Sunday, August 31, 2014

Your shout: Bad dubs

Can bad dubs air on a channel that is amongst the ten most-watched?
Answer with your comments.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: LE OMG! 2000 VIEWS!

Now, my blog is more popular than all my other crappy blogs. Most of my viewers from the past days come from the States.
This blog's popularity escalated quickly in contrast to my old blog.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: another weird dream (3!)

A few hours ago, i had another weird dream. RTP2 (a portuguese national channel) was airing Generator Rex. It was 8 pm. In summer. I was eating a wafer and saying:
Or maybe not.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: An amusing idea for a show (MOAR DETAILZ!!!)

The title reflects my writing style of the time.
AKA "Omegle Masters - Episode 3".
Stranger: Hey
You: Hi
You: I'm making something
You: but first, who are you?
Stranger: What u making?
Stranger: Calen
Stranger: ASL?
You: Age 14, male from Portugal
You: And you?
Stranger: 16M US
You: I'm making a CN show called Darwin the Merman
Stranger: Thats tight!
You: yeah
Stranger: What it about?
You: It's about Darwin Waterman, a merman who likes to do fun stuff, who lives with his older brother Kevin Waterman and her sister Bea Waterman.
Stranger: lol
Stranger: well ill see u later
You: But i need to take the idea to someone on Deviantart
Stranger: Lets hear it
You: and Somvilay Xayaphone would be one of the animators
You: But i'm unsure about it. Let's just say that i will be undecided between Thurop Van Orman and Thurop Van Orman.
You: Flapjack was cancelled two years ago.
You: *canceled.
Stranger: You spelled it right
Stranger: Dosent seem that long ago
You: with one e or two e's?
Stranger: Cancelled
You: Darwin the Merman will launch a new "underwater teen mermaid" concept. Robbed from other animated series whose names i can't reveal and are not shown on Cartoon Network.
You: Hi!
Stranger: Hey!
You: I'm making a show
You: on Cartoon Network
You: called Darwin the Merman
Stranger: Darwin the Merman.
Stranger: Sounds epic.
You: Yes.
You: Sounds epic.
Stranger: I'm sure it'll be epic.
You: Me too.
You: Let me copy a description for you: "It's about Darwin Waterman, a merman who likes to do fun stuff, who lives with his older brother Kevin Waterman and her sister Bea Waterman."
Stranger: I thought the Watermans were from Gumball?
You: No.
You: The Wattersons are from Gumball.
Stranger: Ah.
You: Yes.
You: It will be animated by Thurop van Orman and one of the animators will be Somvilay Xayaphone. A homage to Flapjack.
You: Hi!
You: I'm making a show on Cartoon Network
Stranger: Hii how are u? C:
You: called Darwin the Merman. And yes, i'm fine :D
Stranger: Kooooool
You: It sounds epic.
You: "It's about Darwin Waterman, a merman who likes to do fun stuff, who lives with his older brother Kevin Waterman and her sister Bea Waterman."
You: Sounds epic.
Stranger: Yesh...
You: And it will have tons of merchandise...
You: there will be Darwin the Merman happy meals
You: and toys, t-shirts, more toys,
Stranger: Im a poor person -_-
You: Hi!
You: I'm making a show on Cartoon Network
You: called Darwin the Merman
Stranger: That sounds nice!
You: "It's about Darwin Waterman, a merman who likes to do fun stuff, who lives with his older brother Kevin Waterman and her sister Bea Waterman."
You: Sounds epic.
You: So, how do you feel?
Stranger: That sounds pretty good, man.
You: there will be Darwin the Merman happy meals
Stranger: YES
You: and toys,t-shirts, more toys...
Stranger: I will buy one, just for you.
You: But you will wait a year or two.
