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Still not on OSN

If Boing HQ launches on OSN, then I'll see promos from it.

Ducktales Fan and his stupid Boomerang USA schedule ideas

The Boomerang Fantasy Upfront Thread is set to be removed tonight and I've decided to save what was, for me, the most comedic post on it: Ducktales Fan and his stupid ideas for the channel.
My FANTASY Upfront for Boomerang:

* Educational and diversity programming is now required.
* Network for all ages with an emphasis on a particular age group depending on the time period of the day or even the day itself.
* Classic programming is equally as important as is current programming but still holds that special place.
* Cartoon Network originals are banned from airing on this network for distinguishing purposes. There are exceptions though.

New Animated Programs (to network):
* The Daffy Duck & Speedy Gonzales Show (all of their cartoon shorts featuring the two of them)
* Tiny Toon Adventures
* Animaniacs
* Pinky and the Brain
* Freakazoid
* Alvin & the Chipmunks
* Muppet Babies

Returning Animated Programs:
* Bugs 'n Daffy
* Baby Looney Tunes
* Pound Puppies (80s version)
* The Addams Family (90s version)

New Programs (to the network):
* Gilligan's Island (seasons 2 & 3)
* The Brady Bunch
* Bewitched (seasons 3-8)
* I Dream of Jeannie (seasons 2-5)
* Laverne & Shirley
* Happy Days (seasons 1-7)
* I Love Lucy
* The Wonder Years
* The Muppet Show
* Muppets Tonight (revival series to the 70s original)

Returning Programs (to the network):
* The Munsters
* The Addams Family

Educational Programming:
* The Magic School Bus
* Bill Nye, the Science Guy

* The New Family Double Dare (with host Marc Summers). [Game Show]
* Clarissa Lives It All (new spin-off series to Clarissa Explains It All with a grown-up Clarissa Darling). [Sitcom]
* The Teenage Life of Zohn and John (documentary series following the trails of two teenage gay brothers entering high school). [Documentary]
* It's a Big World (documentary series showcasing families that are unusual, out of the "ordinary", or non-traditional. [Educational/Documentary].
* Speedy (All new shorts featuring America's fastest mouse as he takes on the familiar likes of Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Sylvester Jr., the Road Runner among others). [Animated]
* Cat vs. Mouse. (New shorts with Tom vs. Sylvester over Tweety and/or Speedy and/or Jerry, Tom vs. Tweety, Tom vs. Speedy, Sylvester vs. Jerry, etc., ect, ect.) [Animated]
* Healthy Living (Educational program where pre-teen/teenage viewers ask questions concerning their health). [Educational]
* Next (Dating program - originally ran on MTV. Ceased production in 2008 but is being revived). [Dating]
* ElimiDate (Dating program - being revived) [Reality/Dating]
* Jersey Shore (Reality program - being revived). [Reality]

What's wrong?

New audio announcement.
Boing HQ launched today, no sign of it around.
EDIT: Improved version

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When will the schedules come?

During the weekend, at the very least.

Stop delaying

Seriously, a new channel is set to launch tomorrow and still no schedules, no website, no nothing.
I guess that it will remain a mystery then.
See you at DISCOP Africa, Turner.

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Another update

Now you can easily search on this blog without going to the navbar!

Some changes

After changing the blog title in a transitory phase, I've decided to reduce some of this blog's "obesity".

Blog rebrand delayed?

As you can see, still no information on the new channel has been released on Montage Cable TV's website, no official website for it exists, I know that the channel will also be available on South African provider MobileTV (owned by Sentech), and still no details if Flapjack will be there.

In other words, is the blog rebrand originally stated for this month delayed? The answers are yes and no: yes because with a lack of information there is a minor need to rebrand it, and no because I have to be more concentrated on my exams in the coming weeks.

I'd like to finish my post with the proposed logos from "that Algerian bloke that has decided not to continue with OSN because it's expensive" that I've PMed on Toonzone last week:

I'm going to make one myself.

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Man Cartman: the Paul Akinbola of Toonzone

Man Cartman is at it again. He is now on his seventh account in existence.
Let's take a look at who is responsible for this:
"Man Cartman" (who I thought was named "Moses Mbungu" but it's actually a completely different bloke called Alex Jones) is a disordered forum poster who creates dozens of sockpuppets.
His omnipresence has been around on Toonzone for years, but it seems that 2015 is his year.
He has had the following known accounts:
-Man Cartman
-Hudasoy Guy
-Starco Forever
This is the typical lifespan of these sockpuppets:
-Asks about when Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production and Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! are going to air
-Promotes The Anytown Show obsessively
-He gets banned, usually by Light Lucario, who is an expert on that sort of thing
Now last night I've established an analogy with a British black bloke called Paul Akinbola. This is his lifespan:
-He creates an account on TV Forum or DigitalSpy (especially DS)
-He has over 800 different usernames
-His posts say stuff like "Should ITV 1 air SKY 1 overnight?", "Should SKY launch a shopping channel?", "Should TCC return?", "Should Chart Show Channels launch a new channel?", etc.
-The users identify the identity by saying "Paul Akinbola"
-He is banned
See? I told you that we have a new Paul Akinbola on the horizon!

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I don't want to see him ever again

He's on his sixth known account and he is unstoppable! He is banned then gets a new name!


He says that he's not Man Cartman.
He is lying.


This is the 5th account from the creator of The Anytown Show that I've seen appearing on Toonzone.
It's now going on their third season, so please expect more crappy goings-on from this user for the next few hours, and then he'll be banned.
I have the solution: why can't he build a Chain of Hearts?

