Friday, March 27, 2015

#SaveCNHQ spin-off

Sri Lanka now gets CN IN again due to a decision made by Turner.
I decided to make a spin-off of #SaveCNHQ called #SaveCNinSriLanka.
The purpose of #SaveCNinSriLanka is to restore the South East Asian feed of Cartoon Network to Sri Lankan households and possibly introduce the South East Asian feed of Boomerang.

Are we Latinos?

A Facebook "pearl" about Boomerang LA as if Portugal had it

No more timesharing

Cartoon Network 24 Hour Service
April 1st will be the first day of 24/7 CN CEE broadcasts in Hungary and on some TV providers in Romania.
No more TCM in Hungary, the same way as we got a completely new feed which, instead of removing the TCM slot altogether or move it to a different channel 24/7, was completely replaced by CN PT.
It seems that the brand is about to die in parts of Europe, we could get TCM HQ again, 24/7, and if CN HQ has to return, it has to be 24/7.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

CN UK's new corporate promo

Look at how the channel denotes their origins!

A wasted opportunity

I still don't know why did BM HQ go widescreen with the rebrand.
In fact... did BM UK.
(correct me wrong)


Smoeone from Ecuador has found my blog via Google.
Nicely interesting, in a way or so.

Um prelágio

This afternoon I found something that shocked me.
I found out that someone from Brazil, on April 5th, 2014, posted something that I posted on my piss-poor TV blog on October 1st, 2012.
For a start, this is the blog. A "CN Fan Club".
"Wellington Rennan" has been posting a lot of CN-related texts, all of them were stolen from a website or a blog.
Do you know what's the part that surprised me? What I've said before: a text that was originally mine.
And it turns out that he has posted it on the day he turned I don't know, 12?
Here's a machine translation of the text:
How I learned this channel. The clashes that took destroy my childhood judging that monsters existed. Although the eight years I thought he was going through various worlds cartoon plagued my childhood. It was there that I learned English. The channel was always English. I've never seen someone speak our language. The clashes that took, when the channel began to close at 20 hours (one hour earlier!) To make way for TCM. At least I saw the Gremlins in TCM at Easter. The shock, which, to judge the Mech-Animals was a real series that was seen only in America, after only existed within an episode of the Powerpuff Girls. Celebrating today is the golden anniversary of this great channel, who was born in America for exactly twenty years ago. The channel was born six days before the SIC. Congratulations, Cartoon Network. In years count, and until Saturday, are older than the SIC.
A more accurate translation:
How I learned a lot this channel. The shocks that destroyed my childhood while I was believing that monsters existed. Although when I was 8, I thought that I was going through the various cartoopn worlds that have plagued my childhood. It was there where I learned English. The channel was always in English. I've never seen someone speak our language. The shocks that gave me, when the channel began closing at 20:00 (one hour earlier!) to make way for TCM. At least I saw Gremlins on TCM that Easter. The shock which I believed that Mech-Animals was a real series that was only seen in the USA, in reality it existed exclusively within an episode of The Powerpuff Girls. Today marks the celebration of the golden anniversary of this great channel, which launched in the USA exactly twenty years ago. The channel was born six days before SIC. Congratulations, Cartoon Network. In the counting of years, and until Saturday, you are older than the SIC.
I am shocked...

End of an era: no more TV magazine supplements in Portugal

Tomorrow marks the last printed issue of the Notícias TV supplement.
Now it's Correio TV's turn.
I used to have an attachment to these supplements, every Friday from the middle of 2008 to January 2012 I looked at Jornal de Notícias or Diário de Notícias to look at those interesting TV-related articles and also see if they have made something about Cartoon Network, which used to appear on the listings until shortly after the redesign.
Correio da Manhã TV began earlier on, but it will end.
More details at least tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New NOS Iris next Friday

NOS is about to launch a new version of their Iris interface on Friday.
That doesn't mean that they will change the channel order and bring back CN HQ.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nothing special for April Fools Day...