You: One of the animators will be Somvilay Xayaphone. In homage to Flapjack, it will be made by...
Stranger: I'm okay with this
You: The music used on Flapjack looks like folkloric music from an Eastern European country.
You: sounds like, sorry
Stranger: Yeeees
You: Darwin the Merman: "It's about Darwin Waterman, a merman who likes to do fun stuff, who lives with his older brother Kevin Waterman and her sister Bea Waterman."
Stranger: You've said.
You: Yes
You: Now, many kids will watch "mermaid teen shows" next to Adventure Time and Regular Show
You: Darwin the Merman will be epic
Stranger: This is very exciting
You: And the "merman song" from the last episode of Flapjack (instrumental, of course) will be used as background music sometimes
Stranger: YES??
You: And it will also make lots of merchandise (as stated above)
You: and will make one of the world's smallest amusement parks...
You: Darwin the Merman Land!
You: And some cereal with a random name, named after a fake cereal which will appear in an episode
Stranger: This is very excitibg
Stranger: exciting
You: YES!
You: and will make an internet meme:
Patrick McPatrick
Stranger: YAYUS
Stranger: C:
You: YES
You: It will be so epic!
Stranger: I'm very excited for this ok
You: YES
You: me too!
Stranger: :3
You: :D
You: And some version of Gangman Style "Darwin Style"
You: but i have to go now
You: Hi!
Stranger: Hiiiiiii
You: I'm making a Fish Hooks-like show on Cartoon Network called Darwin the Merman
Stranger: Koooool
You: yes
You: I'll add some details:
Stranger: Ok
You: "It's about Darwin Waterman, a merman who likes to do fun stuff, who lives with his older brother Kevin Waterman and her sister Bea Waterman."
You: Do you like it?
Stranger: Yesh
You: I'm also liking my idea.
Stranger: Koool :)
You: In two years, Darwin the Merman will be screened to children worldwide
Stranger: Goood for u :)
You: And think of the money CN will make in a few years with Darwin the Merman merchandise
You: There will be Darwin the Merman happy meals
Stranger: Ok...
You: and more stuff, like toys, t-shirts, more toys...
Stranger: Ok
You: and one of the world's smallest amusement parks: Darwin the Merman Land!
You: There used to be an artist on DeviantArt (kmy1205) who made Darwin's prototype (Merman Flounder) and now she deactivated her account. Darwin is shirtless.
Stranger: Ok....
You: And it's impossible to copy an image so...
You: i will do my best.
Stranger: Ok
You: So, how's he like;
You: He's got yellow/blue/yellow/blue/yellow striped hair glued to a yellow bit, blue eyes, a bluish-gray tail and the bottom of Darwin's tail is blue/yellow/blue/yello/blue
You: He has an older brother named Kevin and a sister named Bea
Stranger: Kooool
You: Hi!
Stranger: hey
You: I'm making a Fish Hooks-type show on Cartoon Network
You: called Darwin the Merman
You: "It's about Darwin Waterman, a merman who likes to do fun stuff, who lives with his older brother Kevin Waterman and her sister Bea Waterman."
You: Do you like my idea?
You: ?
Stranger: yea
You: Wow, i was actually waiting a bit more.
Stranger: im srry facebook
Stranger: asl
You: Darwin has an older brother (Kevin) and a sister (Bea)
You: male, 14 from portugal
You: and you?
Stranger: brb
You: wait!
where are you from?
Stranger: im from
Stranger: new york
You: WOW
Stranger: ikr
You: what's IKR?
Stranger: wait yuh rlly like disney
Stranger: nd yuh 14
You: I like Disney Channel and Cartoon Network
Stranger: it meens i lnow rite
Stranger: i meen i know rite
You: Darwin the Merman will be like Fish Hooks, only with mermaids
Stranger: mmhhmm
Stranger: yuh sure yuh 14
Stranger: cuz if yuh 14
You: i'm shure
You: *sure
