Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Real Thomas again

Today, I found out that the RS episode The Real Thomas (which, in the European version, had to replace all references to Russia in favor of a made-up country unrelated to Russia) was considered "pro-American propaganda" by Russia Today.
Not sure how, but it's a play on the political tension between the USA and Russia.
But what if the concept was completely different?
What if the European version dealt with Tajikistan instead of Russia?
Because Tajikistan is far more critical than Russia, that could be a possibility.
They could even switch the Russian anthem with the Tajik one. We would have:
Titles turn to accurate Tajik (Нишон додани мунтазам - дар Томас воқеӣ - як интерн махсус)
All instances of Russia become Tajikistan
All instances of Russian become Tajik
Writing on the sprinkler: "ДИҚҚАТ!"
The Russian characters have Tajik names
The Tajik anthem plays. As soon as the tape starts, "Диёри арҷманди мо"
Operation Park Lift = "Амалиёт Парк бардоред"
All instances of CCCP become ТОҶИКИСТОН
The Soviet poster with a star becomes a poster of Emomali Rahmon
KGB = Tajik Army
Russian symbols = Tajik symbols
"We are heading to Mother Russia" = "We are heading to glorious Tajikistan"
"Tajik park technology is decades behind the rest of the world!"
Технологияи боғи тоҷик даҳсолаҳои пушти боқимондаи ҷаҳон аст!
"Хайр, Rahmon, you'll always be Thomas to us!"
Пас, чӣ гуна фикри шумо чист?


  1. Where did you find this? I'm looking for it but I can't find it anywhere.

    1. Come to think of it, I have searched during the making of this post and: