Sunday, September 28, 2014

BM LA has rebranded

If you were expecting this weekend to be the end of the old Latin American Boomerang, think again: it's not.
Instead, BM LA has proceeded to rebrand today coinciding with the start of the marathon that will get to see how the new version of the channel looks like.
Here's the new logo:
Boomerang New Logo-2014.jpg
However, another logo could be used:

But they turned it down because it looks like this (in my opinion):
Resultado de imagem para JTBC


  1. It might be one of two things:
    Either the European Boomerang is planning on rebranding since LA, USA and Europe's Boomerangs are very different and include this new minimalist design along with the logo, or the American Boomerang will.
    Although I have seen a continuity from their channel that kingoftvsat uploaded just a couple of months ago and it's all the same like when it first started so chances are, American Boomerang is highly unlikely to rebrand since they want to keep the little remnants of nostalgia in that channel, including its bumpers.

    So maybe this is for the European Boomerang.

    1. BM LA has rebranded, BM AU will use this logo from November 3rd.
      The rest will rebrand in 2015.