Sunday, May 3, 2015

Toonzone vs. Hudasoy_Guy

It seems that Hudasoy_Guy, a sockpuppet of Man Cartman, has been banned from the Toonzone forums.
He was banned due to "repeated spamming, obsessive and disrupting posts". He was a "troll user".
Known under the alias "timbox129" on the Retrojunk forums, over there he wants to return to those forums, but hopefully it won't happen.
Turns out that he was banned from Toonzone six years ago. This was the PM sent by Ed Liu back then:
"Dear timbox129, I am very sorry, but due to your repeated spamming of the forums about specific topics (Jurassic Park, Dexter's Lab: Ego Trip, and now Master Viper in Kung Fu Panda), it has become clear that you are unwilling or unable to change your behavior. It is well past the point where it is disruptive to other members, so we have no choice but to ban you permanently from the Toon Zone forums. We have given you more chances than most users get for similar behavior, but cannot continue to keep giving you special exceptions regardless of your autism. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors on the Internet. -- Ed"
It seems that this is his third incarnation, but there were more incarnations of the same user on Toonzone in the past few years.
He's also on DeviantART, obsessive as ever.
He is banned now, which is good for troll users like him.

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