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ESC 2015: Final

Good evening. This is the most important part of the contest: the final.
We start with a traditional arrangement of the EUR(O)VISION theme and some classical music evocative of the New Year's Day concert, elevating the "song salad" to a highly cultural scale. This was followed by a show-off title sequence with lots of circles and the official theme: "Building Bridges". The song's chorus is catchy and inventive. There's also a creative appearance from the Swedish contestant.
During this long introduction, I found out that YouTube is airing the final in sign language as well, with the Swedish interpret from the national preselections.
Quick notes:
1: Just found out that the Slovenian artist is with headphones on her head, she's listening to herself.
FRANCE: Bonsoir! The first of the direct qualifiers has a nice postcard with lots of beauty, a song about sadness, peace and solidarity. It got some booing at the start. The "Country of Lights", "Pays de la Lumière", is going to have mixed reviews. The visual effects fit in with the song.
Quick notes:
2: Love the Estonian cityscape effects.
UNITED KINGDOM: Good evening! A nice postcard with a futuristic experience. This song is faintly British and well done.
Quick notes:
3: The Armenian postcard depicts an amusement park.
4: A closer inspection of the Lithuanian song's title, "This Time", is supposed to mean "This Time We're Going To Win But The Lyrics Didn't Explicitly Tell It", a reference to "We Are The Winners of Eurovision", the 2006 entry. Of all the Baltic nations, it's the country that never won at least once.
And now the presenters talking about the app, useless for fifty or so weeks.
Quick notes:
5: The visual effects on the Swedish entry are adapted childhood drawings of his. He founded four schools in Africa. He's a society hero.
AUSTRALIA: The surprise of the contest, Guy Sebastian is a bloke with three ethnicities: colonial Portuguese, Malaysian and Sri Lankan. His song is a real surprise for the contest, the visual effects are very nice, a city evocative of that from last year's Hungarian entry, "Running".
AUSTRIA: A nice race. Austria sings at home. The song is good, it's very calm, but the piano is ON FIRE!!!
During RTP 1's break, we got to see the Green Room. They shows a clip from France's 2006 effort to Conchita Wurst, which had bearded men that looked like himer (based on my neologism, "himerself"). The answer? "Je suis desolé".
Quick notes:
6: Montenegro, you have the power to walk without falling on the water!
GERMANY: One of the founding countries, airboarding is the theme of the postcard. This song is destined to win, from an audiovisual standpoint.
Quick notes:
7: Please, PLEASE, the contestant on a wheelchair needs to participate at events celebrating equality!
8: The beginning of the Latvian entry sounds like music from those experimental DJs that use modernist tables.
9: The Romanian song is about immigration. Fits in with this year's theme.
SPAIN: Dogs on snow. Also, yet another super-production, with lots of rain.
ITALY:  Adapted sports from one of the founders. we see a song that is yet another one of those ballads. It makes me remind of "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word". Yet another super-production that Portugal can't emulate.
Time now for a quick reference to The Sound of Music, banned from Austria for some mad reason, then one of the world's most-famous precussionists, Martin Grubinger plays during the interval act.
After voting closed, RTP 1 went to another break while the contest was airing Conchita Wurst singing "Unstoppable". All of his/her unstoppables were there. Tonight. Then the winner of the 2014 JESC came.
It's almost time to see who will take the trophy home. A very fragile trophy.
This was followed by a look back at six decades of winners.
And now it's time to see a Eurovision classic: the "douze points". There were technical problems with Portugal, Georgia and Estonia and they've had to repeat it at the end. I feared Russia winning the contest, but now I feel more relaxed and euphoric with Sweden's 365 points.
Well then, thanks for reading this off-topic post, I'd like to thank the Swedish society hero, we'll see the next ESC in Stockholm or Malmö, the sixth Swedish ESC.
Very nice of Sweden to win again, and this contest was marked more by super-productions than by a freak show.
Everything needs to be respected and this contest was no exception. Finally, I can feel more relaxed than ever before.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Turner Africa at DISCOP Africa - June 3rd

On June 3rd at 14:00 (Abidjan, Ivory Coast time), Turner's brands in Africa will take part on DISCOP Africa's 2015 edition. This year, it will be in the Ivory Coast and they will unveil future plans for their channels, incluiding Boing HQ, the new channel.
You know what that means, don't you?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

ESC 2015 - 2nd semi-final

Good evening, welcome to the second semi-final, tonight we'll have an excellent show. Seventeen acts tonight, watching RTP 1 and the crap commentators they have, live from the valse capital: Vienna.
We have the usual introduction of the second semi-final, Conchita Wurst on the Green Room, check, the competition is exciting, who will succeed, the artists? Where are they?
There they are.
Suddenly I see a Gay Pride flag there.
Anyway, onto the songs:
Let the Eurovision Song Contest begin!
LITHUANIA: BUNGEE JUMPING! An American-style song with near-perfect English accents. Eurovision, make some noise!
IRELAND: The country responsible for winning so many contests, with Johnny Logan being the Niki Lauda of the ESC. Apiculture, Playing with Numbers, a 16-year old girl and a perfect emulation of the Johnny Logan style, with a very modern twist. Nice visual effects.
SAN MARINO:  A newcomer, who went to the first time on the final last year, presents their song with a trip to the Vienna Opera Ball and a song in English. The song is quite impressive for a country that small, and the female singer initially reminded me of Poula Fisch from The Fast Show. On my favorites list.
MONTENEGRO:  Fishing and cooking. Tradition, emition and faith in Montenegrin. Very nice on all angles.
MALTA: A kiss, a small airplane and an experiense of jumping in the middle of the sky, the commentator calls the song "Wurrior" (Wurrier?), she really likes chocolate and yet another breathtaking song. It has been a constant string of songs which started with Malta, almost makes us feel jealous at the other countries. Lots of fire, helps the aesthetic.
RTP 1 went to an ad break, but thanks to the official website, I can see the Green Room action with Conchita Wurst. Green is the color of hope, they hope to get a drink or a relaxing chat with the host of the Green Room. The San Marinese duo is the younges duo ever in ESC history, praises the flawless nature of the song. She's so bad with numbers, talks with the Irish presenters and the social networks are full of ESC comments. "Don't forget to vote for your favorites".
NORWAY: An idyllic lake, a duet that didn't know until the ESC and yet another super-production. A few lights, that's OK, fits in with the tone of the song. Another song to listen in sad moments.
PORTUGAL: Climbing, that's fine, she likes challenges. I've already taken knowledge of the song before, and it looks way better in contrast with previous songs. The visual effects are well-made, escalating an OK song into a super-production. Pretty much the same way as most of the songs in this semi-final.
CZECH REPUBLIC: Walking on a bridge in the middle of a mountain, that's nice. Prague is famous for being used on movies. Yet another super-production, I have way too many favorites now.
ISRAEL: A weird outfit and a weird cable car. Yet another super-production, easily confused with All I Need.
Wait a minute...
Turns out that this song breaks this huge string of super-productions (six in a row). Not that good.
LATVIA: An artistic experience, a mixture of Russian and African cultures. Sounds like something that Antena 3 should play.
AZERBAIJAN: A reference to a fire festival (Light Your Fire!, 2012 slogan) and an eclipse. Yet another fantastic super-production who did better than the 2011 effort which nearly ripped-off Adele at a different tone. Very well, Azerbaijan!
ICELAND: A fairy on the stage, and the song has a good title. Iceland presents yet another audiovisual super-production that Portugal hasn't still emulated properly.
Time now for our second trip to the Green Room, and probably the first one RTP 1 aired tonight. She talked with the contestants of Iceland and Portugal. The Portuguese contestant is gorgeous, she says.
SWEDEN: Another point-topper, an experience with ice and astronaut suits, an optimistic and inspiring song. An inspiring super-production.
SWITZERLAND: One of the founding ESC nations, the first host and the first winner, with an ice hockey experience. The super-productions just keep coming! With so many favorites of mine, it's hard to keep track of which countries will be on the final.
CYPRUS: Another lake experience, another song to listen to when I feel sad. Can Aphrodite help with this ballad?
SLOVENIA: Lots of horses, another song that you can listen to when you're sad which eventually goes up-tempo shortly afterwards.
POLAND: A cake (Latvian contestants from 2014, you're not alone). Wonderful Austrian bakery. A song that expresses equality and is twenty times better than last year's effort. A song that's equal to everybody.
And now a look at the songs again.
A quick look at ESC history from an Austrian point of view, again. A kiss that was copied by Denmark in 1957, the idea of "many dresses", sophisticated costumes, a reference to Arnold Schwarznegger, bad moments, the typewriter and the cat are all Austrian, and a sign that Austria has made millions of connections to the contest at an overall scale.
During RTP 1's second break, we got to see a look at some voting mishaps, then an interview with the British contestants, the award-winning Italian trio and the German contestant.
And now the countries that have qualified:
Well, that's the end of the second semi-final. I was ashamed of San Marino, they did not qualify. See you on Saturday.

