Monday, July 7, 2014

An important message for Turner

Hello. If anyone who works at a Turner office is reading this, then this is an important message for the people of Portugal.
We need CN HQ and BM HQ back. These are the consequences of CN PT replacing CN HQ:
-You can't remove the English version of a channel just by having low ratings, ratings that only channels aimed at immigrants would have;
-Several shows will not see the light of day over here (Teen Titans GO!; Total Drama All-Stars);
-The latest seasons of CN shows will take a longer time to arrive;
-Future generations won't learn English (if CN HQ doesn't return to Portugal);
-We must raise our awareness of CN HQ as a learning tool in the future.
The future isn't made of badly-dubbed shows and if you want to watch them in English, you have to change the audio track.

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