Saturday, November 29, 2014

Confirmation bias

This is something that looks very psychological. I'd like to thank Toonzone user Red Arrow :D.
Everybody suffers confirmation bias and the backfire effect.
"You don't need to hate CN PT forever", he says. I'll have to hate it as long as it's the only CN I get (until the return of CN HQ, which I am still awaiting). There are thousands of reasons to hate CN PT (like the dubbing, the punctuality, the quality and many more), but there is one thing I like: the Portuguese Clarence theme! I like it more than anything on CN PT!
And that is to despise the fact that when a channel can be bad, something can be good! I was expecting a good dub as soon as the theme song ended. And then came Clarence's voice (which can be seen on my blog as a "torture festival").
But still, who knows that one of the worst channels around can have something good? I have listeneded to the Clarence theme song more times than watching an episode of it and any other modern CN show dubbed into my language.
My thanks to whoever made the Portuguese version of the Clarence theme song. You have done what must be the first thing that CN PT has done right.

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