Saturday, May 23, 2015

ESC 2015: Final

Good evening. This is the most important part of the contest: the final.
We start with a traditional arrangement of the EUR(O)VISION theme and some classical music evocative of the New Year's Day concert, elevating the "song salad" to a highly cultural scale. This was followed by a show-off title sequence with lots of circles and the official theme: "Building Bridges". The song's chorus is catchy and inventive. There's also a creative appearance from the Swedish contestant.
During this long introduction, I found out that YouTube is airing the final in sign language as well, with the Swedish interpret from the national preselections.
Quick notes:
1: Just found out that the Slovenian artist is with headphones on her head, she's listening to herself.
FRANCE: Bonsoir! The first of the direct qualifiers has a nice postcard with lots of beauty, a song about sadness, peace and solidarity. It got some booing at the start. The "Country of Lights", "Pays de la Lumière", is going to have mixed reviews. The visual effects fit in with the song.
Quick notes:
2: Love the Estonian cityscape effects.
UNITED KINGDOM: Good evening! A nice postcard with a futuristic experience. This song is faintly British and well done.
Quick notes:
3: The Armenian postcard depicts an amusement park.
4: A closer inspection of the Lithuanian song's title, "This Time", is supposed to mean "This Time We're Going To Win But The Lyrics Didn't Explicitly Tell It", a reference to "We Are The Winners of Eurovision", the 2006 entry. Of all the Baltic nations, it's the country that never won at least once.
And now the presenters talking about the app, useless for fifty or so weeks.
Quick notes:
5: The visual effects on the Swedish entry are adapted childhood drawings of his. He founded four schools in Africa. He's a society hero.
AUSTRALIA: The surprise of the contest, Guy Sebastian is a bloke with three ethnicities: colonial Portuguese, Malaysian and Sri Lankan. His song is a real surprise for the contest, the visual effects are very nice, a city evocative of that from last year's Hungarian entry, "Running".
AUSTRIA: A nice race. Austria sings at home. The song is good, it's very calm, but the piano is ON FIRE!!!
During RTP 1's break, we got to see the Green Room. They shows a clip from France's 2006 effort to Conchita Wurst, which had bearded men that looked like himer (based on my neologism, "himerself"). The answer? "Je suis desolé".
Quick notes:
6: Montenegro, you have the power to walk without falling on the water!
GERMANY: One of the founding countries, airboarding is the theme of the postcard. This song is destined to win, from an audiovisual standpoint.
Quick notes:
7: Please, PLEASE, the contestant on a wheelchair needs to participate at events celebrating equality!
8: The beginning of the Latvian entry sounds like music from those experimental DJs that use modernist tables.
9: The Romanian song is about immigration. Fits in with this year's theme.
SPAIN: Dogs on snow. Also, yet another super-production, with lots of rain.
ITALY:  Adapted sports from one of the founders. we see a song that is yet another one of those ballads. It makes me remind of "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word". Yet another super-production that Portugal can't emulate.
Time now for a quick reference to The Sound of Music, banned from Austria for some mad reason, then one of the world's most-famous precussionists, Martin Grubinger plays during the interval act.
After voting closed, RTP 1 went to another break while the contest was airing Conchita Wurst singing "Unstoppable". All of his/her unstoppables were there. Tonight. Then the winner of the 2014 JESC came.
It's almost time to see who will take the trophy home. A very fragile trophy.
This was followed by a look back at six decades of winners.
And now it's time to see a Eurovision classic: the "douze points". There were technical problems with Portugal, Georgia and Estonia and they've had to repeat it at the end. I feared Russia winning the contest, but now I feel more relaxed and euphoric with Sweden's 365 points.
Well then, thanks for reading this off-topic post, I'd like to thank the Swedish society hero, we'll see the next ESC in Stockholm or Malmö, the sixth Swedish ESC.
Very nice of Sweden to win again, and this contest was marked more by super-productions than by a freak show.
Everything needs to be respected and this contest was no exception. Finally, I can feel more relaxed than ever before.


  1. Since I dan't message you directly...

    I remade the Jetix Israel logo. I downloaded the Jetix logo from Wikipedia, deleted 'TM' and added the drop shadow(I did all this in


    2. Sweden won. I saw that, I was there pretty much only when the countries were voting

      P.S Tomorrow analog switch off from Avalski Toranj in Serbia!

    3. That's the most exciting moment in the contest, also thanks for warning me about the end of analog televisoin in Serbia.

    4. To be precise, it will happen at 11am.

      And, Disney XD EMEA is cooking something, we they got that new graphics set, the logo now fades out when a show ends(This ''honor'' was only for the 4:3, took them 1 year to fix, but now they have a new bug with the logo when the graphics go away, the logo turns into a black cube then goes back to it's original form, with the previous graphics it faded out with no problems, fixed another issue, created another one...)

      Also, now on promos, there is text for shows in english! Now, at the endboard, the logo is at the center, at the bottom of it there's the text(exp. Ultimate Spiderman), but the time is still at the down right corner, and it's KSA(video:! Why don't they make it like this: Disney XD logo at the centar, then the show name, then: Saturday 07.35 CET, Saturday 08.35 KSA. They also got the next bumpers, though they aren't like Disney XD Poland with the full schedrule and Now/Next, only the show name and the announcer, which is, ehhh(Can't say it's a let down, this channels been dead for years, the only improving thing they did is the english text).

      The picture quality is still awful, on most scenes the picture is very blurry, like they are using composite cables that aren't put in fully! And on some scenes(depends on scenes, on most scenes and when something is moving the picture quality changes) the picture goes clear, though the quality is still far from great.

      I would really wish to say this channel is improving, but I really can't. They fixed a bug with the logo, then another bug appeared, and the next promos aren't good, guys, look at Disney XD Poland! The only positive thing is the english text, but untill they improve the next bumpers like they are on Disney XD Poland, add CET time and move the times where the logo and the show name is, and fix that rusty picture quality, then I'll praise them.

    5. That's at 10:00 over here, also the contest lasted four hours.

      NEW RECORD!!!

    6. They shut off!