Stranger: u would noe wat ikr meens
Stranger: kk
You: i know right
Stranger: srry
Stranger: just checkin
Stranger: nd imma female
Stranger: in new york
You: There will be a lot of Darwin the Merman merchandise
You: There will be Darwin the Merman happy meals
You: and toys, t-shirts, more toys
Stranger: kk
You: and Darwin the Merman Land, a very small amusement park
Stranger: gtg bye bitch bich asshole mutha fucker imma fuck yuh
Stranger: up
Stranger: bitch
You: *ME?
Stranger: yea bitch
Stranger: ass fuck wite bitch
Stranger: yuh aint noe 14
You: BUT I'M 14
Stranger: lieins muthafucka
Stranger: no
Stranger: yuh
Stranger: not asswhite
You: *facepalm*
Stranger: yuh not ass being 14 shit self
Stranger: shittty man
Stranger: kizz mi ass
Stranger: foh a living
You: (Darwin Waterman) AAAAHHHH!!!
You: Hi!
Stranger: hey
You: where are you from?
Stranger: whats ur fav cartoon!?
Stranger: USA :P
You: Ed, Edd n Eddy
I'm from Portugal
Stranger: portugal...
Stranger: (Is that in Europe?)
You: But my country's CN (in english, sadly...) no longer airs it... i have to wait a few more months
And by the way, it's in Europe, next to Spain.
You: I'm making a show
You: called Darwin the Merman
You: It's about Darwin Waterman, a merman who likes to do fun stuff, who lives with his older brother Kevin Waterman and his sister Bea Waterman.
Stranger: how old are u? :o
You: 14
Stranger: and you are already working on a show?!
You: well, i live in Portugal but to make the show i need to go to Thurop Van Orman's page on DeviantART, and i need a DeviantART account, in order to make it
Stranger: wow
You: and one of the animators will be Somvilay Xayaphone
Stranger: i have no clue who that is sorry :(
You: I also like Flapjack, and one of the animators was Somvilay Xayaphone
Stranger: alright... well i hope your show is awesome :)
You: yes
You: Darwin the Merman will be awesome
Stranger: :) good! Is it kinda going to be like spongebob? :o
You: more like fish hooks
If you want to see anything about Fish Hooks please go to the net
Stranger: ah alright i know what you mean :)
You: Milo = Darwin
Oscar = Kevin
You: Bea = Bea
Stranger: haha alright
You: yes
Stranger: I'll have to watch fish hooks more often because i have no clue who those are haha
You: It's my project
Stranger: awesome :)
Stranger: Portuguese people are awesome! haha
You: That's why we have good comedians
and R-rated talk-shows with comedians
Stranger: XD
You: XD
Stranger: wow hahaha
You: There will be Darwin the Merman happy meals
Stranger: :P
You: and toys, t-shirts, more toys...
Stranger: I'll buy some :)
You: But you have to wait some timw
You: *time
Stranger: what is your name? :)
You: ?
i can not reveal until my professional career as a comedian
You: and i will make Cartoon Network Portugal
Stranger: :'(
You: i will dub Darwin on my show
on the portuguese dub
of Portugal, of course!
Stranger: I'm Katie :)
You: WOW
Stranger: nice to meet you future rich guy :)
Stranger: its not like you're gonna wanna keep in touch with me :(
You: because i need a deciantart account
You: *deviantart
Stranger: what does that even mean??
You: you can post art
Stranger: oh ok
You: Darwin the Merman originated as Merman Flounder by kmy1205 but now he deactivated her account :'(
The only difference from Merman Flounder is that Darwin is shirtless
Stranger: XD
Stranger: thats cute :3
You: so cute XD
Stranger: shitless guys are good
Stranger: as long as theyre fit :)
You: NOW, i'm waiting for a chat on deviantart
Stranger: okay :)
Stranger: well i gtg
Stranger: :(
You: but that's tomorrow
You: :)
Stranger: nice meeting you
You: BYE!
Stranger: bye :)
Stranger: and good luck!

