Friday, July 18, 2014

For Arbër Lezi: Bring CN HQ back to certain European countries

NOTE: This speech will be transposed into a video made by Arbër Lezi, which will include an Albanian translation.
WARNING 1: The "I" is reffering to Arbër himself.
WARNING 2: This is for you, Arbër: in the Albanian translation, please replace "CN HQ" with "the European CN".
WARNING 3: The "he" refers to the blog's author.
When Cartoon Network was introduced to Europe, it taught us one language: English. As the years progressed, CN introduced local feeds, as was the style at the time. Some countries like Portugal were (ten years ago) more dependent on local brands than localized versions of foreign channels, as there were only few of them at the time. The channel was remained unchanged in most of Europe until 2009, when most of Eastern Europe (Russia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Kazakhstan...) replaced the European version with a local one in English, Russian and Bulgarian. It was OK for me, and currently it's more or less like CN HQ's twin brother from Moscow.
Like I said before, all OK for me. Until November 2013.
Earlier that month, it was announced that ZON (now NOS) was about to drop Boomerang, TCM and Nautical Channel. He was OK for TCM and Nautical Channel, but not for Boomerang.
But on November 27th, it was announced that CN HQ would be replaced with CN PT, thanks to an EPG.
On December 3rd, at 09:55, the Portuguese audiovisual industry brought us the shock of the new.
After a promo for Inner Space on TCM, CN HQ disappeared... forever... causing a country - barely unchanged in two decades - lose their most popular English teacher due to low ratings.
(I already knew that Vodafone carried on with the channel until New Year's Eve, but I generally accept the fact that Portugal changed a lot that day, TV-wise)
Since then, Portuguese viewers entered a cul-de-sac with no exit. The day he returned home from school looking at the "new" CN changed his perception of the channel and it was quite a change. For a start, all our friends were gone, replaced by the ignorant, impersonal and expresionless voice of someone who doesn't sound like he would work for CN. The dubs were sub-par and had very bad voices. We couldn't see the park for another four months and it returned with one of the worst dubs ever made, and we could no longer see what would happen to the Cul-de-Sac and see Cow and Chicken prove us wrong by saying that you could make a seal out of chewing gum.
We have to stop this atrocity at once.
This message is targeted to readers and former CN viewers residing in Portugal, Albania, Kosovo and Greece.

If you live in Portugal:
-Send the amount of mail you want to various Turner e-mails ( or
-Make CN HQ available on higher packages (for example, it would be on the same package as Nickelodeon on NOS), the same is true to TCM and Boomerang
-Make CN HQ and TCM available 24/7, in English
-Add a secondary Portuguese audio track for selected shows and seasons

If you live in Albania or Kosovo:
-Contact the biggest Albanian dubbing studios (Jess Discographic, Studioja Filmike AA and Studio Dodona) and allow them to dub more CN shows
-The rights for the shows will be obtained by Tring and Turner
-CN HQ will replace CN RSEE in both countries and will get an Albanian audio track

If you live in Greece:
-Just ask Nova to bring Cartoon Network back, with or without subtitles or Greek audio.
These countries need CN HQ (and BM HQ to a lesser extent) so that kids need to learn English from cartoons easier than it is now (at least in Portugal).

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