Friday, August 29, 2014

Extreme Blogging Excavations: The Jawbreaker Chronicle - Issue 1

Issue 1


Yesterday the kids of the cul-de-sac have reported seeing a
mechanical dinosaur running through Peach Creek. The first people
they asked were the eds after being interviewed Edd had this to say.
Edd: "Yes we did built it but I don't know how it is running." Even
though it hasn't hurt anyone yet the kids still want an answer.
Kevin: "If that thing messes up my bike the dorks are toast!"
The Eds realizing this threat set off to find the monster. Double D had this
to say.
Edd: "We are conducting a highly productive research and
should find it soon"
ED: "Not to mention a duck!"
Eddy wasn't able to
give us a quote because he was too busy thinking about how he could
make a quarter off of this thing. Still no one has been hurt and no
clues have been found but the eds are on the case.

Eddy being a true envisionary uncovers a plan to make money off of this mechanical beast.
*WANTED: Mechanical Dinosaur*
No Picture Disclosed
Reward: 2 Jawbreakers
Informer: Kevin
Call: 555-7856

Nazz's Baby Sitting Service
Call: 555-6879

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New Ed Show Rocks A.K.A Foundation

With a resent hit show the eds have decided to go ahead and produce their own. With the consent of A.K.A. the eds are allowed one season of their new show You're on Ed Camera. This is a spin off of Candid camera which should be a lot better. The show will take place in the culde- sac and all around peach creek. The Eds have been nice enough to show us some pictures from the first show. And going a step further the eds volunteered to shed some light on the new show.

Edd: "The show is made to catch the true nature of our culde-sac inhabitants." Ed: "Is that Jonny? Hello Jonny."

Eddy had this to say which was quite interesting. "The only thing that I want to see is Nazz. Wait did you write that down? Don't you dare print that!" Too late Eddy but don't worry we will find out if Nazz feels the same way. Heres something for you Eddy. Lately the Eds have been taking pictures of all the kids but one stuck out. And of course that was Nazz herself. During her exercise period the eds got a quick shot at this diva. When confronted about this issue Nazz had this to say: "Thats me!" Indeed it is Nazz indeed it is. Despite her cluelessness she pretty much supports the show. The show is scheduled to air in the summer of 2004. So kids of Peach Creek keep a look out because you just might be caught on Ed Camera.

It looks like this will be a great show

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