What was once on Mighty Monday

Oh Mighty Monday, I miss you so...

We're The Amazing World of Elmore!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I've found the identity of the thief: Moses Mbungu. He is supposed to be an African-American, judging by the name.


There's an annoying user on Toonzone now. Remember Man Cartman/Hudasoy_Guy/Starco Forever?
He's back under the alias of JLS. Also, he has a new "project" called "The Great Space Coaster", named after the syndicated 80s show that was referenced to foreigners/outsiders on Family Guy and features La Linea. Except that there's no line here.
He's still doing The Anytown Show.



Oh dear "een creatie van", I miss you so...

In June

-New episodes of Steven Universe
-New episodes of Uncle Grandpa

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ESC 2015 - 1st Semi-Final

Guten abend, good evening, bon soir and welcome to my view of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.
It's the 60th edition, and sixteen countries will take part.
The TV set is tuned to TVR International, the international Romanian public service channel. Cue EUR(O)VISION logo and a colorful into, plus a Romanian commentator who is speaking at a pitch higher than the audio of the broadcast. My TV set automatically detected the 16:9 transmission.
A quick look back at 2014's edition, with Conchita Wurst.
Wow, what a pretty stage. Year after year after year, always improving.
The opening act is a performance of last year's winning song, the first ESC song created by an alter-ego.
Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, live from Vienna.
My mother couldn't stand TVR International, she wanted to watch the news. Anyway:
The hosts are "Alice" and "Annabella".
The usual rules. Onto the songs.
MOLDOVA: The theme for the postcard is tractors. The song is called "I Want Your Love" and sounds like a song you've already heard on radio stations years ago, and the kind of song that is rarely aired nowadays. Pretty much OK. Is it me or do the singers look like they're homosexual? Not wanting to be a homophobe, that is.
ARMENIA: The postcard is an amusement park in Vienna. The band's name is very nice: Genealogy. I do like the song, very top indeed, and a nice song to listen when you feel so sad.
BELGIUM: Wow! A cassette. Very rhythmic, but not that good.
NETHERLANDS: Postcard theme: hot-air balloons. In my opinion, it sounds like a mixture between American chart-topping songs and Morango do Nordeste. Eugh. I don't like where this is going...
FINLAND: Postcard theme: trains. The song is in Finnish and is another metal effort. What's wrong with the Finnish singer? He looks like he's trying to emulate a metal voice but it sounds like an old man.
That was quick.
Something I've decided to quote: "Hey gorgeousness of the Netherlands!".
Conchita Wurst is hosting the Green Room.
And now, a good morning to Australia.
GREECE: Bulding a boat is the postcard's theme. She looks like Suzy, Portugal's awful singer from 2014. It's another song like Rise Like a Phoenix in the sense that it should perfectly be the end theme of the next James Bond film.
ESTONIA: Postcard theme: skiing. I do really like this song, very fine, a sign that we must leave the past behind.
MACEDONIA: Someone kissing a portrait of a woman, then actual skiing. At night. Fantastic visual effects on the stage. The song wasn't that good.
SERBIA: I thought that they were making a cake, but they were making curtains for a bathtub. Another favorite for the final. Fantastic visual effects too. I should be dancing to this.
HUNGARY: Firefighting is the postcard's theme.  The Hungarian artist helped extinguish a fire at a school. The song is very beautiful, see Armenia to see what I mean.
BELARUS: Dressing and photo-shooting is the theme of their postcard. Yet another song with the same effect as Armenia, before it changes tack later on. Nice use of violin.
RUSSIA: Impressive architecture. The song sounds vaguely American.
Back to the Green Room. Among the Estonians, a man says that he's not a cat. He doesn't have nine lives. Aha, sim gatòoooo? The Serbian interpret was nervous when she was a child and she eventually started singing.
DENMARK: Sleighs make the postcard. Yet another up-tempo song, but I don't necessarily like it. Sounds like it comes from a movie.
ALBANIA: Lots of snow here, but anyway: pretty nice.
ROMANIA: The song is bilingual: English and Romanian. Horse-racing is the theme for the postcard. Their song is another well-made one which I want to see on the final.
GEORGIA: Making clothes is the theme of the posctard and she looks very gothic. The song itself barely emulates the genre, and is OK to me.
We've gone past the sixteen entries and voting is set to start.
Time now for "their biggest applause ever" and the return of a tradition from an unusual point of view: a total cat person, a total dog person and someone allergic to both of them. Next we see a trip of Vienna with the pets. A cat pays 10€. I like the Vienna University campus, very modern.
It's now time to talk about Austria. They like music that isn't yodelling, they like their hospitality and showed us some musicians from the country. And some other personalities.
And now an interview with Guy Sebastian from Australia, trying to represent a country that is a guest. And some Australian-born singers who were guests. They are also plugging the Vatican which can't properly join because they are too religious on their radio station.
Lisa Angell from France is a long-time fan. Since she was very young. Could not understand parts of what she was saying.
The ten countries that qualified were:
1: Albania
2: Armenia
3: Russia
4: Romania
5: Hungary
6: Greece
7: Estonia
8: Georgia
9: Serbia
10: Belgium
And that's the end of this rather long off-topic post. More to come on Thursday night.

