Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Two CNs?

This dream should be on the blog:
Today I got one of those dreams where one of those dreams you've been having for quite some time now come true and, when you wake up, you feel deceived about it.
I was at Minho Center. The MEO store was not at the entrance instead of opposite the Continente supermarket. The TV was tuned to Cartoon Network. To my surprise, it was tuned to CN HQ.
In the dream, they were airing a block. It was called The Morning CN (yes, it was The Morning CN) and it aired on CN HQ (in my dream). I don't know what was on. CN HQ was on channel 47, CN PT on channel 48. I've also seen RTP 2 there, FHFIF (in Portuguese, nonexistend dub) was on.
I was happy about that and was ready to share the information. I went home and wanted to see it but when I turned on, I was seeing different channels on the EPG. Channel 43 was CCTV 4 and in the middle was Cubavisión Internacional (but it was actually airing Rupavahini from Sri Lanka). I went to channel 47 (where CN PT is in real life) and instead of seeing CN PT, I was watching CN IN. I switched to channel 48 and another version of CN (CN SEA?) was on. That channel had a different look, still using the CMYK color scheme.

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