Monday, February 2, 2015

RegularTaxi is gone, what happened to it?

OK, this is a very complicated issue.
RegularTaxi went on temporary issues. I really wanted to post about Toonami Thailand's Facebook page, the rebrand on BM CEE and the fact that the launch of BM NL was a fraud.
Unfortunately, this ended up marking the death knell of RegularTaxi. After nearly two months on the internet, the game is up.
"Why?", you ask. Well, according to the Twitter page, this happened: the website was hosted on Freezoy. Those who run Freezoy are liars. They want unlimited access to everything and they end up being supreme liars.
It corrupted RegularTaxi's database and decided to put it into the trash can for good.
26 posts, most of them written by me, others written by artnerfy, yet the #SaveCNHQ website is still active, yet it will most likely be removed anytime soon.
What started out in a quick rip-off dispute with Luke Bevan's RegularCapital despite the fact of it not being a rip-off started everything. I recently made a Facebook page for it, but with bad timing.
It joined the Je Suis Charlie protests for a few days, just like my blog.
But now, unless there is a loophole to this situation, this is the end of the line for RegularTaxi. Goodbye and thanks to my (and artnerfy's) hard work and dedication in trying to compete with all the other internationally-based CN/Boomerang international news blogs.

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