Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CN PT is an Animated Atrocity

Cringe-Inducing Audio: 10/10
Cringe-Inducing Visuals: 10/10
Lackluster Writing: 10/10
Annoyance: 10/10
Disturbing Content (Out Of Place): 10/10
Unnecessary Cruelty: 10/10
Rancid Morals: 5/10
Low Production Values: 10/10
Unfortunate Implications: 10/10
Character Derailment: 5/10
90 points of shame go to CN PT.
Other notes:
Bad scheduling, timing, announcers, dubs, and the entire channel.


  1. In other words, just making an analogy.

    1. Look, RM I respect you and like you and all, but don't you think you already made your point?(And using MrEnter's score system is a bit stupid)

      We get it that you dislike CN PT and want CN HQ back, but you say it over and over again. And you could at least try emailing them, dodo emailed Nick and they did answered, if they don't answer, then you can complain, but spamming it all over again with stuff like this, isn't going to help anything.

    2. I'm trying to reduce the quantity, also e-mails didn't work.

    3. Alright.

      I do think some of your points with CN PT are valid, but posting constantly and doing stuff like this is just tiring.

      As far as DXD EMEA, I sent them a mail!

      Here is how it goes:

      Hello from a viewer in Serbia! While to be honest, I think that the content on Disney XD EMEA is okay, some stuff is bothering me about it

      1. Promos have incorrect flags, this channel is now 16:9, however, promos air without the 16:9 flag, while shows air with correct flags. And some idents air pillarboxed even though they are 16:9 which makes them 21:9, with no widescreen flag at all?!

      2. The serbian subtitles, are, in my opinion, very unprofessional. Most subtitles have 'dj' instead of 'đ', and, some episodes have messed up charecters

      Instead of ć there is æ, and instead of č there is è. And, on some Season 2 Phineas and Ferb episodes, there is ç and ş instead of č and ć.

      3. Why is the subtitling so slow? On Disney Channel EMEA, when a new episode/show premieres, they are subtitled when they premiere! While on DXD EMEA, it takes 2 weeks and longer to subtitle, and some episodes to this day still don't have subtitles.

      4. I would also think it would be better if the KSA time was under the show title in the endboards of the promos, and that there is a CET time added.

      Best regards