Sunday, May 24, 2015


This is the 5th account from the creator of The Anytown Show that I've seen appearing on Toonzone.
It's now going on their third season, so please expect more crappy goings-on from this user for the next few hours, and then he'll be banned.
I have the solution: why can't he build a Chain of Hearts?


  1. This guy also posted hey arnold porn on another forum and is also creating sock accounts on that forum too.

    As I said, tell the admins to ban his email address and IP ban him, and stop giving attention to him, pretty clear he's not 100% mentally sane.

    1. He has made his sixth account of the year today and it lasted one hour.

    2. And...? He'll make more, I would just ban his email, then if he dodges that three times, IP ban.

      It's kind of funny that such a forum could let that guy make clones of himself, first username ban, if he dodges that three times, then ban the username and email, if he dodges that another three times, username, email and IP ban and the deletion of all his accounts(and his posts)

      P.S Analog has been switched off from Avala, the last ones will be switched off on 7th of June!