CN HQ and BM HQ have decided not to make April Fools Day specials this year. They've done that in 2012 and 2013, but on the main channel.
This is a huge problem. At least I have my pranks which I won't reveal them publicly until next week. And with Easter Sunday nearing on that date, The Goose:

RegularTaxi is over

OK now, let me tell this right now:
RegularTaxi began in December last year and it was starting to get some success.
This success was eventually shadowed and eclipsed by problems facing the site.
The site was created by artnerfy but it's strange considering that out of all sites he has made, this website is the most affected.
The site was constantly going down. That is, until the site entered a coma.
There was also the problem of not getting 10.000 visitors/week. This blog also has such problem but has has more views than my old CN HQ blog (back in 2012) had in its prime.

And then, the final decision happened.

The owner of RegularTaxi will put an end to this site. I contributed with over half of the articles it had, like the Doraemon one which is still well-documented on this blog.
There will be new projects like CNOnDemand, which will work in a way similar to the now-defunct CN TOO website.

I'd like to, later on, announce changes to this blog and prepare my 2015 pranks on Toonzone.
Once again, I'll end this post with a sub-meme of mine:

Friday, March 20, 2015

KND: The Return

sOK, now let me tell you this: I went to a field trip today and I couldn't actually take an in-depth look at this subject.
This subject is the return of Codename: Kids Next Door.
When I woke up, I've noticed a strange thread on Toonzone called "Galactic Kids Next Door?". I didn't take an in-depth look, like I said before, and I couldn't access the internet for several long hours. It became an overnight sensation (at least over here due to timezone issues) on Toonzone and the first post had a link to this legit video:
By "legit" I mean that the original voices of numbuhs 1 and 5 are here, the concept that they are against adults works as well and also the usage of Aura on "stop the g:KND" at the end is also a sign of legitimity.
There is also a website called It has a page title linked to the new show "GKND" that has a button that says "PUSH HERE FOR FUN!". It makes you want to join a Rainbow Monkey fan club, plays the theme song (RAINBOW MONKEYS, RAINBOW MONKEYS, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~) and you have to repeatedly click on the nose of the large Rainbow Monkey head. Once it happens, the theme song stops slowly and you have to enter a password (for a full list, click here). If you put just "ONE", you'll get "inexact", but if you'll put "NUMBAH ONE", then you'll get "trial pending". There are many combinations you should try, based on the full list, each of them giving you a different answer.
It says that it gives you an April 1st countdown (by which I mean it stops on April 1st) which means that some people think this is a prank. I haven't seen the countdown, but it uses symbols.
Mr. Warburton (as he was credited in the show) has posted on his blog about this and there appears to be a Facebook page on one of the characters.
Can this be a sign of the show's return? I'm hoping that it will become an international sensation (except for Portugal, where the original show wasn't dubbed and also because CN HQ won't return for now), but let's see if it's not a joke.
PS: I'm hoping that all episodes will end with the following, just like the original series:
end transmission

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Portuguese Nostalgia's YouTube channel has shut down

It seems that Portuguese Nostalgia on YouTube was closed recently, months after all those complaints because of Ojamajo Doremi.
I have the Cow and Chicken video on my hard drive, nice to see that I kept the video in time.

RegularTaxi and #SaveCNHQ are down

According to the owner. I've talked with him about making a new "version" of Operation Time Capsule with a different name.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Clarence the Octopus

I feel a bit shocked, look at the right:

It's still a bit weird, but I still haven't seen Clarence as a merman.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

We're still alive!

My strong presence on other sites doesn't help. though.
(technically I'm completely in charge of this blog)

OSN and DSTV sites down

Just when I needed my schedules for March...
Also: Nartoon Catwork IV returned to Youtube as "Nightosphere".

#SaveCNHQ again

And this time we're focusing more on Africa:

Monday, March 2, 2015