Thursday, April 16, 2015

Are cartoons the key to extremism?

Look at this:

This ISIS militant died and this picture has a TV set tuned to CN Arabic prior to the rebrand!
We already know that the ISIS is a dangerous organization that threats us by killing journalists and when you finish reading this post, yet another pointless citizen will be eaten up by the ISIS empire.
They have plans to make huge terrorist attacks, this time in the USA, repeating the same thing that happened 14 years ago. If that happens, then Cartoon Network will end.
I wish that this won't happen, what I've written is true.
I live in a city in which nobody has been converted into an ISIS militant, but in the end, there's a reference to Kurdistan, and I'd like you to share this:


  1. Remember the Boston Bomb Scare. XD

    1. Richard Watterson will end up destroying the ISIS, headlines say "Fictional cartoon character breaks up terrorist organization".

    2. I'd pay to see a movie like that.

    3. COMING SOON: Richard Watterson: ISIS Destroyer