNING 1: The "I" is reffering to Arbër himself.
WARNING 2: This is for you, Arbër: in the Albanian translation, please replace "CN HQ" with "the European CN".
WARNING 3: The "he" refers to the blog's author.
When Cartoon Network was introduced to Europe, it taught us one language: English. As the years progressed, CN introduced local feeds, as was the style at the time. Some countries like Portugal were (ten years ago) more dependent on local brands than localized versions of foreign channels, as there were only few of them at the time. The channel was remained unchanged in most of Europe until 2009, when most of Eastern Europe (Russia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Kazakhstan...) replaced the European version with a local one in English, Russian and Bulgarian. It was OK for me, and currently it's more or less like CN HQ's twin brother from Moscow.
Like I said before, all OK for me. Until November 2013.
Earlier that month, it was announced that ZON (now NOS) was about to drop Boomerang, TCM and Nautical Channel. He was OK for TCM and Nautical Channel, but not for Boomerang.
But on November 27th, it was announced that CN HQ would be replaced with CN PT, thanks to an EPG.
On December 3rd, at 09:55, the Portuguese audiovisual industry brought us the shock of the new.
After a promo for Inner Space on TCM, CN HQ disappeared... forever... causing a country - barely unchanged in two decades - lose their most popular English teacher due to low ratings.
(I already knew that Vodafone carried on with the channel until New Year's Eve, but I generally accept the fact that Portugal changed a lot that day, TV-wise)
Since then, Portuguese viewers entered a cul-de-sac with no exit. The day he returned home from school looking at the "new" CN changed his perception of the channel and it was quite a change. For a start, all our friends were gone, replaced by the ignorant, impersonal and expresionless voice of someone who doesn't sound like he would work for CN. The dubs were sub-par and had very bad voices. We couldn't see the park for another four months and it returned with one of the worst dubs ever made, and we could no longer see what would happen to the Cul-de-Sac and see Cow and Chicken prove us wrong by saying that you could make a seal out of chewing gum.
We have to stop this atrocity at once.
This message is targeted to readers and former CN viewers residing in Portugal, Albania, Kosovo and Greece.

If you live in Portugal:
-Send the amount of mail you want to various Turner e-mails ( or
-Make CN HQ available on higher packages (for example, it would be on the same package as Nickelodeon on NOS), the same is true to TCM and Boomerang
-Make CN HQ and TCM available 24/7, in English
-Add a secondary Portuguese audio track for selected shows and seasons

If you live in Albania or Kosovo:
-Contact the biggest Albanian dubbing studios (Jess Discographic, Studioja Filmike AA and Studio Dodona) and allow them to dub more CN shows
-The rights for the shows will be obtained by Tring and Turner
-CN HQ will replace CN RSEE in both countries and will get an Albanian audio track

If you live in Greece:
-Just ask Nova to bring Cartoon Network back, with or without subtitles or Greek audio.
These countries need CN HQ (and BM HQ to a lesser extent) so that kids need to learn English from cartoons easier than it is now (at least in Portugal).

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hypothetical notes for the return of CN HQ to Portugal

1: It will return but on the slightly more expensive packages like what happened with Boomerang
2: CN HQ should be 24/7
3: TCM HQ should be 24/7
4: Boomerang HQ should return to Portugal
5: Promote the English feed on CN PT
6: Add a secondary (and also partial) Portuguese audio track for selected shows and seasons
7: Prevent CN HQ fans from listening to bad dubs
8: Make CN HQ one of the ten most-watched channels again

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Darwin the Merman: Pitched? Brainstormed? Greenlighted?

So it came to my attention that when a link to my hypothetical talk on the Portuguese dub was posted to RegularCapital's Twitter account, Graphilm - an Italian animation studio which generally does stuff for Rai - retweeted it.
I honestly have no words to say. I want to see it:
-on Cartoon Network
-made in the USA
-I greenlighted it
-would air on CNs worldwide and become one of the most popular shows on the channel
-will be awarded on the Primetime Emmys
However it will air...
-on Rai 2
-made in Italy
-still, I greenlighted it
-it will air on public broadcasters all across Europe, especially in Portugal - a country that serves as a bait for the acquisition of cheap European productions for kids
-will be awarded on Cartoons on the Bay
So what will happen? Will the Italians get awarded with 5 milioni in gettoni d'oro (=ca. 5000€) for the creation of Darwin the Merman and not air it on CN or will the Americans win the Darwinian battle? Please comment.

