Thursday, September 11, 2014

Extreme Blogging Excavations: DA NEWZBOXX: New Year

Oops! Must have taken the wrong way to Albequerque.
Yesterday i recorded a few comedy sketches (in Portuguese) about an LGBT festival and, sadly, part 5 was misguided and by accident. The music used included Nitzachti, Diva, and some music used on news bulletins on Kyrgyz TV.
The new year is coming.
CN will premiere Mucha Lucha to our viewers. HOLY CRAP
CNR posted this video one year (or two) ago:
(Click here to watch it)
See what i mean? Around 1:30 in, we can see a bumper. A long one which features scenes from Mucha Lucha and Ozzy and Drix. Ozzy and Drix is still new to me, though i saw the movie (Osmosis Jones) a few years ago on one of those pay movie channels which show crappy movies.
And now, some news i forgot to post earlier:
Dino Donkey Dash is advertised on TV?!
A song by the Ice King mentioning all princesses. A Christmas song. Incluiding LSP.
WEIRD SONG NEEDED: Some guy (or girl, whatevs) singing this song:
And I (???) if i cut my hair...
who  sounds like LSP.
And finally, merman. The REAL-ISH word of the year for this single blog. The word "merman" was mentioned like, a trillion times.

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