ESC 2014 (3/3)

Welcome to the third and final part of the review of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. In this part, let's cover the endeavor we like to call "the final".
Following ALL THE ACTION and ALL THE EXCITEMENT of the semi-finals, we get to see the final. We listened to twenty songs from the semi-finals, and these six ones: UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Denmark.
The intro had what looked like the trailer of an action movie, we see an encore of Only Teardrops and we were ready to join them. And now let's take a look at the final-exclusive performers:
GERMANY - It's a flag made out of food! What else do you expect? The song is a bit German-ish.
Eurovision Book of Records: a few weird ones: Highest age: Russia 2012 with a grand total of 403, 387 points for Norway in 2009 and the hieghest hat from Moldova with a size so enormous: XXXXXXL! The Highest Note record belongs ot Croatia in 1996, in the Bb5 chord.
FRANCE - Nice song and nice band name! (TWIN TWIN) What a shame that they only got two points...
ITALY - A "fresh flag"... get it? The song sounds a bit more or less like a typical Italian song, from what I've heard prior to that.
SPAIN - Twine. The song sounds a little typical to me, and their English is perfect.
DEMNARK - Wow! A living room outside! Also, the song's title reflects what the song looks like to me.
UNITED KINGDOM - Another very original postcard and a really catchy song, too.
Afterwards, the presenters talk about the national commentators for each country and give the British one lots of attention.
The interval act featured an original cover of the Ode to Joy with lots of high ladders. It was then followed by a song about the famous "douze points", with some Chinese stuff thrown in and a picture of someone from South Korea. After that, Gaia, a nine year-old girl from Malta sings.
And now a part that RTP 1 didn't air due to commercial breaks: the Museum of Eurovision History. We start with ABBA's costumes from 40 years ago, Johnny Logan getting his own exhibit (and an interactive one, too) where he ACTUALLY moves, Lordi having a concert to the delight - and pain - of four year-olds, a Grand Finale room (Yesterday we lost a drummer from Azerbaijan!) with a song from ten years ago and some sand footprints.
Later, we get treated to see food at the Green Room: English breakfast for the Maltese artists, Molly (UK)'s favorite cake and TWIN TWIN''s favorite restaurant, the Apsara restaurant, where they eat some soup or something similar. Later we get to listen to Only Teardrops again followed by another song by her.
During the voting we could get to see another ESC record: the most LAs. Spain got a song with 152 LAs in 1979. What a shame, one of the records was Longest Kiss and I was interested in Most Languages as well...
Voting and the douze points. My favorite part in the Eurovision Song Contest. I secretly wanted to see Hungary win. It did, but not for too long. Pretty much halfway through, they gave lots of points to Conchita Wurst, who won the contest with 290 points.
And that's the end of yet another memorable Eurovision Song Contest. For me it was an exciting experience and that was pretty much it. Overall I give a 10/10 because the songs (with a few exceptions) were very original and you couldn't hear them anywhere else. I mean, is there a Portuguese radio station where these songs (like the Finnish and Hungarian entries) can be heard? The answer is: no.
Dana International, eat your heart out. It seems that I found the similarities with Dana International from 1998 and their "gender respect". Dana's "Diva" was more of a dance music piece with a catchy chorus and Conchita''s "Rise Like a Phoenix" is more or less like the theme to a James Bond film.
I can imagine the cameo appearance of Dana International next year on the ESC in Vienna.
Anyway, that's it for my review.
Not too long after the final ended, I found this weird short on Newgrounds.

ESC 2014 (2/3)

Welcome to part two of my ESC review. In this part I will cover the brief deal with TVR International before the show and the second semi-final itself.
So TVR International, yeah? I get this channel for almost seven years now. It is useful for me when the second ESC semi-final comes because of delays and all that, and also because Portugal isn't present.
TVR International aired a lead-in show featuring the stars of Romania's song, which we'll cover later. A show focusing on the lives of the participants of an ESC contest? RTP hasn't done a separate show in YEARS! I remember 2B (yes, the show was called 2B, just like the band) and it was about the band preparing for that year's contest. It ended with "And if you live in the UK, don't forget to watch the semi final on BBC 3" and it altered cyclically with other countries. Nonstop (2006, correct me wrong about the band name) had a similar show. Suzy had to get past the horrors of daytime TV to get her "diaries".
The lead-in ended, and after a few promos, the music video of the Romanian entry (which looked very American to me) and an ad, the contest started. I'll tell you about the ad: it was for a brand of salami. I don't remember the name of the brand but the logo had two kids next to a salami on what looks like a basket.
The semi-final started out with a brief look back at the first semi-final, followed by something very creative that looked like a car commercial from a posh European manufacturer. Some dances follow with a violonist and two dancers, the stage is on FIRE!!! and ICE!!!, a tree, apples, pink visuals, and a "stimulating show" (RTP 1 female commentator) starts.
The ESC is like a buffet. Instead of voting with our stomachs, we will vote with whatever they need to vote. Because we cannot vote for this semifinal, we could vote with our stomachs! And the fifteen artists are in our hearts!
MALTA - Here's a creative postcard from Firelight (taking the band's name almost literally), it's so creative and beautiful and the song is yet another one of those "generally overplayed radio songs". At first sight, it reminded me of a song by David Fonseca.
ISRAEL - So we have the Dead Sea and the flag looks like it was made out of some weird materials. The song is very nice, too. I thought that the artist in question was called Same Heart (I was like "Dana International, eat your heart out!") but then again I had my brain playing tricks.
NORWAY - A carpenter and a touchy song. It's capable of getting anyone tired or looks like the soundtrack of a romantic movie.
GEORGIA - The flag on 366 wine glasses, and the song... That's the only other ESC 2014 entry that starts with a "sort-of Lion King opening"! The other one being that AWFUL artist Suzy... It's a mix of various genres, becoming at one point something similar to the theme song of an unknown American show.
POLAND - I liked this postcard: very original, using the voice of the artist to make the Polish flag. The song is a bit weird, it's a sensation in the song's native country, they are washing and singing what looks like typical AMERICAN hip-hop on top of the music that's playing. Mixed results for this one.
Time to take a break and let's take a look at the fourth entry in the Eurovision Book of Records. This time: most claps: Austria got that in 1976, with a frand total of 157 CLAPS!!! That's so EXCITING!!!
Speaking of Austria...
AUSTRIA - Meet Conchita Wurst. She is a bearded lady. Not really, she is actually an alter ego created in 2011 by Tom Neuwirth, as a symbol of tolerance. Her motto is: "Be the best version of yourself rather than a bad copy of someone else!". Actually I'm the best version of myself, see what I mean...
The song is more or less like the theme song of an old James Bond movie.
LITHUANIA - Very original postcard, indeed. It has umbrellas!
The song sounds more or less like 90s dance music from an unfamiliar European producer. Well done, Lithuania, you can still make music at the same level as the 90s dancecharts.
FINLAND - The flag is made of ice. Wonderful. I like the name of the band: Softengine. Makes me remind of:
a) a Linux OS
b) a boysband from ten years ago
c) both
It sounds like some sort of song you could listen to on the radio (but not a lot). It has neat visuals too!
IRELAND - Balloons. They're having the time of their life. The song sounds more or less like an energetic ballad.
BELARUS - So much work to make the flag... How did he get all those disks? The song is pretty nice, it could be overplayed in Belarus but not in Portugal. Neat visuals for Belarus.
MACEDONIA - A violin, sand and perfect timing. As Chef Excellence likes to say, 'An Excellent Experiment'. As for the song itself: nice, the same is true for the visuals which look like the kind of visuals Windows Media Player never had.
SWITZERLAND - Wow, the domino effect. I'm surprised. He did that at a hotel that was featured in a movie. Part of it sounds like the theme song of an obscure 90s cartoon.
Now this part wasn't broadcast on RTP 1 but I watched it in advance before the second semi-final: the fifth entry in the Eurovision Book of Records. This time, we have the Most Licks.
Johnny Logan licked 30 times in 1987. He is known as the "Irish Licker".
GREECE - And that's what I like to call "shells on a towel". It's one of the best song, reminds me of a dance song from the 90s with some rap thrown in for some mad reason. The visuals were pretty good (incluidin Tetris ones) and there was even a trampoline!
Another highlight is the name of the artists: Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd.
SLOVENIA - The flag is made out of books (filmed at the library of Ljubljana University). It's a mix of songs from ten years ago (mostly based on Britney Spears) and the artist looked like Elsa from Frozen at the start.
ROMANIA - Fireworks. I'm impressed. The song is another mix, it looks like Avicii's "Don't Wake Me Up" at a moment and it also has something remarking in the lyrics: they pronounced miracle as "miricle". Anyway, that song was a miracle (or a miricle) for them later on...
Once all fifteen songs were performed, we get to see an interval act RTP 1 DID actually air. Australia "joins" the ESC with a song about cultural exchange between Europe and Australia that was very Broadway-y and the guest appearance of Jessica Mauboy from Darwin singing "Sea of Flags".
After the interval act focusing on Australia's love affair with the contest, we see that Sydney looks beautiful at 6:27 in the morning, and we get to see various people dancing. Lena from 2010 is making a guest appearance and then Tom and Kit become the subject of laughter because they are so old. Tom is an adult and Kit is an old woman.
My highlights are focusing on Finland: we get to see the highschool where the members of Softengine study and a message from one of their teachers followed by lots of their fans. The other highlight was Austria, with this fabulous cover made by Conchita/Tom himerself (a new word I invented):