PM sent to GumballFallsFan (Arbër Lezi) from Kosovo

Good evening mr. Lezi,
all of a sudden I had this idea: what if CN HQ (as I like to call it) returned to Albania and Kosovo airing in two languages: English and Albanian? You covered this feed in particular when you made Cartoon Network Toon News last year. I don't know why did you stop. Thanks to that, it made me think that Kosovo got CN Europe instead of RSEE. These are my answer hypotheses:
a) CN RSEE will lose adverts starting next year because of yet another one of those crazy laws;
b) Albania and Kosovo don't have a big market for foreign channels dubbed or subtitled into Albanian and mostly rely on local brands;
c) this feed should be much cheaper than CN RSEE and airs shows without the Russian rating system and cuts;
d) it would be a return to the past. They have an "Old School" block every day.
Please notice that we in Portugal got that feed until December 3rd when it was replaced by CN Portugal due to low ratings of the English-speaking feed...
I'm with you in terms of the future of Cartoon Network in Albania and Kosovo. Also, please visit my blog (, like my Facebook page (Cartoon Network HQ and Boomerang HQ stuff) and comment on both.
Sincerely yours,
PS: I had that idea first, it will probably come true one day.

UAE user

So it turns out that Toonzone finally has a user from the UAE. What joy!
What? It's a shopping website? I wish for a user from the Emirates...

Darwin the Merman - hypothetical Portuguese dub question

To be fair, if I created Darwin the Merman and aired it on TV a few years ago, it would definetly go the same way as CN PT's treatment of Regular Show (it only premiered in April this year).
I "created" it, but it would be offensive to see CN HQ disappear AND airing Darwin the Merman, and waiting for the Portuguese dub to premiere and consider it inferior compared to the original English versions.
I'm still waiting for someone to greenlight this idea.

MEO app

CN PT's MEO app (which predates the channel by a good four months) has old shows broadcasting in 4:3, new shows broadcasting in 16:9 and uses the Eastern European bug.
I wish that CN PT was more like CN HQ, RSEE and CEE.

CN HQ's slogan

I'd like to confirm if "Keep it Cartoon Network" is the channel's slogan, it's only used in pushbacks.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A PM I sent to CN HQ's Facebook page

Not sure if I can put it, but here it goes:
Good evening,
this very same version of Cartoon Network used to broadcast to Portugal until last December and a full nation was devastated because now there was no market left for cartoon channels in English.
I've sent an e-mail to one of the responsibles for CN PT, and she said that this version of Cartoon Network ceased broadcasting to Portugal due to low ratings.
Is there any way to get it back to Portugal? Remember, it's up to you to bring this very version of CN back to Portugal!
Kind regards,
Will they answer me?


This time: CN PT had a completely different bug. It read CARTOONNETWORK.PT and was semi-transparent. CN HQ was airing a bumper for a show with jungle animals that could fit on Cartoonito.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Another sign of the times

So it seems that CN PT made another "build one of the Mixels" tutorial with a link to Justifying the lack of a Portuguese version, it redirected to! Will CN HQ return? Or will they launch a Portuguese version of the website and forget those plans altogether?

Quick post from CN PT's Facebook page

Days ago, when CN PT's Facebook page highlighted GAOBAM, someone said that they could air Evil Con Carne and that the main character loved Hector.
I wrote something along ths lines of "what about bringing back the English channel? That's a great idea!".
I'm hoping that they will listen correctly to me and that we will get CN HQ back.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Egypt has binge-watched me

Someone from Egypt has read my blog several times in the past hour, and he may get CN Arabic and CN HQ.
Maybe we'll get some answers about CN HQ?

