Saturday, July 5, 2014

HELP NEEDED: Any info on these long-lost bumpers?

1: Cartoon Network Cinema bumper, ca. 2002. My mind says that Cow was holding an actual torch instead of Chicken, but it was probably my mind. Same as an already existing bumper posted by Romanian YT user OldMcBarney, but the text read "CINEMA" and not "TOON FILM". Probably used until 2005? Probably the "TOON FILM" text was my mind playing tricks, but I'm not sure.
2: Kaleidoscope-themed bumper, featuring various HB stars. Used around late 2004 or so. At the end, we see the CN logo, but with two of the letters swapped (CAROTON NETWORK). Later, it changes to the correct text (CARTOON NETWORK). Used on Boomerang as late as 2011, just by editing the end.
3: Tom and Jerry-themed bumper, also set to classical music. I only remember seeing it on Boomerang, and the look was reminiscent of the 2002 "Blocks" look.
4: Promo for the 2004 Christmas marathon called "Blocks Around the Clocks". It had C's rotating in squares, als reminiscent of the look CN was using at the time. The background was white.
5: Promo for the 2005 Christmas marathon. Don't remember the name, but it had a song by The White Stripes (Hardest Button to Button, where we see the band multiplying in streets). The promo looked a bit like that music video, and it featured scenes from a show with a character appearing four times, along with the four-note repetitive tune played by a guitar riff.
6: Bumpers and promos for Cartoon Carnival, hosted by a Bloo impersonator. Used in the fall of 2006. FostersFriend doesn't have those bumpers...
7: Footage from VBirds: Perfect. I only remember watching it once when I was sick, sometime in 2003, and, if my memory doesn't cheat, it was similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Or was it a dance show and the DDR-style thing was a mobile game?
8: HiHi Puffy AmiYumi promo from late 2005. It was a generic promo and it was part of a series called CN Muzik. It was the only one in the series and was a music video with the music being the HHPAM theme song.
9: This is a very ancient (?!) bumper, but it seems that it aired around 2000 or 2001. It was a bumper set on a blue/purple/pink background with some white flowing lines. I also remember one line, which was just Mojo Jojo saying "Are you talking to me?! ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?!".
10: Footage from Toon FM. I can only find a British promo for it. It was set in Tokyo and was hosted by Brak (according to the promo) and Johnny Bravo. I don't remember more, but I thought that it wasn't the European JBVO (without the requests part and set in Tokyo).
11: Footage from Viva Las Bravo 2005. I liked the bumpers used at the start of breaks.
12: Footage from Viva Las Bravo 2006. Only one promo is on the Internet.
13: Cartoon Network website promo from 2002-ish. It featured stills from the first European design and the Play section from the Brazilian website!
14: Footage from Pick Your Fridays, but in high quality.
15: Promos for the various incarnations of Cartoon 60. Several promos already exist in other languages.
16: Series of promos for CN shows. The only one I can find is the one for Robotboy, but I assume that there was a HiHi Puffy AmiYumi version of it. To see the Robotboy bumper on YouTube (because VBOX7 is very slow outside of Bulgaria), search for "Robotboy bumper OldMcBarney". (note: it has the logo of Xiaolin Showdown, which never aired over here. Also, the "show select" sound effect is used in the intro of 2 Days and 1 Night)
17: CN bumper with footage from the Dexter's Laboratory episode "Photo Finish", that had the CN logo at the end, with the T being replaced by a 7 (a reference to the car from the same episode whose license plate read "7IN7").

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