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Omegle Masters - Episode 2

Complete the following lyric: "Gitchee Gitchee Goo means..."
Stranger 1: I love you
Stranger 2 has disconnected
You: Hi!
Stranger: hey
You: how r u
Stranger: good you?
You: yeah
You: I'm Darwin.
Stranger: asl>
You: Darwin Waterman - a merman
Stranger: no really
You: yeah
Stranger: what a coincedence
Stranger: im a mermaid
Stranger: named clara
Stranger: what?
You: My sis is called Bea
Stranger: and?
Stranger: is she also a mermaid?
You: yes
i have an older brother named Kevin
Stranger: i have a younger brother called nick
You: wtf?! get out
You: sorry
Stranger: haahhaah whats wrong?
You: i'm hallucinating
Stranger: are you high?
You: no
Stranger: ok thats good
You: yeah
Stranger: im bored
You: WHY?
Stranger: cuz i hate homework
You: my kind of mermen don't go to school
Stranger: i'm being serious
You: yeah
You: are you eating something?

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Omegle Masters - Heat/Episode 1

The start of a failed show that lasted only two episodes.
This was part of my constant usage of Omegle at the time.
Welcome to Omegle Masters, my new web game show where I can take a look at my question being answered by two random people. Ready? Go!
[Spoof of british documentary-reality show intros] We went to Omegle when the owner of this blog tries to dress up as Darwin Waterman.
Who do you prefer?
Stranger 2: me
Stranger 1: Mish Collins
Do you know about my upcoming new show Darwin the Merman?
Stranger 1: NO
It hasn't been animated yet
Stranger 1: Whit
Bono estente
Stranger 2: oui oui
Stranger 1: bono
You: Hi!
Stranger: hi
Stranger: advice
Stranger: please
You: I am a merman.
Stranger: i need some
You: I can't do that.
Stranger: good
Stranger: i need merman help
You: Who are you and i need that crap
Stranger: particularly the man part of merman
Stranger: i am a mermaid
Stranger: needing advice on a merman
You: Hi!
Stranger: hey
You: I'm Darwin Waterman
You: a merman
Stranger: thats cool
You: yes. Isn't that great?
Stranger: yeah it is
You: i live with my bro and sis
Stranger: oh nice
You: My older brother Kevin and my sister Bea
Stranger: awesome
You: yeas
You: i mean yeahs
Stranger: well see ya darwin
You: Hi!
Stranger: Hey!
You: Darwin Waterman here.
I'm a merman.
How are you?
Stranger: Haha a merman? Seriously?
You: Yes
Stranger: Like for real? o.O
You: Yes
Stranger: That's awesome.
You: I live with mah older bro Kevin and mah sis Bea
Stranger: What's it like not having legs? Just curious.
You: Yeah... I'm fine.
You: I just swim.
Stranger: Do you have a penis? Just wondering.
You: Mermen don't have genitals.
Stranger: So how do you procreate?
You: A merman and a mermaid swish their tails for four to five hours while sleeping.
You: Hi!
You: I'm a merman
Stranger: Hi
You: Darwin Waterman
Stranger: :O
Stranger: Awesome
You: I live with mah older bro Kevin and mah sis Bea
Stranger: Lucky you !
You: Yes!
You: Do you know something about mermaids and/or mermen?
Stranger: Not much?
Stranger: I do know a little though
You: Yes? Tell me.
Stranger: Well
Stranger: You don't have feet
You: Yes
Stranger: You live underwater
You: Yes
Stranger: You are able to breathe above water
You: Yes
You: And underwater
Stranger: I know :P
Stranger: but that's about it
You: Well...
You: I don't know
You: My house looks like a human house.
You: Not like one of those houses on Spongebob which are all the same. Well, except at least five of them.
Stranger: Aww... I thought you lived in a pineapple :(
You: My house looks like a cube
Stranger: Mmm-mm
You: Yeah
Stranger: Just a cube?
You: Not particularly that.
Stranger: So did Sandy leave you guys any damage?
You: Just like those houses where your grandmother lives. Except that the inside os so modern.
You: No. No damage.
Stranger: Good
Stranger: so
Stranger: When are you coming up?
You: Well, in July i went on vacation to Bulgaria
Stranger: You enjoyed that?
You: Yeah
Stranger: allright :D
You: Yeah :D
Stranger: Well
You: Wait
Stranger: ?
You: Darwin the Merman. It will be a show like Fish Hooks. And you don't know about it :D
You: Except that it will be with mermen and mermaids.
Stranger: Well
Stranger: I do know about fish hooks
You: The show?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: But it's not on tv anymore
You: Well...
You: The producers put that show on hiatus for like... two months
You: Instead they more crap.
Stranger: Don't they understand we need less crap?
You: New episodes will come still this month in the USA
Stranger: Yeah?
Stranger: Well, I'm from Europe :D
You: get lost
Stranger: What?
You: BYE!
Stranger: k
Stranger: bye
Stranger: love u
This unknown european (whose name's an incognito for some time) knows about her country losing Fish Hooks for some time. Here in Portugal, Fish Hooks wasn't shown on Disney Channel for some months (season 1, they started airing season 2 in the summer). When SIC (finally) got the rights to air Fish Hooks (season 1), i just got relieved.
Darwin: I believe that Noah Z. Jones found us and inspired us to make Fish Hooks. But due to issues they made fish out of us. They even put my sister's name to make Bea.
And that's the end of the first edition of Omegle Masters. Please comment. I NEED YOUR COMMENTS!