What annoys me

When someone from a Portuguese blog writes a post with "Cartoon Network" in the title, when, in reality, it's unrelated to the channel.

CN HQ Johnny Test promos (2014)

Why oh WHY did I watch more of this abomination (and The Garfield Show) after the switch? I want my CN HQ back!

CN HQ's website changed their background for Batman vs. Ben 10

I only noticed it today. It's nice to see that the CN HQ website is showing signs of life, which means that they haven't abandoned

Now I'm on Facebook!

And this blog too!
Click here and see our FB page.

Facebook account underway

I'll make a Facebook account later this morning, which means that this very blog will also have a Facebook page as well.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Is CN HQ advertising their new mobile games?

CN HQ advertised mobile games based on their shows but I think that I haven't seen an ad for one of their new ones that aren't linked to their shows. CN PT doesn't advertise them, so help me, that's what you do because of the switch from CN HQ to CN PT!

Friday, July 11, 2014

CN HQ radio ad (2004)

Here's something rare: a radio commercial for CN HQ!
Does anyone confirm is any radio station aired it back in the day? Does anyone remember it? I don't.

Quick fun fact

In April 2008, MEO's website claimed that Cartoon Network aired Pokémon and Winx Club, but they were right about Ben 10.
Maybe they went to CN USA and CN SEA's websites? I don't know.

Why Toonix isn't advertised on CN PT

"This is me, MonkeyBear114, and I want to be a DJ, with massive headphones and giant teeth. I want to be in my bedroom, with my friends, and have a fishtank on my head."
The one thing CN HQ has that CN PT never had: fillers. Apart from Toonix ads, some annoying fillers were part of the breaks for no apparent reason whatsoever.
Could you imagine seeing that Toonix ad if CN HQ had a Portuguese audio track?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CN HQ airing new episodes of Dragons: Defenders of Berk


And now, another message in order to bring CN HQ back

On December 3rd, 2013, CN HQ was replaced in Portugal by CN PT, due to low ratings. The consequences, as if no one would notice, are the following:
-Many Portuguese children have no choice other than changing the audio track to English;
-They could watch new episodes before CN PT premiered them, however they now need to go to the internet, and then we complain about piracy and all that;
-The CN PT announcer is annoying;
-The dubs are even worse.
How can we prevent CN PT from being successful? How can CN HQ return to Portugal?
Don't let Portuguese children live with the hapless CN PT.
CN HQ for life. Please, we want our money back.
There once was a time (the best time there ever was!)...
-where a cow and a chicken could be brother and sister
-where you didn't need pants to do a victory dance
-when science... wait, what's Dexter even doing?
-a time when everyone had one big party
-where you could grab your friends and go to very distant lands
-where everything was GMT (later CET)
-when Ben was an action hero
-a time when everyone learned English at the comfort of their own homes
-when your favorite characters didn't live in Portugal
-a time which ended... the collective sadness spread across Portugal.
Don't let Portuguese children live with the hapless CN PT.
CN HQ for life. Please, we want our money back.
Imagine if a campaign like this aired on TV!

CN HQ Ben 10 vs. Batman promo

Another CN HQ-related mystery solved!

CN HQ Educating Elmore promo

Throughout the next few hours, I'll post CN HQ promos from OSN's official YouTube channel.
Let's start with Educating Elmore. If you live in Africa or the Middle East and have CN HQ on your pay TV subscription, please give me details about when it's on.

My blog has instant fame in South Africa

Once again, someone in South Africa found my blog, this time by searching for the words "" on Bing. The website doesn't exist, but, as it turns out, the first two entries are from my blog!
See for yourself.

No new episodes next month

It seems that CN HQ and BM HQ are taking a break in new episodes next month.
Again, don't want to get into detail. If anyone still gets CN HQ or BM HQ, please write in the comments on my blog posts.

