Monday, May 25, 2015

Man Cartman: the Paul Akinbola of Toonzone

Man Cartman is at it again. He is now on his seventh account in existence.
Let's take a look at who is responsible for this:
"Man Cartman" (who I thought was named "Moses Mbungu" but it's actually a completely different bloke called Alex Jones) is a disordered forum poster who creates dozens of sockpuppets.
His omnipresence has been around on Toonzone for years, but it seems that 2015 is his year.
He has had the following known accounts:
-Man Cartman
-Hudasoy Guy
-Starco Forever
This is the typical lifespan of these sockpuppets:
-Asks about when Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production and Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! are going to air
-Promotes The Anytown Show obsessively
-He gets banned, usually by Light Lucario, who is an expert on that sort of thing
Now last night I've established an analogy with a British black bloke called Paul Akinbola. This is his lifespan:
-He creates an account on TV Forum or DigitalSpy (especially DS)
-He has over 800 different usernames
-His posts say stuff like "Should ITV 1 air SKY 1 overnight?", "Should SKY launch a shopping channel?", "Should TCC return?", "Should Chart Show Channels launch a new channel?", etc.
-The users identify the identity by saying "Paul Akinbola"
-He is banned
See? I told you that we have a new Paul Akinbola on the horizon!


  1. I'm feeling like punching my monitor now, HE DODGED THE BAN SEVEN TIMES, EMAIL AND IP BAN HIM NOW GOD IT'S NOT THAT HARD.

    1. Why are you spamming random stuff?

    2. banning his IP won't help. it's really easy to bypass that using a proxy or a VPN.

    3. They still don't know that every time he is banned, he returns for yet another short-lived account.


    4. I know that he could use a VPN or a proxy(and reboot the router to reset the IP if he has a Dynamic one), but it will slow him down. They only banned his usernames, I would ban the usernames, the email he registered and the IP, if he bypases that then continue doing that, he'll have to stop at some point, and would be bored changing proxies and emails.

      More of an annoying bug then a troll really, in fact I know a better name for these kind of people...

      It starts with M and ends with d

    5. has an a in the middle

      or else you'll feel ANGURY!!!

    6. @RandomMe

      He isn't the Terminator, just a MD that is annoying as hell. Ban his username, email and IP and he'll probably get bored from creating the accounts

      I understand why the admins won't ban his IP, since someone could use the same IP and they won't be able to create an account because of some low life, but at least an email ban first, if he dodges that...

    7. We are hitting a new crisis at Toonzone, he is unstoppable, we really need every measure possible to ban him.

    8. @RandomMe Just tell the admins to ban his username, email ban him and ban his IP.

      And he isn't unstoppable.


  2. Mr Akinbola is a true visionary of the British television industry. XD

    1. Over 800 accounts is legendary! A true hero!