Saturday, November 15, 2014

KBS World launched a new separate channel for Latin America in another language: does this remind you of something?

OK, so why is this post about KBS World since this blog is about an unrelated channel?
A few hours ago, I found out on the channel's website that they launched a new, LA-centric version of KBS World. They used to get a continental feed operating from the USA, and then, after a decision made by KBS, they proceeded to launch a new localized channel. Does this remind you of something?

This is KBS World Latino. A new channel which is the launch of CN PT all over again, but this time the change affected a wider area, more countries and more viewers than the amount of viewers CN HQ had before the switch. They are also seeking for expansion.
This "new" channel, from what I've seen, launched on November 1st. KBS themselves promoted it through KBS World's Youtube channel on the 29th of October. KBS World's website, on the other hand, only posted about the new channel on November 5th.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: this is the launch of CN PT all over again. Remember when CN HQ was replaced right after a promo for Innerspace on TCM ended and, at the next second, you've entered a cul-de-sac with no exit? Remember when it had absolutely no variety? KBS World Latino has more variety, its better managed as well but according to what I've seen, the same shows are repeated over and over again! And almost the entirety of the shows are dubbed, not subtitled! That's the first case of "English to native language" that I have seen since the CN HQ to PT switch nearly a full year ago.
This channel is KBS World but without news and documentaries. Just dramas and anything K-POP related. Where can they watch the weather forecast hosted by a woman on a virtual forest or the news ending with the presenters standing behind a live camera of Seoul at night? What about TV Tales of a Happy World, the animated series that is no longer in production, subtitles by I&T, which I'm not sure if the aforementioned feed carried it prior to the switch, but my feed carries it, about stories that bring hope to kids and adults, thus uplifting the minds of their audience? Like I said before, the Asian/European feed carries it, before Morning Forum. I've checked it out last year and when it ends, be sure to check out Morning Forum's theme: makes you wake up at half past eleven at night and get you ready for tomorrow in advance. That's what you do with disparate time differences.
But anyway, the channel is not in HD. The feed I get is in HD, so it's worth noticing that it will take a little while for Latin Americans to finally get their dramas in HD, dubbed or subtitled.
Personally, though, I think that some of the reactions were "now I just don't want to wait for the next time a national channel airs a K-drama with a Latin Spanish dubB" while a reaction was "makes me remind of Mexican telenovelas" jusr because of the dubs. In fact, those people migrated from local telenovelas to K-dramas as their "new way of life".
So anyway, that's all I have to say for now. And remember, KBS World: More than you imagine.

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