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Bad news

The Halloween bumpers were only shown on that marathon.
Grim news concerning the deactivation of kmy1205 on DeviantArt - creator of Merman Flounder - which one day, he will become shirtless and will become Darwin Waterman.
(The picture (sadly) no longer exists.)
One day... he will return.
Coming up next: Omegle Masters: Episode 1.
To be posted later tonight, also, sorry for 99% of kmy1205's artwork being removed.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: CN Eras in Porrtugal

Full of inaccuracies!
1993-1999: Checkerboard
1999-2001/2002: European Powerhouse/Squares
2001/2002-May 7th 2005: Blocks
May 7th 2005-April 20th 2006: Blocks revised
April 21st 2006-April 2009: City
April 2009-December 6th 2010: Arrow
December 7th 2010-present: CHECK it

Extreme Blogging Excavations: 100th post: Novermber 2012 weekdays

5:00 Eliot Kid
5:45 Johnny Test
6:05 The Powerpuff Girls
6:55 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
7:45 Courage the Cowardly Dog
8:35 The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
9:25 Generator Rex
9:50 Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge
10:15 The Marvelous Misadventures of
No, really, this was literally incomplete.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Cartoonito Tales is coming to Cartoonito Portugal

I was watching CN, when a promo for Cartoonito Tales appeared in front of "mah eyez".
Then Boomerang stopped airing it.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Cartoon Network Halloween Heroes Haunt

An event hosted at some mall in Manila two years ago.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: I want to watch Gumball Style...

...and the video is blocked in Portugal. Can i watch it on VBOX7?
Here it is, turns out that it's no longer blocked:

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Halloween bumpers on-air since last Saturday

Há mais inglês em nós

NOS accepted this suggestion, will it come true, considering that CN PT has decreased in ratings?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I went to Goodmark

OK, this is not Extreme Blogging Excavations (more than half of it is done), but I went to thst new Chinese store today and they had a Ben 10: Alien Force wall clock.
Come on! The days of Ben 10: Alien Force ended a long time ago!
Remember the days of The Powerpuff Gitls' popularity?
Also: why isn't there enough CN merchandise now?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Cartoon Network Netherlands - Novermber 2012 news

You already know who posted this, don't you?
Cartoon Network Netherlands & Flanders: News and Highlights-New episodes of The Looney Tunes Show (Season 1.2) air every Wednesday at 16:45
-New episodes of Ben 10 Omniverse (Season 1) air every Thursday at 16:45
-New episodes of Adventure Time (Season 4) air every Friday at 16:45
-New episodes of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incoporated (Season 2.1) air all weekdays at 17:10
-New episodes of Transformers Prime (Season 2) air every Saturday and Sunday at 16:20 (Season 1 aired only on 2BE and the Dutch Nickelodeon)

-Star Wars The Empire Strikes Out premieres Saturday, October 27th at 09:20
-Tom & Jerry Blast off to Mars premieres Sunday, October 28th at 09:20
-Generator Rex/Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Heroes United premieres Saturday, November 3rd at 09:20
-New episodes of Generator Rex (Season 3) will air every weekday at 17:10 starting November 8th
-A marathon of Young Justice (and Batman The Brave and the Bold?) will air at November 10th & 11th from 12:50 until 16:10 (They call it 'Jong en Stoutmoedig' (The Young and the Bold))
-New episodes of Young Justice (Season 1.2) will air every Saturday and Sunday at 17:10 starting November 10th
-New episodes of The Garfield Show (Season 3) will air every weekday at 15:30 starting November 19th

Also, Dragons Riders of Berk and season 2 of The Amazing World of Gumball will premiere in December.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Halloween News (UPDATE!)

