Thursday, April 2, 2015


As the title suggests, this is about running gags.
Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation-Logo.png
Rupavahini: Sri Lanka's public television channel was overly recurred. The channel's logo is probably the best one any channel anywhere had. The references included the news, Three Thal: The Musical Image, Top Cat (which happens to be more popular there than in other countries), English as a Life Skill and Tamil serial Atthipookkal, which airs on sister channel Nethra TV.
I even referenced the theme song on a post about Disney changing the song on their logo at the start of every movie.

K-Dramas: Boomerang LA wanted to focus on a month-long marathon of "How to be Indie" but I announced that in May, the channel would add telenovelas and later on K-Dramas, before switching entirely to the new format.
I used to have an interest in that, but now I'm not that connected.

End of transmission: It was a minor meme, when I talked about ETI Finance acquiring Regular Show, one of my friends said that the show was due to get an End of transmission in the future.


  1. ETI Finance acquiring Regular Show? how does that even work

    1. ETI Finance acquires Regular Show because they want to share the magic with the winner of the 1997 Cricket World Cup.