Monday, February 2, 2015

RegularTaxi article on Toonami TH

Originally posted on December 31st, then updated:
On January 14th, Thailand will get a localized version of Toonami, after launching a successful, FTA version of Boomerang on August 1st, 2013.
The channel will be owned by M Turner – a joint-venture between Major Kantana Broadcasting and Turner.
Phil Nelson, Turner’s senior vice president and managing director of North Asia and Southeast Asia Pacific made this statement about the Toonami Thailand launch:
“This launch demonstrates Turner’s confidence and commitment to Thailand and follows on the success of Boomerang, the No 1 kids’ cable and satellite channel with an amazing audience share of 72% year to date.”
Khun Siamrus Lauhaskkasame, MD, Major Kantana Broadcasting also made this statement about the Toonami Thailand launch:
“Toonami’s unique array of animated series and movies in the local language will ensure that it becomes a top entertainment destination and we are confident that Toonami will be as successful and popular as Boomerang has become in Thailand.”
The channel will carry Toonami Asia’s shows in Thai. Considering that with Thailand being the country of the CN Amazone, and with two of Turner’s youth brands getting localized versions in Thai, will Cartoon Network get a separate Thai feed soon? Only time will tell.
EDIT: The channel will be available on PSI’s free-to-air satellite service on channel 90, a promo airing on Boomerang Thailand confirms that. Currently the spot is occupied by a female entertainment channel called S.E.X.Y. WOMEN TV. Considering that the aforementioned channel is not available on the Ku-Band offer, Toonami TH will most likely be a C-Band exclusive.

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