Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PM sent to GumballFallsFan (Arbër Lezi) from Kosovo

Good evening mr. Lezi,
all of a sudden I had this idea: what if CN HQ (as I like to call it) returned to Albania and Kosovo airing in two languages: English and Albanian? You covered this feed in particular when you made Cartoon Network Toon News last year. I don't know why did you stop. Thanks to that, it made me think that Kosovo got CN Europe instead of RSEE. These are my answer hypotheses:
a) CN RSEE will lose adverts starting next year because of yet another one of those crazy laws;
b) Albania and Kosovo don't have a big market for foreign channels dubbed or subtitled into Albanian and mostly rely on local brands;
c) this feed should be much cheaper than CN RSEE and airs shows without the Russian rating system and cuts;
d) it would be a return to the past. They have an "Old School" block every day.
Please notice that we in Portugal got that feed until December 3rd when it was replaced by CN Portugal due to low ratings of the English-speaking feed...
I'm with you in terms of the future of Cartoon Network in Albania and Kosovo. Also, please visit my blog (, like my Facebook page (Cartoon Network HQ and Boomerang HQ stuff) and comment on both.
Sincerely yours,
PS: I had that idea first, it will probably come true one day.

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