Saturday, January 10, 2015

Inspector Gadget on Super RTL

Super RTL is now showing Inspector Gadget. This new CGI remake premiered last week on BM FR and will make it's Portuguese debut on Canal Panda soon. My EPG reaads it as INSPECTOR GADGET (DE), is that a sign of things to come?


  1. Hi again! :) This info about Inspector Gadget on Canal Panda is very interesting to me, as I'm trying to make a complete list on my site of all the broadcasters and premiere dates for the new series. A couple of things I wanted to ask...

    1. Does your EPG (your television's episode guide for Canal Panda, I assume?) say which date the new Inspector Gadget series will start? I can't seem to find anything about this elsewhere on the internet.
    2. Pardon my ignorance, but does "DE" mean anything in specific?

    (Oh, and thanks for replying in the other post; I forgot to answer over there.)

    1. 1: Still no confirmation for Canal Panda, I suspect that the show will premiere there in a few months.
      2: DE = German. Some shows on Tiji now have (FR) in the show names.

    2. 1: Oh, okay. :S I'm surpriced, you sounded completely certain about it in the post: "...will make it's Portuguese debut on Canal Panda soon". So the Canal Panda stuff is simply a theory on your part for the moment, then?
      2: Ahh, right, so the "EPG" you're referring to is actually the schedule info for Super RTL then? I thought it was for Canal Panda.

    3. Sorry for the long delay:
      1: European Boomerangs have been premiering shows that air on Canal Panda over here (The Jungle Bunch and Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood). Inspector Gadget (the new show) will probably come soon to Canal Panda. They aired the original back in 2009.
      2: Yes, it was Super RTL. If BM HQ returns then we'll watch this new show in three languages.

    4. Right, I understand. I guess the new series and the old could have different licence deals, though... so in theory the reboot COULD perhaps end up on some other Portugese channel... but the fact that The Jungle Bunch and Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood are already on Canal Panda does make it sound more likely.

    5. Like I said before, I'm predicting that Canal Panda will premiere it soon.

    6. Gotcha. :) I'm just separating between prediction and fact. Don't get me wrong - your theory sounds very likely and probable, especially considering the other Boomerang shows you mention that are on Canal Panda. It's just that, from my experience at least, you can never know for certain before something is officially confirmed.