Actually, Billy and Mandy's Spooky Wooky Weekend will begin at 9:00. And yes, Underfist: Halloween Bask will air there, but not Jacked-Up Halloween. They will air Billy and Mandy: Wrath of the Spider Queen.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: More news

Tomorrow at 9:15: another new Lego Star Wars special: The Empire Strikes Out.
Oh, and take a look at this (in Portuguese)

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Ideas for an episode of Darwin the Merman

Darwin and Bea take an ill Kevin to a human hospital, where they meet a merman/mermaid specialist who believed that Darwin and Bea were Kevin's parents, but they are actually, like immortal teens. Kevin is cured but they have to go through a gym of cars, buildings, and other stuff.
-The underwater cars on Darwin the Merman actually have beds w/seatbelts built into them.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Halloween News

Hope you enjoyed today's new posts, including BlooMac's incredibly amazing finds for CN Halloween Marathons from 2005 and 2006.
2005 - I saw a new episode of GAOBAM (Lil' Porkchop). Can't remember what else i saw.
2006 - I saw "Billy and Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween" for the first time. When it came out (in 2003), I only played the game (Harum Scarum). I remember going to Lisbon that day, and when I came home, i saw the aformentioned special.
If you want fresh news, here they are:
Billy and Mandy are back with another Halloween-themed marathon... bla bla bla... the same as 2005 and 2006... but this time, it's themed entirely on Billy and Mandy. The promo features scenes from "Jacked-Up Halloween" and maybe a scene or two from "Underfist: Halloween Bash". It's called "Billy and Mandy's Spooky Wooky Weekend". It will be on the 27th and the 28th of October, all day. I won't watch it, unless i have important homework or maybe i will study for an important test.
If you are reading us from the States, then we have good news for you: Dear Dracula is on at 7/6 Central. At the time this was posted, it was 8pm in Portugal, 3pm in the States.
If you live in the UK or Ireland, and own an iPad, good news for you: Jumping Finn is now a mobile game known as Super Jumping Finn. Get yours free (we have lots of brits reading our blog).
If you live in Bulgaria (that includes you, BlooMac), or any other country, go to and go to the "Schedules" section, until you find some Halloween related stuff until the 31st.
Well, that's a bit of CN news for this October.
Halloween fericit (it's in romanian because Dracula's romanian).
And here's some more Romanian fanart:

Extreme Blogging Excavations: S.O.S., where are you!

Weird movie bumper: just like the one posted by OldMcBarney; but Cow was actually holding a torch (not Chicken) and the text read "CINEMA". This happened in Romania, but my country had a different version. I believe this was only shown on the pan-European version.
Weird bumper: it was all pinkish-purplish w/ Mojo's line from an episode (Are you talking to me? ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?)
And then...

Extreme Blogging Excavations: weird dream

I was at some mall (which looks like Colombo in Lisbon) when I saw Kevin Waterman and Bea Waterman (from still-nonexistant Darwin the Merman). I went to a weird park.
For an updated version, go here.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: The Powerpuff Girls - arabic end credits

Turns out that it comes from the Spacetoon dub.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: What I find on DA

I just found it because I loved it.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: The Jawbreaker Chronicle - Issue 1

Issue 1


Yesterday the kids of the cul-de-sac have reported seeing a
mechanical dinosaur running through Peach Creek. The first people
they asked were the eds after being interviewed Edd had this to say.
Edd: "Yes we did built it but I don't know how it is running." Even
though it hasn't hurt anyone yet the kids still want an answer.
Kevin: "If that thing messes up my bike the dorks are toast!"
The Eds realizing this threat set off to find the monster. Double D had this
to say.
Edd: "We are conducting a highly productive research and
should find it soon"
ED: "Not to mention a duck!"
Eddy wasn't able to
give us a quote because he was too busy thinking about how he could
make a quarter off of this thing. Still no one has been hurt and no
clues have been found but the eds are on the case.

Eddy being a true envisionary uncovers a plan to make money off of this mechanical beast.
*WANTED: Mechanical Dinosaur*
No Picture Disclosed
Reward: 2 Jawbreakers
Informer: Kevin
Call: 555-7856

Nazz's Baby Sitting Service
Call: 555-6879

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New Ed Show Rocks A.K.A Foundation

With a resent hit show the eds have decided to go ahead and produce their own. With the consent of A.K.A. the eds are allowed one season of their new show You're on Ed Camera. This is a spin off of Candid camera which should be a lot better. The show will take place in the culde- sac and all around peach creek. The Eds have been nice enough to show us some pictures from the first show. And going a step further the eds volunteered to shed some light on the new show.

