Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The CN PT magazine has hit new lows

The owner of RegularCapital.com sent it privately to me this morning and I've decided to share it with the general public. This was found on 9GAG.

Apparently CN PT (which I hate, just look at the archived posts, please don't give me another one opf those rants) has had a magazine since last May.

Just like competing channel Canal Panda, the magazine offers toys.

And what a strange toy it is. It's not merchandise linked to any show, not even Johnny Test. See for yourself...
First of all, I'd like to say that the following image is NSFW, and, in order to watch NSFW images on 9GAG, you just have to log in. Nowadays I just don't give attention to 9GAG, it helped me shape in 2012 and back then, you simply had to click on the image to look at an NSFW image. Now it's all about logging in.

Ladies and gentlemen: this is a fail.

Proceed if you dare.

AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! What is that? It's a phallic penile shark squirt gun!

What happened to the makers of this toy when they gave it the green light? CANNOT BE UNSEEN!

EDIT: It is infact the latest issue and it squirts, so we're probably seeing some metaphor.

Hint: read Cymuned's Cym Rag.

EDIT +1: I've seen it at my local Continente supermarket at Minho Center and it really is a shark, but it still looks phallic.

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