Monday, May 11, 2015

European Regular Show prints hate Russia

Recently, the Regular Show special episode "The Real Thomas" premiered in Europe and Asia and the episode was heavily cut off. The reason why? Russia. They had a military parade on VE Day but did not invite the Allies. Are they becoming communist again? Are they becoming isolated again?

Needless to say, and thanks to a Philippine poster at the RS Wiki, I found a list of all the edits on the episode.

"Just found out that the European version of The Real Thomas aired on CN PH (and because they share with it, CN SEA), which is very strange, I thought that Asian edits were completely different?"

Here's the list of edits, edited from a poster on the RS Wiki:
-The opening theme was cut
-The CIA agent dying was cut, but the part where Thomas pinched him wasn't cut.
-RIGBY: "I see Thomas take some guy out" → "I see Thomas knock some guy out."
-RIGBY: "And I think he was speaking Russian, too" (because OFCOM is now becoming a bit restrictive, not too much unlike the DruzRoskomnadzor)
-Russia and Russian become Druznia and Druznic, respectively. According to the poster, this is a reference to the medieval Russian Družina.
-The writing "ОСТОРОЖHО!" (=OSTOROŽNO!) was removed from the sprinkler. Despite the edit, Rigby still said "RussianDruznic writing?! What's he up to?" even the sprinkler had no writings. How do the Druznics write? Do they write with Armenian characters? Do they write with Georgian characters? Make that up, will you?
-Benson's dialogue after being handcuffed before getting kicked is changed. The poster didn't hear it well.
-RIGBY: "Oh snap! Now we're all boned!" → "Oh snap! Now we're all toast!"
OFCOM. Just as you can, doesn't mean you should.
But replacing "boned" with "toast" doesn't mean anything.
-Rigby getting punched by Natalia was changed to him being slapped. The sound was a handslap.
-THMOAS: "I was born on a cold winter's night in Kiev." → "I was born on a cold winter's night."
-"KGB" becomes "M.O.M.". This has to be an error because it's actually M.O.M.M.
Does this mean that future generations won't learn about the former USSR? Does that mean that if someone talks about that, they will be punished by the regime?
-Any instances CCCP (=SSSR) is written was digitally erased.
Ha, ha, very unfunny. In fact my first Cyrillic came from a scene from I. R. on Sun where a few confused baboons were looking at crashed aircraft on the solar surface.
Not just the USSR, but also China and Mexico (with the colors of the Afghan flag).
-Muscle Man breaking the goon's head with a vase and with his line "Let's find Mordo and Rigs" was cut.
Is the OFCOM against violence on CN? And what about nicknames?
-The hostage scene was changed to Natalia not holding any gun.
-The "Russian Anthem" on the tape was digitally removed. Even though the tape played, no music was played. A blank tape. They could of run the Kyrgyz national anthem instead but it still sounds too Russian to the OFCOM.
-Natalia forcing Benson's hand with his bones making a crack sound was cut. The editing made it look like Benson was hurt when he punched Natalia's hand.
-The countries getting angry after the line "Eh. It's a big country" was cut.
So if Druznia is not a big country, is it a small country?
File:S6E08.241 The Park on the Radar.png
Did they keep the same borders on the European version?
-Every single bloody awful time Natalia is handspalling Thomas was cut.
-The editing was obvious due to Natalia's arms changing position quickly.
-NATALIA: "Imperialist talk!" → "Nikolaj! You traitor!"
-President Davis showing his butt was cut.
-The editing was obvious because the music wasn't smooth.
-"Dasvidanija" → "Goodbye."

The irony is that this episode will - or will not - be broadcast on CN RSEE, which can be seen in Russia.

So, is this a konec for the once-običnyj regime of the OFCOM?

Is the OFCOM the reverse of the Roskomnadzor, slowly banning references to Russia on kids shows?

Are the broadcasting laws in the UK becoming more and more restrictive?

And why are European CNs airing Regular Show with all those edits? Because the OFCOM found it risqué and had to EDIT TONS OF FOOTAGE (even though the edits were all relaxed, but) can please SOMEONE STOP WITH THIS ATROCITY AT ONCE?

The OFCOM will NEVER allow the showing of the full version of Regular Show, even the American DVDs had it edited (?!), which is a pain for fans of the show.

Oh well, looks like I have only one thing to do with this...


  1. Damn that's some heavy Censors , would expect them on CN Arabia but rare on European feeds

    1. Yes they are, but that's not because of religion-sensitive content, this time it's probably Russian-sensitive content.

      Imagine if this episode aired on CN RSEE!