Saturday, February 14, 2015

Quality text, or not

I question myself: why do I have a strange obsession for picturing Mordecai as a merman?
An idea popped up on my head last Tuesday: Park Island. About a merbird who lives in an island which looks like the RS park.
And turned into a merman at 13.
The Thirteenth Year.
Tell me, I feared my thirteenth anniversary. I feared in becoming a merman.
Guess what? It didn't happen.
OK, so recently (yesterday) I came across this Latino fanfic. The Latino community is very mixed-up, based on extreme weeabooisms, excessive fanartery and compulsive merchandise buying. Excessive fanartery is more common, especially with shows like Phineas and Ferb and Regular Show. Those shows also wind up in getting loads of OCs and fanfics. And today, we're looking at a fanfic that looks like an awful cross between a typical Latino fanfic and The Little Mermaid. Here we go.
Oh, and it's here, so read it in the best manner possible and translate it on Chrome.
And we can't proceed with this without posting a picture which can be useful before reading my review of it.

OK, let's focus on this fanfic. It's called (literal translation) "Adventure in the Atlantis" and is a RS/TLM crossover.
The fanfic starts in a typical Mordecai/Margaret love affair. Then they accept a trip to Cancún with Rigby and Eileen.
After some boring permutations of insane speech from them, they finally go on an airplane to Cancún, stop at a hotel, then the randomness starts.
They are now at the beach, where, suddenly, he encounters Disney-style mermaids, Stela and Kat. "Look at this hot bird", says Stela. And then they take it to King Triton (from The Little Mermaid and not Darwin the Merman).
King Triton ends up saying "Oh, not again. We're on the 32nd human, hot according to you, to turn them into mermen. Stop it, will you?".
Logically I have a stupidly weird theory related to those Frozen theories but focusing entirely on merpeople, and this appears to be my crazy obsession: create mersonas. And, in turn, create characters for my projects. If I open something on, expect it to be filled with merworld related works similar to Meeting Kanou-a. Am I physically, mentally and spiritually a merman? Please bang my head.
Then King Triton knows that Mordecai is a bird, not a human. And when he left the hypnotic sounds of the mermaids he found earlier, King Triton turned him into a merman. Or merbird. Or whatever...
OK, so the merman Mordecai seems to be stolen from some place, or is an original drawing, but I don't know about the origin of this. He wanted to make the tail the most sensical as possible and wear a crown and Hawaiian stuff, making him look like a Hawaiian merman/merbird/OK, merman.
Seriously, when you draw a mer-version of a character, it just needs to have some sense with the color combinations, tails and everything. I can only picture Clarence as four different mermen because of his clothes, but still, there was a DA artist who made various iterations of Mordecai as a merman. Notice that the tail color has changed twice, and now this Hawaiian design.
Then they find a couple of merman, Cristian (which looks like somebody from DeviantART has lost sense) and Kevin (which seems to be anime-infused). Meanwhile, Margaret tried to search for Mordecai, and Margaret goes out at sea. And then, guess what...
...thanks to King Triton, Margaret becomes a mermaid (click here for more mer-lunacy before you bang your own head and hallucinate and have a dream that you're a merman/mermaid/OK, fine. Anything.). The design looks a bit eugh, but I have a huge question mark on this.
Then they go to an undersea restaurant. The date reaches a sudden climax with that Titanic song (My Heart Will Go On) then they marry as merbirds (?!), meet Rigby and Eileen, they become merpeople (still?) then they play video games, and then everything goes back to normal, like one of those dreams where you are a merman for a few seconds and you suddenly lose your mermanhood. In other words: "OOH WOW! I'M A MERMAN! Now I'm human again...".
OK, so this is very weird. You go to Cancún and then you find out that you're in Atlantica, or King Triton from The Little Mermaid went on vacation to Atlantis because Atlantica is "too tropical", or something else.
This is part of the "Regular Love" series of fanfics, go and read the others. I have banged my head too much in order to become a merman or something. What else can cure me?
Ah, the Darwin the Merman theme that I always wanted...

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