Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Facebook page at risk

I logged in a few minutes ago and two of the photos that adorned this blog's Facebook page were removed. Those were:
-The Regular Show logo with the subtitle "A member of ETI Finance", for using the show's titlecard
-The CN logo, fur using it
If I use more photos of the genre, that break third-party conventions on the network, then I will be ostracized from Facebook.
I will remove one of the pictures: "Rupavahini is now with Cartoon Network" because of the CN logo. Not sure if this is the case with Rupavahini and Tamil soap opera Atthipookkal (before Saregama hits me with another copyright infringement debacle).
I now look like Nuno Markl when he drew the "Cocó-Menina" (Poop Girl) last year and was blocked from Facebook for twelve hours.


  1. Wait, hold on.
    What exactly happened here?

    1. Two photos were removed because they had Regular Show and CN logos.

  2. Yeah , i talked about this on toonzone , My previouse fanpage / youtube channel / twitter accounts were all closed due to using CN logos / CN shows Logos , That's why i only use logos i create or plain text

    1. Will try and find a new name for this blog, a new logo for this blog and try and avert the usage of actual logos.