Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ducktales Fan and his stupid Boomerang USA schedule ideas

The Boomerang Fantasy Upfront Thread is set to be removed tonight and I've decided to save what was, for me, the most comedic post on it: Ducktales Fan and his stupid ideas for the channel.
My FANTASY Upfront for Boomerang:

* Educational and diversity programming is now required.
* Network for all ages with an emphasis on a particular age group depending on the time period of the day or even the day itself.
* Classic programming is equally as important as is current programming but still holds that special place.
* Cartoon Network originals are banned from airing on this network for distinguishing purposes. There are exceptions though.

New Animated Programs (to network):
* The Daffy Duck & Speedy Gonzales Show (all of their cartoon shorts featuring the two of them)
* Tiny Toon Adventures
* Animaniacs
* Pinky and the Brain
* Freakazoid
* Alvin & the Chipmunks
* Muppet Babies

Returning Animated Programs:
* Bugs 'n Daffy
* Baby Looney Tunes
* Pound Puppies (80s version)
* The Addams Family (90s version)

New Programs (to the network):
* Gilligan's Island (seasons 2 & 3)
* The Brady Bunch
* Bewitched (seasons 3-8)
* I Dream of Jeannie (seasons 2-5)
* Laverne & Shirley
* Happy Days (seasons 1-7)
* I Love Lucy
* The Wonder Years
* The Muppet Show
* Muppets Tonight (revival series to the 70s original)

Returning Programs (to the network):
* The Munsters
* The Addams Family

Educational Programming:
* The Magic School Bus
* Bill Nye, the Science Guy

* The New Family Double Dare (with host Marc Summers). [Game Show]
* Clarissa Lives It All (new spin-off series to Clarissa Explains It All with a grown-up Clarissa Darling). [Sitcom]
* The Teenage Life of Zohn and John (documentary series following the trails of two teenage gay brothers entering high school). [Documentary]
* It's a Big World (documentary series showcasing families that are unusual, out of the "ordinary", or non-traditional. [Educational/Documentary].
* Speedy (All new shorts featuring America's fastest mouse as he takes on the familiar likes of Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Sylvester Jr., the Road Runner among others). [Animated]
* Cat vs. Mouse. (New shorts with Tom vs. Sylvester over Tweety and/or Speedy and/or Jerry, Tom vs. Tweety, Tom vs. Speedy, Sylvester vs. Jerry, etc., ect, ect.) [Animated]
* Healthy Living (Educational program where pre-teen/teenage viewers ask questions concerning their health). [Educational]
* Next (Dating program - originally ran on MTV. Ceased production in 2008 but is being revived). [Dating]
* ElimiDate (Dating program - being revived) [Reality/Dating]
* Jersey Shore (Reality program - being revived). [Reality]


  1. Replies
    1. Probably both. Seeing reality shows on a channel aimed at kids is stupid.

  2. Trolling, look at his posts, he's being a smug.

    And the discussion of his schedule took two pages *facepalm*