Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Martyn Lewis and the #SaveCNHQ crisis

666 - Pierre Branco's symbol, meaning "the end of the golden age", also perceived as "123" (December 3) or "312" (3 December).

Invaders, 9:55
"Leave the remnants of the channel, nicknamed "CN HQ" by a Portuguese viewer, to the devils, make Diogo Corral rich and spread awful dubs amongs the eyes and ears of Portugal along with bad channel management, demoting the learning of the English language."

All communications of the CN PT team start and end with the Spanish anthem, whereas the opposite groups who want it and more content in English have communications starting and ending with the British anthem. The opposition has once hijacked the BBC, nearly repeating the moment where Diana died.

"This is BBC Television from London. Normal programming has been suspended, and we now join Martyn Lewis in the news studio."
"This is BBC Television from London. Cartoon Network in Portugal is now in Portuguese. Millions of children are in famine due to the loss of a channel."

"Millions of children in Portugal are remaining indoors and will have the worst Christmas of their lives. "CN HQ", as a local viewer called it, led viewers in strict diseases. Portugal is now the worst country to speak the English language. The Spanish invaders have also shut down the Portuguese Broadcasting Corporation."

"I miss Regular Show and Last of the Summer Sustenance Pills. I am sick and have no choice." - me talking to a BBC microphone

PBC Television was transmitting Regular Show in the show's original form - PBC Television wasn't imposed to edits. According to Martyn Lewis, "even the Braga Broadcasting System shut down."

"Portugal, a country which once had twenty-four languages, has just been reduced to one. What used to be a multicultural place eventually turned to a single-cultural disaster. Richard Atkins, BBC News, London."

"MARTYN LEWIS: This just in, a certain "Matthew Harris" is helping the Braga Broadcasting System to recover itself from the loss of multiculturalism in Portugal. The first few episodes of the new series of The Hard Sell were sent to the broadcaster via Cornwall and, as expected, will air after the watershed."

Insider info from Martyn Lewis, who returned to the news with the CN HQ crisis nearly two years ago. He works at the BBC and the BBS just for the sake of it.

"This is BBC Television from London. Our scheduled programming has been cancelled to show further developments on the #SaveCNHQ crisis."

or "if CN PT was a massive international news event"

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