Thursday, November 13, 2014

I've just sent this to CN SEA, will they answer me?

Hello. I'm from Portugal but I think that your channel (in the South East Asian region) needs room for improvement. Mostly linguistically: I've noticed that your Cha-Ching website is available in languages that CN SEA doesn't carry.
-Indonesian: before TV7 (Trans 7) was acquired by Trans Corp., the channel had a Kids WB block with CN and HB shows dubbed into Indonesian. Trans Corp. recently launched CNN Indonesia with Turner's help, plus the Cha-Ching music video is still in English. Do you plan on adding an Indonesian audio track in the near future, for the benefit of that country?
-Vietnamese. I know that a Vietnamese audio track is useless (except of course for local channels), but the Cha-Ching music video is subtitled into Vietnamese. Is there a possibility to launch Vietnamese subtitles or take risks by making it the first regional kids channel dubbed into the language?
-Khmer. This language is rejected by regional cable channels and TV providers opt to air them in English without any subtitles in any language. The Cha-Ching music video is dubbed into Khmer, which made me wonder: are you planning to make a CN block on a terrestrial channel in Cambodia, or add a Khmer audio track on the channel?
-Cantonese. I know it's not listed on the Cha-Ching website, the characters have the same meaning in either Mandarin or Cantonese but they're pronounced differently. CN SEA is based in Hong Kong and they primarily teach Cantonese in schools over there (and in Macao), so is there a possibility to launch a Cantonese audio track?
That's all I have to say for now.

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