Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chinese bootleg CN shows

This is episode one of the Chinese bootleg version of AT, called Legend of Lucky Pie (幸運派伝説). Notice the similarities:
The same studio (?) also has a pastiche of The Amazing World of Gumball called Miracle Star (奇奇妙乐星). This show is a co-production with Sanyuan Foods. Again: notice the similarities:
In other words, this must be a giant commercial for a brand of milk that exists in China. Is this the reason why 91kt shut down?


  1. Brief mention of it on a Japanese blog:

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    1. The comment above has been deleted because I mistakenly referred to TLoLP as The Legend of Fudgy Pie, which led to a misunderstanding by the creator of the TLoLP thread. The above comment will be reposted later on, when the thread is renamed.

  3. The video of the Gumball rip-off has been removed and will be replaced shortly.