Now let's clean this for a while with a picture of Softengine:
We then have another entry in the Eurovision Book of Records: the Longest Note, belonging to Malta in 1992. It was at the end of the song.
After that, we take a look at the then lucky countries that want to go to the final:
Out goes Attention and in go the Romanians, whose song ACTUALLY put them on the final, the 90s sounding Greek artists with the trampoline, the bearded woman and a few others that make this a truly memorable ESC. Who will win? The answers are in Chapter 3: THE FINAL!!!

ESC 2014 (1/3)

These were all posted on my personal Toonzone blog after the events.
One of my favorite times of the year is when the Eurovision Song Contest comes on. Just like Easter or Christmas. Or the elections for anything...
And this year is no exception... at least... when we could FINALLY see (mostly) unknown artists in action in Denmark.
The first semi-final started with the winner from last year living a flashback of last year's edition before walking, turning into a Lego construction and a bunch of webcam images of people singing fly, we listen to the winning song from last year (Only Teardrops) and the contest starts. It seems that when I wrote this, a mere 4 1/2 hours were left for the second semi-final, so I decided to make it quick this time.
ARMENIA - From what I've seen, I liked the postcard but the artist's name was even better: Aram MP3. His song started out as a ballad before becoming more or less like an overplayed song on the radio.
LATVIA - A song about cakes, from my understanding and from the postcard. There's something very intriguing, why did they choose trees for the visuals? The translation of the band's name is "Foreigners", which is a nice touch.
ESTONIA - The performance was a bit OK, they were dancing in some weird room (apparently a dance studio) doing some weird dances. The song sounded more or less like those overplayed songs on the radio.
SWEDEN - Nice postcard: swimming inflatables to make the flag. The song is very well done, but my favorite part is when the song goes high-pitched near the end.
ICELAND - Look, it's a band with six randomly colored people! My first perception was fruit based. I must say, well done!
RTP 1 went to a commercial break afterwards and I had to switch to TVR International from Romania afterwards. We were missing the first of three "Eurovision Book of Records" segments, and I had to watch the firs one with a Romanian man talking over. The first record is: Highest Hair. It belonged to Jedward for Ireland in 2011. How much? The answer is: 18,2 cm.
Back to RTP 1, and also, back to the show:
ALBANIA - Just another beautiful song which does remind me of those songs the radio doesn't play because it isn't that popular...
RUSSIA - I liked their postcard but I got puzzled when their performance started. They looked like Siamese twins at the beginning, but then they separated their hairs. There was a hamster wheel in there.
AZERBAIJAN - Another well-done postcard and the song mentions fire. I learned about Azeri fire two years ago.
UKRAINE - What I thought about the filming of this postcard:
Let's find a train station with a blue train! And I'll put some post-its next to it!
And that was her licky day.
The song itself is very catchy, I see.
BELGIUM - A fat man? Really? One of those songs with mixed results. But the worst is yet to come...
MOLDOVA - She is modelling tubes to make the flag and then the song... I see something... Those men in tribal costumes... But anyway, that's a good song.
SAN MARINO - Oh, an artist! (literally)
And we have a beautiful song. However...
PORTUGAL - According to Suzy herself, it took eight hours to film the postcard. It was a challenge. I was one of the fewest people not to like it, despite being one of Europe's favorite songs for the final. My family was against Suzy because she was a pimba singer.
Switching back to TVR International (and also using the official site, which had a looong delay of... at least half a minute), we have the EBoR again. This time: Most Beard. It belongs to...
Ukraine's 2007 effort which had lots of beard. Uh... that was the silver award (at least)...
NETHERLANDS - A flag made of tulips. How wonderful. What a beautiful song... Their dresses look like chess pieces... (not literally, I was talking about the colors)
MONTENEGRO - This time we have an original postcard featuring a jigsaw puzzle of their flag on top of a piano, the last piece is missing and, oh, there it is! We have a song in a local language (the second one for this evening) and I like it when the woman who is rollerskating interacts with the visuals on the floor, creating effects that look like fireworks.
HUNGARY - The best performance was Hungary's performance. It started out with the flag being formed out of Rubik's cubes, but the song... I really like it!
The song could work for a bunch of stuff: an Audiosurf level, a video game, Ben 10: Omniverse...
(wait, what? Ben 10: Omniverse? That's the first thing I thought when the song was starting...)
After we've seen all sixteen songs, let's go for a minute to the Green Room. We later got to see what looks like the "Interval Act" which features visuals of people (the artists?) dancing. Later we got to see a comedic tour through Copenhagen (which RTP 1 didn't air), Eurovision Book of Records with the largest shoulder pads (Jedward from 2011's XXXXL shoulder pads), and before we knew the ten lucky countries to go to the final, someone took a selfie.
These are the lucky countries:
San Marino
And that's it for part 1 of my review. I'll return probably tomorrow with part 2, with the review of the second semi-final.

