Friday, June 27, 2014

CN HQ's ratings

Last year, I found this
"Por que será que os miúdos estão a preferir as ‘séries’ aos desenhos animados? A Disney acaba de se empoleirar no cocuruto do top dos canais mais vistos da TV paga – o Cartoon Network liderava desde 2002.

Ler mais em:"
So it seems that Cartoon Network was the most-watched kids channel (and, simultaneously, English-speaking channel) for seven years. If anyone from Portugal has old pay TV ratings in general, please write them in the comments.
PS: that article only talks about Disney Channel's live-action shows and has no other mention of CN whatsoever


  1. It may not mention CN, but reading that article made me believe that gearing teeny soap operas to kids instead of cartoons was what caused the downfall in ratings of CN in Portugal, and eventually the public audience started accepting that as the norm and popular.

    I guess I know now who to blame.

    1. Disney Channel!
      Let's not forget that back in the day, Disney Channel was a pay channel and that Canal Panda and Cartoon Network got the top spot. All the time. In tandem.

    2. And besides, I've seen the pay TV ratings on Notícias TV (found it from DN and not JN) and Disney Channel got the top spot. Again.