Saturday, October 25, 2014

Quick rant about CN and Halloween in the form of six haikus

CN has had it
Halloween for them is just
On the 31st

While on CN PT
It started just earlier
On the 20th

Back on CN HQ
It's Ben 10: Omniverse and
Some other shows there

So please, come closer
I have to tell something now

Why, CN PT?
Why are your promises so
Awful and just wrong?

English is precious
But how can bad dubs ruin
CN fans right now?

Sorry, I'm a bit "weird" at making haiku rants. Suppose if CN PT is Cow:

Cow (the second one from the right) is CN PT in a bovine form. The other cow are bovine forms of CN UK, CN HQ, CN CEE, CN RSEE and CN NL.
Sorry, but I couldn't resist in making this.
CN PT's instincts... don't it?

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