Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Darwin the Merman: Pitched? Brainstormed? Greenlighted?

So it came to my attention that when a link to my hypothetical talk on the Portuguese dub was posted to RegularCapital's Twitter account, Graphilm - an Italian animation studio which generally does stuff for Rai - retweeted it.
I honestly have no words to say. I want to see it:
-on Cartoon Network
-made in the USA
-I greenlighted it
-would air on CNs worldwide and become one of the most popular shows on the channel
-will be awarded on the Primetime Emmys
However it will air...
-on Rai 2
-made in Italy
-still, I greenlighted it
-it will air on public broadcasters all across Europe, especially in Portugal - a country that serves as a bait for the acquisition of cheap European productions for kids
-will be awarded on Cartoons on the Bay
So what will happen? Will the Italians get awarded with 5 milioni in gettoni d'oro (=ca. 5000€) for the creation of Darwin the Merman and not air it on CN or will the Americans win the Darwinian battle? Please comment.

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