Monday, July 7, 2014

An important message for Turner

Hello. If anyone who works at a Turner office is reading this, then this is an important message for the people of Portugal.
We need CN HQ and BM HQ back. These are the consequences of CN PT replacing CN HQ:
-You can't remove the English version of a channel just by having low ratings, ratings that only channels aimed at immigrants would have;
-Several shows will not see the light of day over here (Teen Titans GO!; Total Drama All-Stars);
-The latest seasons of CN shows will take a longer time to arrive;
-Future generations won't learn English (if CN HQ doesn't return to Portugal);
-We must raise our awareness of CN HQ as a learning tool in the future.
The future isn't made of badly-dubbed shows and if you want to watch them in English, you have to change the audio track.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

HELP NEEDED: Any info on these long-lost bumpers?

1: Cartoon Network Cinema bumper, ca. 2002. My mind says that Cow was holding an actual torch instead of Chicken, but it was probably my mind. Same as an already existing bumper posted by Romanian YT user OldMcBarney, but the text read "CINEMA" and not "TOON FILM". Probably used until 2005? Probably the "TOON FILM" text was my mind playing tricks, but I'm not sure.
2: Kaleidoscope-themed bumper, featuring various HB stars. Used around late 2004 or so. At the end, we see the CN logo, but with two of the letters swapped (CAROTON NETWORK). Later, it changes to the correct text (CARTOON NETWORK). Used on Boomerang as late as 2011, just by editing the end.
3: Tom and Jerry-themed bumper, also set to classical music. I only remember seeing it on Boomerang, and the look was reminiscent of the 2002 "Blocks" look.
4: Promo for the 2004 Christmas marathon called "Blocks Around the Clocks". It had C's rotating in squares, als reminiscent of the look CN was using at the time. The background was white.
5: Promo for the 2005 Christmas marathon. Don't remember the name, but it had a song by The White Stripes (Hardest Button to Button, where we see the band multiplying in streets). The promo looked a bit like that music video, and it featured scenes from a show with a character appearing four times, along with the four-note repetitive tune played by a guitar riff.
6: Bumpers and promos for Cartoon Carnival, hosted by a Bloo impersonator. Used in the fall of 2006. FostersFriend doesn't have those bumpers...
7: Footage from VBirds: Perfect. I only remember watching it once when I was sick, sometime in 2003, and, if my memory doesn't cheat, it was similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Or was it a dance show and the DDR-style thing was a mobile game?
8: HiHi Puffy AmiYumi promo from late 2005. It was a generic promo and it was part of a series called CN Muzik. It was the only one in the series and was a music video with the music being the HHPAM theme song.
9: This is a very ancient (?!) bumper, but it seems that it aired around 2000 or 2001. It was a bumper set on a blue/purple/pink background with some white flowing lines. I also remember one line, which was just Mojo Jojo saying "Are you talking to me?! ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?!".
10: Footage from Toon FM. I can only find a British promo for it. It was set in Tokyo and was hosted by Brak (according to the promo) and Johnny Bravo. I don't remember more, but I thought that it wasn't the European JBVO (without the requests part and set in Tokyo).
11: Footage from Viva Las Bravo 2005. I liked the bumpers used at the start of breaks.
12: Footage from Viva Las Bravo 2006. Only one promo is on the Internet.
13: Cartoon Network website promo from 2002-ish. It featured stills from the first European design and the Play section from the Brazilian website!
14: Footage from Pick Your Fridays, but in high quality.
15: Promos for the various incarnations of Cartoon 60. Several promos already exist in other languages.
16: Series of promos for CN shows. The only one I can find is the one for Robotboy, but I assume that there was a HiHi Puffy AmiYumi version of it. To see the Robotboy bumper on YouTube (because VBOX7 is very slow outside of Bulgaria), search for "Robotboy bumper OldMcBarney". (note: it has the logo of Xiaolin Showdown, which never aired over here. Also, the "show select" sound effect is used in the intro of 2 Days and 1 Night)
17: CN bumper with footage from the Dexter's Laboratory episode "Photo Finish", that had the CN logo at the end, with the T being replaced by a 7 (a reference to the car from the same episode whose license plate read "7IN7").

