Friday, October 31, 2014

CN PT: The Creepypasta

My first attempt at making a creepypasta. Also, SURELY the 500th post wouldn't be THAT symbolic!
One day in the start of December last year, some bloke got sick and had to watch Cartoon Network, his only favorite channel.
He watched it up until a promo for Inner Space appeared. As soon as the promo finished, the channel changed forever.
Instead of seeing a channel in Portuguese, his TV set switched off. The switch on his TV set caused it to turn and dodge the bloke's blind point.
He began to see strange images. He could see a channel airing awful dubs.
EDIT: This is just a teaser. A longer creepypasta will be posted tomorrow morning.
ANOTHER EDIT: A longer creepypasta will be posted later on.


  1. Not even close to a creepypasta.
    Not even close to those "Lost Episode/Banned Episode" creepypastas de Hispanic community likes to come up with.

    0/10 - didn't even try

    1. I was about to do an audio recording but I didn't have the computer to deal with it, it's not at home right now.