Saturday, August 29, 2015

An important announcement

Hello to all my readers. Well met.

You know, a lot of you have been asking questions like "what about the rebrand"? The lack of Boing HQ information and me not having CN HQ for nearly a couple of years now are two of the factors that made the rebrand "long overdue".

But now, after months and months on end of televised unrest, we have signs of the times.

These signs were discovered by artnerfy this afternoon. Some of the games on the site are untranslated (OK, I already knew about that) but there are also untranslated forms:
"Remind your parents they should activate it through the link they have received in the registered mailbox. If you have not received the message, ask them to check the spam folder!"

This was found on the source code, the one from the CN PT website. Said source code has links to the CN HQ website (and features codes from it), which can only mean one thing: it's coming back.

Also, the CN HQ source code is in Spanish and Portuguese (because this design was adapted from a CN LA design):
Depending on the relevance, this appears to be debatable, but there's more:

An "" page, which only developers can access, and if you go to, clicking on PORTUGAL still gives you the CN PT site, but the source still says CN HQ. For some time (and artnerfy is right), the source said "PT", but now there appears to be a change of mentality.

So what do these discoveries mean? CN HQ will probably come back at some stage! I can't wait!
In other words, given my analogies, the mermen are coming!

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  1. I'm sorry to ruin your joy but I don't think you can take the CN EMEA Websites too seriously they're full of errors , The CN Arabic website's footer says CN UK has links to CN UK's Website and even mentions Regular show as one of CN ARabic most famous shows, this might because CN Arabic's website was based after the CN UK's one

    For spanish and portuguese languages I'm pretty sure they're leftovers after the website were translated , and for the links , it might be because CN PT's Site was based on CN HQ's

    I really want you to get CN HQ but since Traik Mounir took control of the channel , it's becoming a CN Turkey in english , Even CN Arabic is becoming a CN Turkey ,