Obligatory pre-ESC post

We're just a quarter hour ahead of the ESC, jsut decide to make this post because I'm going to write about the 2014 ESC before the 2015 edition starts.


A long-lost Cartoonstitute short that was finally released for me to see. It used to be on CN USA's website but geoblocking restrictions made it unable to watch.
It's about Edwin, a merman who can breathe on land (Darwin (the merman), you're not alone) and can enlist blokes to save people, "one yes at a time".

OFF: Hoping that Portugal will get on the final this year.

Portugal has a really good entry this year and unlike the previous year's, it's destined to go to the final.

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Sorting things out

I finally decided to add more links. I'll add some more links, including non-CN related links. I've added one for Enthalpy, one of my favorite sites, by Nicholas Walstrom.

Another minor change

We're getting ready for the rebrand of this very blog, aqua has been traded for yellow.

Quick rebrand text promo

coming by the end of the month

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ESC 2015 coverage next week

As strange as it sounds, this blog will be used to talk about the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest at a time where the blog is going to rebrand in time for May 30th.
I'll talk about the semi-finals and the final, next week.


The blog's rebrand is coming!

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A misunderstanding

Red Arrow :D on Toonzone said that the Regular Show episode "The Real Thomas" appeared on his decoder as "Real World: St. Thomas".
Seriously, this is clearly a misunderstanding made by Proximus...

An announcement

Later this week, I'll announce what will be the big changes here on the blog.

La Bande à Dexter

(Wikipedia-style article)
La Bande à Dexter was a programming block transmitted between circa September 2000 and 2004 on French public channel France 3, and was transmitted on either Saturday or Sunday mornings right after Les Minikeums had finished, and, from 2002 until the block was condemned, TO3.
France 3 had already transmitted CN/WB shows and has had a strong relationship with them. The cause of the block's creation is unknown, most likely in order to sort the CN/WB shows into a separate programming block. The block was made by Kayenta Production and aired several shows:
-The Powerpuff Girls
-Dexter's Laboratory
-Taz-Mania (most likely a remnant of the Télé-Taz block that aired on the channel in the second half of the 90s)
-Cow and Chicken
-Courage the Cowardly Dog
-Ed, Edd n Eddy
According to Kayenta, the block featured Dexter and his sister Dee Dee presenting their favorite cartoons. It is believed that the wraparound segments featured discussions between both characters, as if it was a proto-Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, even though the block was already existing in the States for about a year.
Due to reasons unknown, the block had their days (weeks?) counted and was sacrificed in 2004. France 3's kids blocks invested in putting those shows within the blocks they had (TO3/France Truc/Toowam) and add new shows from both companies. Following the unification and the creation of Ludo in 2009, very few CN shows like Ben 10: Omniverse and The Amazing World of Gumball have aired there, with repeats on France 4.

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True story

Found on szjdfgs via musical-gopher on Tumblr. One day, the programmers offered us this:

Checked the Cartoon Network scheduled to see if Steven Universe really is on hiatus, we might not be getting a new episode of Steven Universe but at least we get 28 straight episodes of Cartoon Network 

European Regular Show prints hate Russia

Recently, the Regular Show special episode "The Real Thomas" premiered in Europe and Asia and the episode was heavily cut off. The reason why? Russia. They had a military parade on VE Day but did not invite the Allies. Are they becoming communist again? Are they becoming isolated again?

Needless to say, and thanks to a Philippine poster at the RS Wiki, I found a list of all the edits on the episode.

"Just found out that the European version of The Real Thomas aired on CN PH (and because they share with it, CN SEA), which is very strange, I thought that Asian edits were completely different?"

Here's the list of edits, edited from a poster on the RS Wiki:
-The opening theme was cut
-The CIA agent dying was cut, but the part where Thomas pinched him wasn't cut.
-RIGBY: "I see Thomas take some guy out" → "I see Thomas knock some guy out."
-RIGBY: "And I think he was speaking Russian, too" (because OFCOM is now becoming a bit restrictive, not too much unlike the DruzRoskomnadzor)
-Russia and Russian become Druznia and Druznic, respectively. According to the poster, this is a reference to the medieval Russian Družina.
-The writing "ОСТОРОЖHО!" (=OSTOROŽNO!) was removed from the sprinkler. Despite the edit, Rigby still said "RussianDruznic writing?! What's he up to?" even the sprinkler had no writings. How do the Druznics write? Do they write with Armenian characters? Do they write with Georgian characters? Make that up, will you?
-Benson's dialogue after being handcuffed before getting kicked is changed. The poster didn't hear it well.
-RIGBY: "Oh snap! Now we're all boned!" → "Oh snap! Now we're all toast!"
OFCOM. Just as you can, doesn't mean you should.
But replacing "boned" with "toast" doesn't mean anything.
-Rigby getting punched by Natalia was changed to him being slapped. The sound was a handslap.
-THMOAS: "I was born on a cold winter's night in Kiev." → "I was born on a cold winter's night."
-"KGB" becomes "M.O.M.". This has to be an error because it's actually M.O.M.M.
Does this mean that future generations won't learn about the former USSR? Does that mean that if someone talks about that, they will be punished by the regime?
-Any instances CCCP (=SSSR) is written was digitally erased.
Ha, ha, very unfunny. In fact my first Cyrillic came from a scene from I. R. on Sun where a few confused baboons were looking at crashed aircraft on the solar surface.
Not just the USSR, but also China and Mexico (with the colors of the Afghan flag).
-Muscle Man breaking the goon's head with a vase and with his line "Let's find Mordo and Rigs" was cut.
Is the OFCOM against violence on CN? And what about nicknames?
-The hostage scene was changed to Natalia not holding any gun.
-The "Russian Anthem" on the tape was digitally removed. Even though the tape played, no music was played. A blank tape. They could of run the Kyrgyz national anthem instead but it still sounds too Russian to the OFCOM.
-Natalia forcing Benson's hand with his bones making a crack sound was cut. The editing made it look like Benson was hurt when he punched Natalia's hand.
-The countries getting angry after the line "Eh. It's a big country" was cut.
So if Druznia is not a big country, is it a small country?
File:S6E08.241 The Park on the Radar.png
Did they keep the same borders on the European version?
-Every single bloody awful time Natalia is handspalling Thomas was cut.
-The editing was obvious due to Natalia's arms changing position quickly.
-NATALIA: "Imperialist talk!" → "Nikolaj! You traitor!"
-President Davis showing his butt was cut.
-The editing was obvious because the music wasn't smooth.
-"Dasvidanija" → "Goodbye."

