Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Idea for a petition: Cartoon Network for DSTV Portuguesa subscribers

Weeks ago, I had this idea:
There are immigrants residing in South Africa. When they visit Portugal and see CN, they got shocked and their kids can no longer leasn English through cartoons.
DSTV Portuguesa comprises of a mere four channels (RTP Internacional, SIC Internacional, SIC Notícias and Globo Internacional). The English offer is limited to the five terrestrial channels (which makes some sense), an interactive weather app, Euronews and Mindset.
There should be the possibility to increase the number of channels on that package from 10 to 12: M-Net on 101 is OK, it should be on all packages, perfect for training the language. The kids could get CN HQ on 301 could be useful for their kids.
Anyone agree on this?

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