Thursday, September 11, 2014

Extreme Blogging Excavations: DA NEWZBOXX: December 2012

Blatant lie on the face. I'm watching a 90's Scooby-Doo movie, despite my TV guide billing that "The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie" is on. Holy Crap.
Looks like we will get Tiny Toon Adventures in a near future, as the Christmas special will air on Christmas Eve.
Cartoon Network:
Starting in January, we will get Mucha Lucha. Which means that we will get crap. Utter crap.
About the Batman animated movies: We got Doctor Freeze, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and this week: Mystery of the Batwoman. We will also get a few minutes of old Cartoon Network Dance Club.
And now, this:
(there was supposed to be a picture of Darwin Waterman here)
Oops, that was just an excuse to put Darwin Waterman over here. Sorry.
The 7 Days of Christmas marathon begins today:
16:15 Billy & Mandy Save Christmas
Christmas Special! Grim takes Billy and Mandy to the North Pole to prove that Santa is real. However, when they get there they discover that santa has been bitten by a vampire.
16:15 Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle
Ed and Edd plan to teach Eddy the true meaning of the holiday season, after he hatches a dastardly scheme to take the town's presents on Christmas Eve.
16:15 Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
Christmas Special: A Lost Claus.
Mac and Bloo try to prove that Santa Claus is real with a series of experiments.
16:15 The Amazing World of Gumball
That's the Christmas special. I guessed that it would air on Christmas Eve. No. I would go with tandem travelers trioed by a floating whale.
16:25 The Powerpuff Girls
Ice Sore - Blossom discovers that she has a new superpower: ice breath.
"Narrator: (sulkily) And wouldn’t you know, of all days, today would be the day Blossom discovers she has a new power.
(Blossom blows on the spoon and is flabbergasted to find it coated with ice when she stops.)
Narrator: Ice breath! (He shivers.)"
16:15 Chowder
Hay Hey It's Knishmas! It's Christmas and Chowder is worried that he won't get the gift that he wants.
Meanwhile, Mung plans to make a Schmingerbread house!
16:15 Ed, Edd n Eddy
Fa, La, La, La, Ed.
Ed becomes convinced that Santa Claus is watching his every move and refused to do anything naughty.
16:30 Robotboy (HOLY CRAP!)
Christmas Evil.
Kamikazi pretends to kidnap Santa to lure Tommy and Robotboy into a trap.
16:15 The Powerpuff Girls
'Twas The Fight Before Christmas.
Princess tricks Santa into turning her into a Powerpuff Girl and punishing Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles for being naughty during the year, so she can take Christmas!
Finally, some info: no Low Tidings. We only got once in June of 2011, right at the start of the month, when i first saw Gumball.
Unrelated info: Disney Channel Portugal's typical Christmas marathon of showing classic animated shorts is back, sadly in the morning (one hour from 10:00, give or take) :(
Lots of new interstitials: three commercials promoting fake Adventure Time products.
1 - A spoof hair gel based on unicorn crap. If CN had ads then it should be L'Oréal. Does Finn drinks those products?
2 - Fire! Which comes in many styles and coming in differently colored boxes.
3 - Ice cubes! Coming out of Princess Bubblegum's tears.
And these bumps featuring Santa looking at CN's "naughty list":
There's one with Ben 10 (from Omniverse), one with Finn and Jake (from AT) and one with Gumball and Darwin (from TAWOGB).
And that is all. I will leave you with a few videos:
I decided to put Gangnam Style in order to attract more viewers into my blog.
It didn't work.
I decided not to put the One Direction "M/V" because that was a brief period that just ended.
Here's the Ashens video:

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