The irony is that this episode will - or will not - be broadcast on CN RSEE, which can be seen in Russia.

So, is this a konec for the once-običnyj regime of the OFCOM?

Is the OFCOM the reverse of the Roskomnadzor, slowly banning references to Russia on kids shows?

Are the broadcasting laws in the UK becoming more and more restrictive?

And why are European CNs airing Regular Show with all those edits? Because the OFCOM found it risqué and had to EDIT TONS OF FOOTAGE (even though the edits were all relaxed, but) can please SOMEONE STOP WITH THIS ATROCITY AT ONCE?

The OFCOM will NEVER allow the showing of the full version of Regular Show, even the American DVDs had it edited (?!), which is a pain for fans of the show.

Oh well, looks like I have only one thing to do with this...

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CN HQ lies

I've just decided to make this post because the Wikipedia article for CN HQ has been vandalized. I've decided to save the text for posterity.
Cartoon Network Middle East and Africa is available mainly in English Language but there are more. Cartoon Network MEA is received in Belgium, Botswana,Lesotho, Malawi, the Middle East, Mozambique, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa, Southern Angola, Swaziland, the Netherlands, Russia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. The channel is advert-free.
The programming aired on Cartoon Network is not available in Portuguese on the channel but on other channels in Portugal such as RTP1, RTP2, SIC, SIC K, Canal Panda, Panda Biggs, and TVI.
The channel is not available in Greek audio, but some of the shows do air in Greek on Star Channel.
The channel is also not available in Czech, however selected content of the channel is available in Czech on selected local channels such as TV Nova (Czech Republic), TV Prima, HBO, HBO Comedy and ČT1. On 7 November 2011 it was announced Prague will be hosting a Cartoon Network summit, with various European executives present on site, in an effort to launch a dedicated Czech feed sometime in the near future - most probably 2012.
In the Middle East, whilst OSN broadcasts this channel via subscription, people now have an alternative, free-to-air version called Cartoon Network Arabic, and it broadcasts its shows solely in Arabic. Albeit some of Cartoon Network's shows had been long dubbed into Arabic and broadcast via other Middle Eastern channels such as MBC 3 and Spacetoon.


Shows Broadcast on Cartoon Network

Current Shows
Courage The Cowardly Dog(reruns)
Adventure Time
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders
Angelo Rules
Codename: Kids Next Door(reruns)
Bakugan: New Vestroia(reruns)
Cow and Chicken(reruns)
Chop Socky Chooks
Best Ed
Ben 10(reruns)
Ben 10: Alien Force(reruns)
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Bakugan: Battle Brawlers(reruns)
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes(reruns)
Sym-Bionic Titan
Skunk Fu!(reruns)
My Gym Partner's a Monkey(reruns)
Squirrel Boy(reruns)
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Camp Lazlo(reruns)
The Powerpuff Girls(reruns)
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends(reruns)
Eliot Kid(reruns)
George of the Jungle(reruns)
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack(reruns)
The Amazing World of Gumball
Samurai Jack(reruns)
Cramp Twins(reruns)
Hero: 108
The Secret Saturdays(reruns)
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee(reruns)
Generator Rex
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy(reruns)

Former Shows
I Am Weasel
Johnny Bravo (Now on Boomerang CEE)
Dexter's Laboratory (Now on Boomerang CEE)
Evil Con Carne
Adrenalini Brothers
My Spy Family
Sheep in the Big City
Mike Lu and Og
Time Squad
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
Droopy, Master Detective
Yogi's Treasure Hunt
2 Stupid Dogs
Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har
Pixie and Dixie
The Mask
Atom Ant
Heathcliff and Marmaduke
Magilla Gorilla
The Quick Draw McGraw Show
Captain Caveman
The Addams Family
Dumb and Dumber
Josie and the Pussycats
Huckleberry Hound
The Raccoons
Hong Kong Phooey
Top Cat
Wacky Races
Dastardly and Muttley
Tom and Jerry Kids
King Arthur's Disasters
Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch!
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
Droopy and Dripple
Scooby and Scrappy-Doo
13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
Tex Avery Show
The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
The Pink Panther (With The Ant and the Aardvark and Tijuana Toads)
The Jetsons
The Flintstones
Count Duckula
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Young Justice
Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
The Othersiders
Regular Show
Johnny test

Weekend Blocks
Ben 10: Alien Force Weekend
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Marathon
Action Fridays
Comedy Afternoons
Cartoon Toon Toon
Cartoon Network at Night
Cartoon Network Theatre
Ultimate Weekends (Coming Soon)
Cartoon Network Catch Up
Ben 10 Countdown
Reality Saturdays (Coming Soon)
Plus the logos are there, they say that the current logo was introduced on December 6th, when, in reality, it was introduced on December 7th.
The article has been vandalized and will be deleted soon unless it is reverted.

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Starco Forever: Banned from Toonzone

Eleven posts is better than 21.

Keep Toonzone Tidy

Starco Forever, it's your turn to be banned.

Here's an episode of The Anytown Show

Alternative title: "Here's an episode of a show worse than Johnny Test, Incredible Crew, Dr. Dimensionpants, Matt Hatter Chronicles and all those cheap Chinese rip-off shows altogether. It's an abomination on all shows."

The troll is back.

Now he's called Starco Forever! Run, RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