Friday, July 4, 2014

This month on BM HQ: Looney Tunes All-Stars

Boomerang HQ is airing the Looney Tunes: All-Stars special since last Tuesday.
You can win prizes: currently, we don't know.
And sorry for the delay, that's what you do for the loss of two channels.
EDIT: A promo has been posted by OSN a few hours ago:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Clarence in mourning

Following the recent events focusing on Skyler Page being a sexual predator, CN USA removed the "hug force" video and the future of Clarence is at risk.

The Incredible Crew - coming soon to CN HQ?

I've just read on the Internet (on an article concerning Turner's South African success) that CN HQ is due to air The Incredible Crew by the end ot the year.
If we still had CN HQ, then I'd like to see this abomination.

I'm being searched by a South African

While looking at the blog stats I noticed that someone in South Africa visited this blog.
Later, he found the blog by typing "boomerang hq .net".
See for yourself.
Also: if  you go to page 2, you'll find my old blog!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BM HQ now showing Road Runner shorts

Don't want to get into detail because I don't get Boomerang no more...

What I wanted

Ákos: Congratulation to CN! It becomes more and more variety! Which CN would you like to have? CN HQ that is variety but English or CN PT that is not variety but Portugese?
Me: I want both. I want Portuguese providers to put CN PT right after CN EMEA (OSN does that with CN Arabia) and rebrand the main channel as Cartoon Network English.
And we no longer have CN HQ...

Letters to CN HQ: Website

"Hi! I'm from Portugal.I live in a country where CN is in English since day one.
Sometimes I use your website ( but there are many problems.
I'm a part of a popular web communityn (Toonzone Forums) and I listed these problems from a discussion we make about non-USA versions of Cartoon Network:
"Once again, time to wait for the launch of a new look for European CN pages. Like I said before, I want them to use the 2011-2013 US look. The new look they introduced this year is tangentially related to a look they only introduced five months later.
Anyway, it's the 2011-2013 look I want and it's the 2011-2013 look we want.
There are problems to be fixed, particularly on
-No TV guide
-On all other European pages, the TV guide only goes from 06:00-00:00
-No blog (even though there was a blog for some time 2011, and it was recently dropped)
-The "My CN" ad STILL has the 2009 font
-Until 2011/2012, there were also two games that annoyed me, but they finally got rid of them: the ad with Fourarms playing on two controllers and the ad with Captain K'nuckles playing with one of those "ball-in-the-cup" things
-No forums (it's also a European problem as well)
-No full episodes (European pages must need this!)
-Some games don't load
-It's impossible to play School House Rush on it just gives you something that says "level 1" with a red button on the right. Clicking it reveals a light blue square on the top left corner of the game's frame
-On some pages, the old Cartoon Network logo pops up
These are all the problems I could think of."

But wait a second...
-Recently, has just made minor changes to the main bar: everyting is now small (the text, to be more accurate) and there is no link to
-Only a few European pages have full episodes, as cited by another user:
".nl has 1x Sheep in the Big City and 1x Dexter's Laboratory
.ru has 1x Generator Rex and 1x Dexter's Laboratory
.pl and .bg has 1x Ed Edd n Eddy and 1x Dexter's Laboratory
.hu has 1x Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and 1x Dexter's Laboratory
.ro has 1x Dexter's Laboratory and nothing has won the competition(?!)
.de has 2x Ben 10, 2x Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and 2x Ben 10 Omniverse has nothing "-Some games aren't available (like Hall of The Wild 2: The Big Field Trip or SplashBack, for example)
-There is STILL a link to Alien Unlock 2
So can you see? Can you see that the current page design is suffering from minor glitches? Why don't you make a new design? Here's a photo of it if you're interested:
(The picture that used to be here was a screenshot of CN USA's website with  the 2011-2013 look which I wanted to see on European CN websites)The big black rectangle with the three little squares is used to promote three new things on the website.
Also, you should reactivate
Toonzone Forums user RandomMe
PS: I'm proud that some of the European pages have over 260 games and the American website is still stuck with 258 games for over a year!"