Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Letters to CN HQ: Website

"Hi! I'm from Portugal.I live in a country where CN is in English since day one.
Sometimes I use your website ( but there are many problems.
I'm a part of a popular web communityn (Toonzone Forums) and I listed these problems from a discussion we make about non-USA versions of Cartoon Network:
"Once again, time to wait for the launch of a new look for European CN pages. Like I said before, I want them to use the 2011-2013 US look. The new look they introduced this year is tangentially related to a look they only introduced five months later.
Anyway, it's the 2011-2013 look I want and it's the 2011-2013 look we want.
There are problems to be fixed, particularly on
-No TV guide
-On all other European pages, the TV guide only goes from 06:00-00:00
-No blog (even though there was a blog for some time 2011, and it was recently dropped)
-The "My CN" ad STILL has the 2009 font
-Until 2011/2012, there were also two games that annoyed me, but they finally got rid of them: the ad with Fourarms playing on two controllers and the ad with Captain K'nuckles playing with one of those "ball-in-the-cup" things
-No forums (it's also a European problem as well)
-No full episodes (European pages must need this!)
-Some games don't load
-It's impossible to play School House Rush on it just gives you something that says "level 1" with a red button on the right. Clicking it reveals a light blue square on the top left corner of the game's frame
-On some pages, the old Cartoon Network logo pops up
These are all the problems I could think of."

But wait a second...
-Recently, has just made minor changes to the main bar: everyting is now small (the text, to be more accurate) and there is no link to
-Only a few European pages have full episodes, as cited by another user:
".nl has 1x Sheep in the Big City and 1x Dexter's Laboratory
.ru has 1x Generator Rex and 1x Dexter's Laboratory
.pl and .bg has 1x Ed Edd n Eddy and 1x Dexter's Laboratory
.hu has 1x Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and 1x Dexter's Laboratory
.ro has 1x Dexter's Laboratory and nothing has won the competition(?!)
.de has 2x Ben 10, 2x Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and 2x Ben 10 Omniverse has nothing "-Some games aren't available (like Hall of The Wild 2: The Big Field Trip or SplashBack, for example)
-There is STILL a link to Alien Unlock 2
So can you see? Can you see that the current page design is suffering from minor glitches? Why don't you make a new design? Here's a photo of it if you're interested:
(The picture that used to be here was a screenshot of CN USA's website with  the 2011-2013 look which I wanted to see on European CN websites)The big black rectangle with the three little squares is used to promote three new things on the website.
Also, you should reactivate
Toonzone Forums user RandomMe
PS: I'm proud that some of the European pages have over 260 games and the American website is still stuck with 258 games for over a year!"


  1. CN PT recently introduced their very own website, however it uses the Latin American look, which may or may not arrive to the rest of the EMEA region very soon.

  2. Having no schedule on the CN HQ site is also a problem on CN PT's site :(

    1. I've sent this months ago (in August) to CN HQ and they never answered me.