Saturday, January 10, 2015

CN UK is now offered on Expat Vision

It's the first time in a year (at the very least) that an Anglophone feed of Cartoon Network has been broadcast by a TV provider.
In this case, it's a first on Expat providers which generally rely on Freeview channels: Expat Vision. They have a package which comprises of almost 200 channels. They already had Cartoonito in the past.
They have CN UK now but not CN HQ as the channel doesn't broadcast to the UK.


  1. CN UK is available in Portugal unofficially anyway, there's are installers based there, they're mostly down in the Algarve but they probably could do a installation in Braga if there's a request. :D

    1. I'm not British, I'm Portuguese, I already talked about the issue with expats in the summer.
      I'm just waiting to see CN HQ return. Besides, Bragatel used to have BBC One before it was sacrificed into ZON/NOS in 2009.

    2. Just so you know, here's a full list of channels: