Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Russia to ban CNN at the end of the year, CN in grave danger

Some of our readers (incluiding the owner of this blog) have read about a massive change in the Russian audiovisual spectrum.
First it was the ban of ads on cable TV, to which Life News responded with "I want my own terrestrial license", then the ban of ads on the primetime slots on terrestrial channels during shows (ads between shows are unaffected), then the limitations of foreign companies owning Russian terrestrial channels (now reduced to 20% max.) and now this: the Roskomnadzor will ban CNN starting from December 31st.
It is unknown if the ban will be temporary or permanent, as a Roskomnadzor official had hopes to see CNN again in the country and that the move is related to the conflict with Ukraine.
In a tone of irony, TV-6 Moscow was founded by Eduard Sagalajev and none other than Ted Turner. Turner wanted to buy a stake in NTV, but that deal never came into fruition.
TV-6 had a CN block in the late 90s.
What do you think of this? What future will Cartoon Network have in Russia?

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