Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE: The Case of the Missing Episodes

And now an important PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE:
The OFCOM has stated that four Adventure Time episodes from the sixth season, namely "Wake Up", "Espace from the Citadel", "The Tower" and "Breezy". As quoted from a Toonzone spoiler given to me yesterday by BlooMac:
"So the first 2 episodes have a major plot for the series - we finally meet Finn's real dad and Finn loses his arm. In the next 4 episodes, Finn is left with one arm until the 6th episode, where he gets his arm back. So CN RSEE is going to air the episodes in the following order - ep. 7, 3, 14, 5... So what? We're going to see Finn with both of his arms, then suddenly with only one, then again with both and then with one? Or will they just edit the episodes, so that Finn also has 2 arms in episodes 3 and 5? And let's not forget that Finn's dad returns in a later episodes. People won't know who this guy is, because his debut is in one of the skipped episodes!"
Today I knew that those episodes are "not suitable for the EMEA markets", which is shameful indeed. But that doesn't mean that the episodes in question feature scenes offensive to cultures within the region, The episodes are considered too violent and will be skipped.
The UG episode "Viewer Special" will be skipped, the reasons why are unknown.

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