Edd: "The show is made to catch the true nature of our culde-sac inhabitants." Ed: "Is that Jonny? Hello Jonny."

Eddy had this to say which was quite interesting. "The only thing that I want to see is Nazz. Wait did you write that down? Don't you dare print that!" Too late Eddy but don't worry we will find out if Nazz feels the same way. Heres something for you Eddy. Lately the Eds have been taking pictures of all the kids but one stuck out. And of course that was Nazz herself. During her exercise period the eds got a quick shot at this diva. When confronted about this issue Nazz had this to say: "Thats me!" Indeed it is Nazz indeed it is. Despite her cluelessness she pretty much supports the show. The show is scheduled to air in the summer of 2004. So kids of Peach Creek keep a look out because you just might be caught on Ed Camera.

It looks like this will be a great show

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Shocktober (A CN Halloween - episode 2)

The video is just the Shocktober promo in full, the old blog had a CN XD version of it.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Lucky Arabs (part 2 - Fall)

Direct from OSN in Dubai... again...
20:00 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
20:50 The Powerpuff Girls
21:40 Chowder
22:30 Bakugan: Battle Brawlers
23:20 Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
0:10 Courage the Cowardly Dog
1:00 The Amazing World of Gumball
1:25 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
1:50 Adventure Time
2:15 The Powerpuff Girls
2:40 Generator Rex
3:05 Ben 10
3:55 Angelo Rules
4:10 Cow and Chicken
4:35 Casper's Scare School

There used to be a filler here

First for Dawn of the Eds in Arabic, then the video was now private.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Cartoon Network dreams (A CN Halloween: Episode 1)

Recently. I had two dreams:
On Thursday, at 6am, I thought a vacant apartment on the building I live in was occupied by Cartoon Network! I entered it, and what I saw was a neat entrance, with walls painted with different Check It backgrounds.
Yesterday, while I was at a friend's house, i thought i was actually a Rex Ride.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Fan Art CN RO :)

This was posted when the blog was becoming more out of control. I decided to make this blog post and decided to share it with the 36 people who watched it.

The first artwork I'd like to share with you comes from a Gumball notebook. It features the CN logo, Darwin and "Darwin's Friend". They both look the same, but what color could he be?

Fanart featuring the drawer's favorite shows with a reference to Cartoonito.

Fanart featuring the three most successful comedy shows of the time, still running now.

He gets to be on Cartoon Network, with a bilingual bonus.

Well, what gives? It's some weird graffiti.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: CN in Eastern Europe and CN USA's anniversary

"Even Romania knows about CN's birthday"

"Hungary, you too?"

"Russian people do know about CN's birthday."

"Poland, are you OK?"

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Bestest best stuff ever

Favorite Character: LOLWUT?! No old characters? I pick Gumball.
Bestest Best Friends: Mac and Bloo. Ties for the Eds and Gumball and Darwin.
What show should you join?: Regular Show. I could look like a male Eileen.
Favorite Four Legged Friend: Lady Rainicorn. I'm sometimes interested in Korean stuff, so that's why I picked her.
Best Action Team: The Powerpuff Girls
Who should you switch with?: Gumball
The Baddest: Mojo Jojo and his repetitive language
Catchiest Catchphrase: Yeee-ahhhhh! Tied between Shmowzow and Oooooohhhh!
Sweet Ride: Bubbie
Best Cartoon Place to Live: Stormalong Harbor. Tied w/Foster's Home.
The Greatest Gadget: Beemo
Favorite Blue Character: Bloo

Extreme Blogging Excavations: HELP WANTED: footage of Cartoon Network's launch in 1992

We need your help. Do you have Cartoon Network's launch from 1992 with Droppy releasing an ACME bomb? Please leave a comment.
No one left a comment, but it had an "ACME dynamite plunger", colored feathers and Droopy welcoming us to the new channel.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Happy Birthday, Cartoon Network!

Twenty years ago today, Cartoon Network unleashed some magic on american cable networks. Now, Cartoon Network has a very stunning presence in many countries.
O quanto eu aprendi deste canal.
PS: first post in portuguese

It had the blog's first comment!
"The first to name all the characters you can remember wins a free trip to 9GAG! Yes, it's free."
No one did answer it.

