Friday, March 20, 2015

KND: The Return

sOK, now let me tell you this: I went to a field trip today and I couldn't actually take an in-depth look at this subject.
This subject is the return of Codename: Kids Next Door.
When I woke up, I've noticed a strange thread on Toonzone called "Galactic Kids Next Door?". I didn't take an in-depth look, like I said before, and I couldn't access the internet for several long hours. It became an overnight sensation (at least over here due to timezone issues) on Toonzone and the first post had a link to this legit video:
By "legit" I mean that the original voices of numbuhs 1 and 5 are here, the concept that they are against adults works as well and also the usage of Aura on "stop the g:KND" at the end is also a sign of legitimity.
There is also a website called It has a page title linked to the new show "GKND" that has a button that says "PUSH HERE FOR FUN!". It makes you want to join a Rainbow Monkey fan club, plays the theme song (RAINBOW MONKEYS, RAINBOW MONKEYS, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~) and you have to repeatedly click on the nose of the large Rainbow Monkey head. Once it happens, the theme song stops slowly and you have to enter a password (for a full list, click here). If you put just "ONE", you'll get "inexact", but if you'll put "NUMBAH ONE", then you'll get "trial pending". There are many combinations you should try, based on the full list, each of them giving you a different answer.
It says that it gives you an April 1st countdown (by which I mean it stops on April 1st) which means that some people think this is a prank. I haven't seen the countdown, but it uses symbols.
Mr. Warburton (as he was credited in the show) has posted on his blog about this and there appears to be a Facebook page on one of the characters.
Can this be a sign of the show's return? I'm hoping that it will become an international sensation (except for Portugal, where the original show wasn't dubbed and also because CN HQ won't return for now), but let's see if it's not a joke.
PS: I'm hoping that all episodes will end with the following, just like the original series:
end transmission


  1. To see the countdown page, you need to type in the word "Galactic".

    1. Just did that, will make a letter-based cryptogram and an audio recording later on.