Boomerang HQ - May schedules

05:40 - Inspector Gadget
05:50 - Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
06:05 - The Looney Tunes Show
06:30 - Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated
07:20 - The Garfield Show
08:10 - Pink Panther and Pals
09:00 - The Looney Tunes Show
09:50 - The Tom and Jerry Show
10:40 - The Garfield Show
11:30 - What's New, Scooby-Doo?
12:20 - Baby Looney Tunes
13:10 - Tom and Jerry Tales
14:00 - Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
14:15 - Inspector Gadget
14:25 - The Garfield Show
15:15 - Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated
16:05 - The Tom and Jerry Show
16:55 - The Looney Tunes Show
17:45 - The Garfield Show
18:35 - Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
19:00 - Pink Panther and Pals
05:40 - The Looney Tunes Show
06:20 - Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
06:35 - Inspector Gadget
07:20 - Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated
08:10 - The Tom and Jerry Show
09:00 - The Owl & Co.
09:15 - Pink Panther and Pals
09:25 - The Garfield Show
09:50 - What's New, Scooby-Doo?
10:40 - Inspector Gadget
11:05 - Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
11:30 - Tom and Jerry Tales
12:20 - The Looney Tunes Show
13:10 - Pink Panther and Pals
14:00 - The Tom and Jerry Show
14:50 - Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated
15:40 - The Garfield Show
16:30 - Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
17:20 - The Tom and Jery Show
18:10 - What's New, Scooby-Doo?
18:35 - The Garfield Show
19:00 - The Owl & Co.
19:15 - Baby Looney Tunes
19:50 - The Tom and Jerry Show
20:35 - The Looney Tunes Show
21:20 - What's New, Scooby-Doo?
22:05 - LazyTown
23:30 - The Tom and Jerry Show
00:15 - Pink Panther and Pals
01:00 - The Looney Tunes Show
01:45 - LazyTown
02:30 - What's New, Scooby-Doo?
03:15 - The Tom and Jerry Show
04:00 - LazyTown
04:50 - The Tom and Jerry Show
Saturday afternoons at 14:00
MAY 9TH - Scooby-Doo in: Where's my Mummy? (2005)
The Scooby gang make their way to Egypt, where a curse by the last Egyptian pharaoh, Cleopatra, may be the source of all the spooky goings on.
MAY 16TH: Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992)
When Tom and Jerry fall out of a moving van, they have to combine their skills to find a new family home.But first they have to survive the big city on their own.
MAY 23RD: Scooby-Doo and the Monster of Mexico (2003)
Scooby and the gang head 'south of the border' to Mexico to visit a friend. However, their holiday turns worse when mythical monster El Chupacabra appears.
MAY 30TH: Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz (2011)
When a tornado strikes in Kansas, Dorothy, her dog Toto, Tom and Jerry awake in a strange place, the Oz land where they live incredible adventures in order to go back home.
Well then, it seems that we have witnessed the return of Baby Looney Tunes, one of the Cartoonito shows. I didn't know that The Owl & Co., which is on Boomerang CEE, has arrived to the channel, which is a complete surprise. In the end of the day, the channel is becoming a clone of the CEE feed, but without the Russian edits imposed by Roskomnadzor.
LazyTown has been encantoned to overnight slots and one of the movies is famous for an internet meme.
Now give me money, and that's what I want!
Anyway, stay tuned because at the end of the month, I'll post the June schedules. Also, the blog will rebrand to phase 3, which now focuses on the new sister channel, Boing. Stay tuned, I'll return with the schedules digested on a full stomach.

Toonzone vs. Hudasoy_Guy

It seems that Hudasoy_Guy, a sockpuppet of Man Cartman, has been banned from the Toonzone forums.
He was banned due to "repeated spamming, obsessive and disrupting posts". He was a "troll user".
Known under the alias "timbox129" on the Retrojunk forums, over there he wants to return to those forums, but hopefully it won't happen.
Turns out that he was banned from Toonzone six years ago. This was the PM sent by Ed Liu back then:
"Dear timbox129, I am very sorry, but due to your repeated spamming of the forums about specific topics (Jurassic Park, Dexter's Lab: Ego Trip, and now Master Viper in Kung Fu Panda), it has become clear that you are unwilling or unable to change your behavior. It is well past the point where it is disruptive to other members, so we have no choice but to ban you permanently from the Toon Zone forums. We have given you more chances than most users get for similar behavior, but cannot continue to keep giving you special exceptions regardless of your autism. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors on the Internet. -- Ed"
It seems that this is his third incarnation, but there were more incarnations of the same user on Toonzone in the past few years.
He's also on DeviantART, obsessive as ever.
He is banned now, which is good for troll users like him.

CN HQ AT Season 6 promo

Promo recorded by Mohammed Maher, posted by Nightosphere Fansub. Click here.


There's a user on Toonzone that goes under the name "Hudasoy_Guy" which apparently is a new form of Man Cartman. The user is constantly promoting his show, The Anytown Show, over and over and over again.
He deserves to be banned.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

CN HQ - May schedules

The schedules have returned, after a long wait, on the blog.
I'll try and make this monthly, but anyway, here's the May schedule:
04:00 - Uncle Grandpa
04:20 - Clarence
04:45 - The Amazing World of Gumball
05:35 - Adventure Time
06:00 - Ben 10: Omniverse
06:50 - Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
07:40 - Grojband
08:30 - Johnny Test
09:20 - Total Drama: Revenge of the Island
10:10 - Steven Universe
10:35 - Regular Show
11:25 - Teen Titans GO!
12:15 - Matt Hatter Chronicles (eugh)
12:40 - Ben 10
13:30 - Grojband
13:55 - Total Drama: World Tour
14:20 - Steven Universe
14:45 - Uncle Grandpa
15:10 - The Amazing World of Gumball
15:35 - Clarence
16:00 - Adventure Time
16:50 - Regular Show
17:40 - Grojband
18:30 - Teen Titans GO!
18:55 - Ben 10
19:45 - Johnny Test
04:00 - Ben 10
04:50 - Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
05:15 - Transformers: Robots in Disguise
05:40 - Matt Hatter Chronicles
06:05 - Teen Titans GO!
06:55 - Uncle Grandpa
07:20 - The Amazing World of Gumball
07:45 - Clarence
08:10 - Adventure Time
09:00 - Regular Show
09:50 - Ben 10: Omniverse
10:40 - Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
11:30 - Johnny Test
11:55 - Transformers: Robots in Disguise
12:20 - Matt Hatter Chronicles
12:45 - Teen Titans GO!
13:10 - Uncle Grandpa
13:35 - The Amazing World of Gumball
14:25 - Clarence
14:50 - Grojband
15:40 - Incredible Crew
16:05 - Teen Titans GO!
16:55 - The Amazing World of Gumball
17:45 - Adventure Time
18:35 - Regular Show
19:25 - Teen Titans GO!
19:45 - Transformers: Robots in Disguise
20:05 - Ben 10
20:35 - Johnny Test
21:10 - Regular Show
21:55 - Teen Titans GO!
22:40 - Grojband
23:25 - Total Drama; World Tour
23.45 - Regular Show
00:30 - Johnny Test
01:15 - Nninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
02:00 - Teen Titans GO!
02:45 - Grojband
03:05 - Total Drama World Tour
03:30 - Adventure Time
This leaves us with a pretty weak schedule this month, I know that there are no Cartoon Cartoons and no DC action shows, they have removed them pretty early and they announced last month that Boing Africa was about to launch.
At least EVERY show is dubbed into EU-PT, which means that there is a need for a Portuguese audio track on the channel. (well, technically not, we will be stuck with CN PT forever and ever and ever and ever until my eyes bleed)
I will cover the Boing schedule with the June schedules, but in order to do that, I must go to Montage Cable TV's website.
Boomerang schedules up next.
EDIT: Thanks to that Algerian bloke that you already know, here's a graphic version of the schedules.