Friday, January 2, 2015

IT'S OFFICIAL - BM HQ to rebrand on February 2nd, 2015

You're reading it here first.
I've been checking OSN's website and I have sad news - BM HQ will rebrand on the same date as BM CEE.
BM HQ will premiere Inspector Gadger on January 14th - 19 days before the rebrand date.
The schedule displayed on the OSN website isn't promising - it will be almost the same schedule as BM CEE.
All classics will be removed with the exception of Tom and Jerry shorts which will air overnight.
This marks the end of almost an entire decade of BM HQ's devotion to classic cartoons. A channel which started to go downhill in 2011 and started to remove classic shows as the months were on.
The last time BM HQ had a full-on rebrand (according to my old blog) was on April 2nd 2012 while BM CEE rebranded the previous month.
And with that, I conclude saying:
Thanks for the hours of fun I had while watching your channel since 2008. I liked your channel so much I sparsely had any other favorite channel back then. I still watched CN HQ but that was during the Dark Ages, but fortunately things improved for CN but not for Boomerang.

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  1. Featured on CN&Boom Poland Unofficial Blog:
    Notice his name of the feed based on more accurate terms: Boomerang ACME.