Extreme Blogging Excavations: October 2012 weekends

5:00 The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
5:25 Redakai: Conquer the Kairu
5:45 The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
6:35 Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated
6:55 Level Up
7:20 Evil Con Carne
7:35 Transformers Prime
8:00 Ben 10: Omniverse (NEW SHOW!)
8:50 Regular Show
9:15 Adventure Time
9:40 The Amazing World of Gumball
10:05 Johnny Test
10:30 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
11:20 The Powerpuff Girls
12:10 Green Lantern
12:35 Transformers Prime
13:00 Angelo Rules
13:50 Ben 10
14:40 Eliot Kid
15:30 Regular Show
16:20 Adventure Time
16:45 The Amazing World of Gumball
17:10 Johnny Test
17:35 Ben 10: Alien Force
18:25 The Powerpuff Girls
19:15 The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Extreme Blogging Excavations: Cartoon Network Birthday Special: Music Video

HOLY CRAP! Turner blocked the entire music video in my country. I saw it on Entertainment Weekly, but BlooMac Vbox (also known as CartoonNetworkRulzz) has posted the entire video on YouTube, w/ the watermark but it's still blocked to me (i believe it's unblocked in Bulgaria).
It starts with Daffy Duck in hte middle of... nothing, until he sees a sign that says "DUCK SEASON OPEN" and he scares. A gun shoots him and he transforms into Courage running afraid of a shadow. Next in line are Shaggy and Scooby running against a man in an astronaut outfit, which turns into the Powerpuff Girls trying to catch Mojo. Mojo transforms himself into a jawbreaker and the Powepuffs become the Eds (notice the music), which then become K'Nuckles and Flapjack trying to stop a giant piece of candy. Now it's Cheese trying to annoy Mac and Bloo. Cheese becomes Dexter trying to stop a dancing Dee Dee, which then become Rigby and Mordecai and High-Five Ghost. Mordecai bumps on High-Five and uses his soda can to turn it into a really trippy scene. Lots of colorful liquid come out of the can, and LSP falls down. Jake appears on High-Five Ghost's mouth, capturing Finn with his hands. Jake's mouth releases Lady Rainicorn, on which Finn falls out of nowhere and rides on it. Now there are four Rainicorns?! From Lady Rainicorn's ponytail we emerge to a very distant-ish planet with a humongous Jake releasing out of his humongous tongue, Mac, Bloo, Chicken, Buttercup, Darwin and some others, who jump on top of Lady Rainicorn as if she were a rollercoaster. Now i realize that there are also more characters (Wile E. Coyote, Jack, LSP, Benson and Lazlo). The "Rainicoaster" (if there's a new Cartoon Network theme park out there, please call me) passes by a weird mountain with volcano flares around it, until she bumps her head and the characters are taken to... a black and white zone. They all fall in slowmotion. Finn falls, and Pops' head is actually Wilt's right eye. Wilt becomes Bubbles, and many Courages run. Flapjack opens his mouth (HIS LAUGH!) while many Moms walk. The only "Moms" are clones of Mom from Cow and Chicken. Now there are many Gumballs laughing and sliding Adams and some eyes I can't recall while we see a falling Ice King, Benson, Billy and Bugs. Finn's head is sorrounded by six Bloos, which in turn are surrounded by six K'Nuckles, then six Planks, then six monsters (that red monster character on the Looney Tunes Show - please help) ans six more Planks. Dexter unveils an exploding flask (the liquid kinda explodes), leaving a spiral trail around him. It becomes a black Lady Rainicorn.
Finn: Rainicorn's sleepy. But it's time to party.
Jake: I'll wake her up with a tickle.
Jake's stretchy arm tickles Lady Rainicorn and color magically restores.
Finn takes his hat off, which excites Johnny. Lumpy Space Princess tries talking to Kimchi (he farts as if he was actually speaking a word), Muscle Man wrecks the Flintmobile, Johnny Bravo does the monkey with memorable monkey characters, Beemo dances and I don't know what is Richard doing. Is he dancing? They DO remember Robot Jones! Pops turns the record off and we are actually in the poster. And to finish off, Pops' words from this trippy music video:
Happy near anniversary, Cartoon Network!