Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Darwin the Merman - hypothetical Portuguese dub question

To be fair, if I created Darwin the Merman and aired it on TV a few years ago, it would definetly go the same way as CN PT's treatment of Regular Show (it only premiered in April this year).
I "created" it, but it would be offensive to see CN HQ disappear AND airing Darwin the Merman, and waiting for the Portuguese dub to premiere and consider it inferior compared to the original English versions.
I'm still waiting for someone to greenlight this idea.


  1. An Italian animation company called Graphilm has retweeted your blog post!

    1. What? I was at the pool when you wrote that...
      And now they're brainstorming it! They could read my blog post on RandomMe Entertainment (All About Darwin).

    2. And they make typical Italian cartoons! I want it to be made at CN Studios in Burbank!
      Now Italians know that I'm famous.

    3. I really don't see the big deal about a retweet though.
      It could mean that they just like your idea.

      Although I don't see much of an idea when this post was about the hypothesis of a Portuguese dub butchering the quality.

      Unless something went way over my head.

    4. However, I'm not sure if they'll greenlight it or not... I want it to be a CN cartoon.
      Anyway, that is my prediction for a hypothetical Portuguese dub. I wanted to make CN dubs but they continued without me, and with sub-par VAs.