Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another #SaveCNHQ image


  1. Congratulations, RandomMe. You really managed to get me angry at you.
    Don't say I didn't warn you because you're gonna hear a shit-ton of insults.

    Proof, please.
    >I learned English from it
    Yeah, we all did. And that's a good thing.
    >Healthy ratings
    Until Disney Channel started airing live-action. Then no one gave a shit. You can't claim it's healthy when this wasn't the case before the switch. Didn't Renata say that the switch was made because of LOW RATINGS?
    >Fascinating storylines
    >The shows there are funny. I just can't stop laughing.
    We get those in both variants. What's the difference?
    >I always wanted to see CN HQ 24/7... but then CN PT came and my dream never came true
    I'm sure some 10 people will agree with you, but you'd have to look very hard.
    >CN PT. The art of making a bad channel.
    >Do whatever you do, don't watch CN PT a lot.

    Yeah, I'm never going to take you seriously because you know what this is? This is boycotting you're attempting. I hardly doubt CN HQ will ever come back because of CN PT's succesful ratings and your hashtag probably won't make a difference because there's not a whole audience to latch on to, but other than not knowing how to advertise, you really aren't helping. You don't want to help, you just want to get rid of a channel you don't like. You're not even trying to put your opinions aside just to contribute to a better lineup, you just want the channel gone because it's not what it used to be. Jesus Christ, could you be this more pathetic?

    Let's tear your anus apart a bit more shall we, let's take a look at that website of yours.
    >#SaveCNHQ is inspired by #SalvarDisneyCinemagic - in this case we must bring CN HQ back, not only CN HQ, but also TCM HQ and BM HQ. By using the #SaveCNHQ hashtag, you'll help not only Portuguese TV providers but also Turner help making a better decision.

    I don't see you doing a lot of talk about Boomerang or TCM. Infact, the uproar for those channels is almost null. Who's going to care? And keep in mind, this is all coming from your mouth, I haven't seen any other Portuguese user on Toonzone complain as loudly as you do.
    Besides, what good are hashtags for nowadays? You don't see anything groundbreaking happening just because someone tweeted a hashtag, that didn't save Disney Cinemagic Spain and it won't save this either.

    The detailed history of CN HQ is simple but informative. The CN HQ vs. CN PT is somewhat biased.
    Out of all the stuff CN PT has done, 8 of them are your opinions only.
    Seriously? The Clarence theme song is the only good thing about the channel? Why even include it there?

    1. "AWARD-WINNING..." refers to the shows, not the channel.

      OK, now, I contacted a few people personally at school (no more details) and my Portuguese teacher says that it was better in English.

      I just wanted to make #SaveCNHQ as successful as it could, but still we need followers.

  2. >We stayed without Regular Show for four months because of the switch
    No one cares about this except you
    >Refusal to air the original (SIC/TVI) prints of some dubbed shows
    Same as above.
    >Some shows weren't dubbed, hence why they're not on the schedule
    You expect the dubbing companies to dub all of CN's library with the click of a button? The reason there were so few was because THERE WAS NO PORTUGUESE CN. What was the point in making dubs for originals if you could already watch them in English? Now they are obliged to dub the newer shows because they already have a Portuguese CN.
    >Teen Titans GO! and Numb Chucks would air on Biggs instead
    No one cares about this except you and some other people on Toonzone I'm sure.
    >Many shows start minutes before or after the scheduled hour
    Don't many channels do that already? This isn't something exclusive to this channel.

    And what CN HQ has done, surprisingly only two of them are your opinion, but
    >'An Excellent Schedule' - Chef Excellence
    They air Incredible Crew and Grojband, it's not perfect.

    You don't even map out what they've done bad, you see them as this holy god that can do no wrong.

    >Sees cross-promoting Boomerang as a good thing.
    >I want the schedules to look like Cartoon Network's schedules in the Netherlands, with minor diferences - replace "The Looney Tunes Show", for example, with Sheep in the Big City. Also, stop cross-promoting Boomerang.

    These are your words, not mine.

    As for that Facebook page, all I could gather was people having that same mentality that you have. Acting like all the current stuff is garbage just because it's dubbed, Portugal wouldn't know good cartoons if it shot them in the fucking brain. They are all FUCKING HORRIBLE at deciding what is good animation. They're lucky they have Cartoon Network, but no, "I won't watch it unless it shows exactly what I want", that's all those tweets summed up in one sentence. Pure. Nostalgia. Faggotry.

    And that Twitter account, nothing, not one bit.

    I see you trying to convince the zero audience you have that they should watch Ben 10: Omniverse on CN HQ, like, how the fuck are they supposed to see it if they don't get it? Unless they can work their way around satellite dishes or something, I don't see them doing anything, but honestly, just looking at those images tells me you don't want to help our country learn more English, you want to get rid of a channel you hate.

    Well tough luck with that shit, son, because you ain't getting no support from me whatsoever. You can fuck right off, and take your hashtag with you.

    1. I couldn't agree more with you.
      I made the site for RandomMe as a favor, not because I agree with him. This is honestly getting out of hand. I don't even care about CN HQ anymore, CN HQ has had its glory days, but we should just move on. I mean, it's just a channel. Plus, you can change the audio on CN PT to English, so it's not like kids can't learn anymore.

    2. But the English audio track on CN PT is nothing compared to CN HQ (the channel). I'm not complaining because of nostalgia. I just need to watch the TAWOGB episodes I missed out and check Clarence and Steven Universe. All of this without the captions.

    3. then why don't you just watch them online? it's not that hard.
      just download them from here:
      that excuse is really old

    4. I meant "with an actual television". The TV providers are also lacking any sense. Any chance that we will get DXD EMEA? Probably none.

    5. ^ exactly, or just use an HDMI cable to connect a computer to a TV and watch it

  3. But no CN HQ streams exist that I'm aware of.
    We can't revitalize the English kids market over here, but can we get the EMEA Disney channels?

    1. Why are you asking these type of questions? we're not Disney or TBSE. Are they supposed to be rhetorical but it seems that they're in the wrong context.

    2. I was questioning to myself, I have contacted Turner numerous times unsuccessfully. I don't want to get into hot water, plus the combined effort of us three (me, you and the RegularTaxi owner and #SaveCNHQ site programmer) can try and bring the channel back.